Your Real English Level

What is your real English level. Real English is quite different than “School English”?

Real English is the English that is used with friends, family and co-workers. It is also used commonly in movies, TV shows and songs. Most people don’t know their real English level.

Watch the video first. Then download the real English conversation (zip file) and find your real English level.

To download The Conversation, CLICK HERE

If you did not already download the real English conversation (zip file) then CLICK BELOW to download the real English audio conversation:

Download The Conversation, CLICK HERE



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Aung Zaw Htun

    U r the only 1 who the best teacher of us.

  • Abdullahi Hassan Nur

    AJ Hoge, Thank you very much. First, I would like to mention how you defend or explain your methods about learning English, saying learn it by yours ears, not by your eyes. study like a child and so on.
    I understood 60/70 percent.

  • Robert Paliwoda

    Nice test, I understood close to 80 percent. I’m intermediate, great 🙂

  • wael

    Thank you very much.
    I understand 90 % but I think my level inter medium

  • Man

    Thank you very much AJ . I very proud of what you’re doing. Very helpful! I noticed that your pronunciation is very more understanding than others Europeans and Americans. They sometimes swallow somewhat syllables and I get problems whit that. I need some friends in order mastering my English’s skills and learn more from Europeans and Americans.

  • anwar ismail

    Hi A.G thank you I understand mor than60%

  • Jelito Noronha

    Hello AJ, I understand it a lot, because of your pronunciation is very clear you have an American standard pronunciation.thanks

  • Maiga, Salif

    Thank you so much A.J.

  • majeed

    i think i understood about 50%, so my level is intermediate

  • Mohamed elshenawi

    HI AJ please upload more videos about idioms&phrases i improved lots and lots in english speaking skills so thanks to u please upload more videos

  • bante Jeewa

    I made sense about%60 70. this is really really interested. I love it wona improve standard and casual speaking. I’m sri Lankan Buddhist monk bante jeew form Canada. good job Aj

  • Elif

    I understood %80 I think. But first of all I should improve my weakness in standard English. Because my standard English level is upper intermediate unfortunately. I am happy now because my casual English level is equivalent to my standard English level. Thanks for this experience.

  • Kim

    I need friends to speak english

    • Svetlana

      me too

  • Linda Gilberti

    I understood almost 70/ 80 % of vocabulary and the entire sense of conversation but I feeling a little frustrated because i am quite sure I couldn’t speak like them so quickly and with difficult words ciao Linda

  • Dawd Ibrahim

    Less than than 50%

  • Hedi Agrebi Jaouadi

    I understood less than 30%

  • salma

    i ve understood about 80 % yeah

  • Quest

    I understood 80%

  • Somi

    I undrestood 80%

  • Mubarak

    That’s pretty easy to understand. Because I understood everything 100%.

  • karthik

    HI AJ please upload more videos about idioms&phrases i improved lots and lots in english speaking skills so thanks to u please upload more videos

  • igor

    I think it was almost 100%. In fact easy. But when I’m trying to understand/decipher Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, or in No Country For Old Men or in … etc … my level is about 20%. In many occasions I don’t even understand whole sentences.

  • Hristo

    Hi, This is Hristo. I am from Bulgaria. I understood about 60-70%. Obviosly you are right A.J. When I listen to you I can understand every single word what you say. But now in this audio they speak very fast and used casual english. Unfortunately in the real life people speak like this. So, I need more practice with listening.
    Thank you A.J.

  • Akash Kulung

    I understood less than 30% only sir.

  • Akash Kulung

    This is Akash from Brunei, understood only less than 30%.

  • Alessia

    a bit more of 50%..

  • Alessia

    Hi this is Alessia from Italy, the first time to listening it I understood 50%, so I am thinking that..thanks

  • Ahlem English

    hey guys I’m an English department student in Algeria and really jovial ’cause I listened to the conversation just once and I understood 80% ,just I faced a problem with some words that I couldn’t understand them because the were speaking a bit fast .
    Thank you so much A.J.HOGE


    This is kashidas
    From India
    I get it 90% of the conversation
    Of the director and teacher of the learn real English . com
    Thanks Mr. AJ HOGE of the effortless english course
    I love listening all of your podcast and lessons.
    I am waiting next conversation.

  • Lise Gagnon

    I’m from Quebec, Canada and I undertood 80 ? Thanks a lot for your newsletter I love it

  • abahmed

    Actually i understood all your speech ,but i am stil intermediat

  • abahmed

    I understood 50% thanks

  • lovkesh kapur

    I understand 80%. I don’t know the meaning of few worlds so I need to build up the vocabulary. Also need to work on Idioms.

  • Muhammad Mahad

    i understand 30% i think im only who understand 30 %

  • Mohamed Gamaleldin

    AJ u are a great teacher … i leared from u so much .. thanks alot …. can we have the pdf one for this conversation please aj

  • Clara

    I could understand over 80%, however didn’t get few words or phases like names of the place in USA.

  • arley arias

    I undertand 50%

  • rinu

    i could understand only 65%…It is very useful for people like me..AJ u r a great teacher

  • Jose Antonio Montoya

    Thank you for the first class, I must to say that there is a remarkable difference, when I listen casual conversation and when I hear to excellent teacher JA. The Conversation about earthquake I understood 65%, while JA 90%

  • Ranith Dinuka

    Thanks A.J you are great teacher I’m follow you all step. so now i fell much confident when i listing to English. In this video also i can understand 80%. I need increase it up to 100%.

  • Nabil Ahmad

    thank you Mr AJ.Hoge alot .I really understood 75% of it .

  • sattar

    Hey men,
    Hard work pay it off

    keep up your good work!


  • Cathy

    Thank you AJ Hope, I have to say you are a great teacher I have ever met. You know what problem I have in learning spoken English!I hope I can improve my spoken English here. For casual English vedio, I only understand about 65%.

  • ouahid

    i i understood only 60 percent from that conversation that about earthquake , but i’m still find many difficulties when i hear a lot of conversations especially in movies compared with my teacher Aj hug , because i almost understand 90 percent from his videos because he has a clear voice or i don’t know maybe he intend to make it easy for us to understand , but let me tell you that you’re my great teacher , despite i’m poor person and i don’t have enough money and time because i study at the university and i work too at the same time ,but i’m thankful to you my teacher that you sent me all those useful videos at email ,and forgive me because i don’t have master card to be one of your students i will try to make a master card to buy your book and the audio of it as well , i hope to meet you someday there in the us or talking to you on the phone until i hug you tightly because i loved your methods . love and respect to you .

  • tanzy

    Hello sir,
    Thank you so much for updating in the different different style. Your audio lesson are so helpful. It really initiates me.
    In this earthquake conversation audio I understand above 80% except the meaning of 4 words. But I got the meaning of overall sentence. Even though I understand well and I practice pretty good but I can’t speak fluently what’s the solution for that. How can I improve fast to catch up like native speakers.
    Thanks so much

  • Raja Salih

    great lesson ive got a great benefit

  • Ha Hoang

    Thanks to AJ.Hope. You are a great teacher. Video, audio or anything that you share very basic and helpful for me. I always confident when listening it.

  • Mai Nguy?n

    thank you for your video. Now I notice that I’m a beginner in casual English. guess to try more in the future 🙂

  • Quyen Nguyen

    thank teacher very must for free video. you make me have power to learn more english. i like your voice. i can to understand about 75% your video. l have to try learn standar English.

  • nepwey

    Thank you AJ Hoge For your willing to share your free lesson
    to me. Since i got to learn your lesson i am really sure that i more improve of listening as before. So i look forward to get more from you.

  • Andres

    I understood 75% of the conversation.

  • muru


  • wafa

    Hi Aj, I understood 100% of the audio but the problem is that I spent big effort and used high level of attention and concentration to catch every word before it flew outside the window,the other problem is that I can’t speak fluently and need time to translate what I want to say,the third is that I don’t have time for practicing listening and speaking. THANK YOU, I know your way is a revolution in teaching English, AND AT THE END IT WILL WORK.

    • Ibrahim Towair

      Hello A . J how are you It is nice to follow you > I always advise my students to listen to youe Vedios more and mor in order to concentrate on your accent of speaking .
      As a teacher I really find a good way to prepare my lessons by the steps of yours I follow.
      Thank you again for the effort you provide .

  • emily

    AJH, thanks to you and your partners on the new beautiful lessons. I enjoy listening to you. I enjoy discovering the beauty of the English language through your lessons.

  • Azza

    Mr.Aj.hoge thank u very much u make me continue succeeding 🙂

  • Jose

    Teacher I’ve got serious difficulties to understand “casual English” from coworkers. At times when I hear them individually I got it a half of they talking, but when they talking between them I don’t got it, I remain mute and frustrated. I know that I need improve my “casual English” like I m making effort to improve “standard English”, but I feel is impossible to be successful, because my age (50 years old) no allow me to achieve it.

  • Ania

    Hi I think that I understood at 80 %.Thank you

  • Nilgun

    Thnks Aj i u derstand 80% thnks again

  • Nguyen Thi Ngan Ha

    Tks AJ Hoge . I must to learn casual English more . I can understand 50%.

  • Albert Somogyi

    I listened once the lesson about earthquake. It is a great speech that I could understand well. My level about intermediate because I could understand it more than 75 percent. I think so. I would like to thank you for this lesson. You are a great teacher. It is my opinion about your way of teach. I listen every speech of yours that I can find on the internet. I’m going to subscribe to your course after I finish my important work in this year. It will be end of this year. I hope so. Thanks everything again. Yours sicerely Albert Somogyi from Hungary

  • Sergey

    Hey there, I don’t know how my level is but I know that Hoge could be my friend and we could find a lot of interest between us. Cause I really understand what kind of man he is. I beg some words special for me from Houge.

  • Ashur

    wher are you teach?
    Are you in Torontn?
    You really amazing teacher,I need a teacher and I need to advice from you,Please help me.My level is bre intermediate
    Thank you

  • Monira

    I want to give English test,beacuse I don’t know my english level. If I will try that test I can say about level.

  • Lolit

    My level English conversation just 50% by standard English can you help more .thank you …in casual english is less than 50% quite difficult coz so fast and slang accent…please..

  • Hien Ho

    Thank you so much.
    my English is intermediate level. I am trying to get familiar with casual English. Casual English is not easy for me. I enjoy your guidelines to improve English.

  • rina

    hi i understood 90% . my big problem if i can speak perfectly so i prefer no to speak. i know that its a big mistake.

    • Arianda

      Hi! Would you practice the speaking skill with me? we can make the Conversations to practice our speaking skills 🙂
      oya I’m Aristra, I’m Indonesian.

  • Halina

    I understood less 30%, only single words. Help me please.

  • dukebuddies

    I have a terrible me please…

  • Peter

    100%, it was even easy.

  • Rose

    I think ? understood 95-96 % should ? listen more ?

    • Faissal Hussein

      I understood 90% of this real conversation. And as far as I am concerned It is ok to get like these real conversations.

  • Thuy

    Under 30%, terrible now. Will try my best

  • Carlos

    Hi! I undestood 60% more or less, I understood the meaning but I couldn’t understand many words. Now I’m trying to read everyday as you recomended in the lesson the Power of reading to improve my vocabulary.
    Thank you so much for all these fantastic lessons…!

  • aram

    hi, I understood 80%! I just missed some words or maybe some slang. I should improve my English to 100%. Thanks for your test.


    i undestand 80% and hopy my englishe better and i need more



  • tamar

    I’ve understood 50% Hoping to get more after a week

  • Robin Wan

    I can understand 50%, so what can I do?
    I hope my English better and I need more English in my job.

    Robin Wan

  • Nina

    It is great! your system looks useful, reasonable and necessary. Thank you very much.

  • mamtapanda

    i understand 80% and hoping to get 100% after a week.
    i appreciate your teaching, you are a great teacher.

    Thank you

  • Tatiana

    Actually , I feel like intermediate level when I am listening, but when I am trying to speak 🙂 – it is earthquak in my brain .
    I would like to receive some lesson to improve this
    Many thanks !

  • Florence

    Happy New Year Mr A.J. Thanks so much for the lessons and I appreciate all your efforts.

  • Tania

    I have understand more than 90%, you are a good teacher, I can understand you 100%.Thanks

  • JUAN

    I am sure that this system to learn English works but I would like to receive more lesson weekly ….more practice..

  • Homayoun Mahin

    I understand about 95% of the passage , i think i am in high intermediate level . here i want to tell you that during last 40 days I have not got any other lesson, except Tony,s video , I hope you send me more

  • Tomoyuki

    Unfortunately, I’m definitely a beginner. It was too fast for me and there were so many unknown words and phrases. I’ll keep listening to your lessons.

  • arathi

    oh…..i understood 50%

  • SA

    I have understand hole stuff
    thanks a lot.

  • Michel

    Oh oh…I’m on a beginner level !! I can understand some phrases and some words but most of the whoe conversation runs away from my brain !!

  • saeid

    i really don’t know how say to you thanks you’re the best teacher that i ever have

  • Alessandra Costantini

    Very useful I’m high intermediate I’ve understood about 90 percent.I’ll listen it again every day as per your advice

  • Axel

    well, I’m not totally perfect speaking in English but I am constantly practiced in English by watching and listening your videos as you said.. it’s very effective and valuable especially for beginners in English…

  • Axel

    Hi AJ, i’m Axel from Philippines one of your followers.. I just wanna let you know that I’m so thankful that I’m one of those person who really benefited from your lessons about real English especially to learn American accent where I can use for applying a job as a call center agent… thanks

  • Dai Rooney

    Thank you AJ, I’m beginner.I did not understand what they talked .so sad…

  • Gisela

    Hello, I am between intermediate and high intermediate.

  • Elvi, Epi

    This is very helpful for me to know more about English speaking. Thank you very mush indeed

  • Elvi, Epi

    Thank you AJ I’m in intermediate level

  • Olga

    Thank you,=. I am begginer

  • Ricardo Reis

    wow … I did not understand almost nothing. and now. I think I’m below 50%. I know you guys can help me.

  • Amara

    Thank you.I found I am an intermediate level.

  • osama

    Thank you so much
    It is very useful.

  • Joanna

    Thank you very much my PERFECT TEACHER;)Thanks to you, I came back (again) to improve my English language. All the best to you.

  • Rosa

    Thanks a lot dear teacher, please send me more lesson.

  • jose vargas

    i would like to leraner more english

  • Mikulas

    Thank you very much for this conversation. I would like getting more such materials, because it will improve my understanding and speaking English.

  • elham

    thanks a lot Mr.AJ I’m looking forward to your new lessons

  • Atheek BosS

    lot of thanks Mr AJ. pleas send more lesson

  • josé

    Thank you for your real casual conersation.

  • Ahmed.S

    Thank you very much,the conversation lesson it real help me to speak english.Could you please send to me more coversation lesson.

  • Kyria Stephane

    Thanks a lot, dear AH Give. Loads of thanks.

  • Ari English

    Man, Your All Genius.

  • Ari English

    Man, Your Great AJ, and Other Staffs. I really find my real way to learn English. I thank you All. I am fro Kurdistan of Iraq.I use your lessons. it is the best in the World.

  • Dungnham

    That’s what I need. These lessons are useful and interesting. Thanks AJ. I’m practicing everyday with my incantation “E can be my second language”. Thanks AJ more and more.

  • aswanth t p

    Dear AJ why did u suspended effortless english for u channel from you tube . I am a learner but i dont have much money to buy your lessons, i was really happy with this channel bit now lost my continuouty of learning english, people like me who dont have moneygetting strugguled…. Love u and thank for your advices(rules)……..

  • ludia landy Jarves

    AM so pleasure for useful conversation thank you so much ,and am looking forward more and more to speak excellent English

  • said

    I followed many courses, but with Hoj it’s very nice, i’ll upgrad my partcipate.

  • maher

    thanks to all please i want more of video conversation

  • Diego Calce

    I am looking forward to be a better English speaker and a listner thanks to casual English Level.

  • jaimar desiatco

    I’m looking forward to be a better English speaker through the use of this series of discussion. thanks, btw 🙂

  • Hannah

    It’s very interesting. I like it. Thanks so much.