Why Conversations Are Difficult

Have you ever wondered why English conversations are difficult? Well, in this video we explain why people have difficulty with a real English conversation.

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Zaidi

    overwhelmed to tell you that I like your Teaching techniques, specially, body movements and reading or talking out loud in front of camera or big mirrors. That is really helping me , and gradually I’m feeling confidence in myself. In front of mirror I do imaginery talk and focus on my face expression and body movements , feel like I’m talking to someone . I’m looking forward to learn a lots from you and your team .
    Thanks so much

  • Aye Sandar Htoon

    I really support your idea. Native speakers speak so fast. When I see foreigners in my country,I try to listen what they are saying.But I understand only 50%. Thus,even though I want to communicate with them ,I feel frustrated because of their super fast speaking.


    I am very happy about you beacause I should pay for being better in english.
    but sine I had started to hears and watchs i feel enough good right now;
    thank a lot really you are doing a good job for us .
    I mean it not me alone who will say that s better done.

  • Sami Mallem

    Hello, I was exactly what AJ Hoge tell you in video an academic English man. First I wana ask AJ about his real name, is it Alfonce Jarode or Albert Jonathan or other wise? And I wich to tell you “Learnrealenglish crew”, good luck.

  • shim

    You guys able to make learning English simple and fun.. by not trying so hard to learn it. It comes naturally and the most important thing using real English.

  • 신연준

    To study english, I found many ways people say ‘good’.
    But all of them, I think, was not for real situation.
    I felt they fulling me to wrong ways because many instructor came from foreign country like America or Uk not Korea and their contents were for test or score for limited things and their ones were useless when I use english for real things especially speaking with other people.
    I think Most of them teach people without ‘hidden and important information’ that is not tought.
    To earn more money, they make the goal can’t be succeeded for us.
    More learning english, More paying money. But we learn english, We can’t use it freely.
    I’m 32 years old but I think I haven’t learned real english.
    So this would be my ‘real study for english’ with A.J and other teachers.
    I have a goal to be the instructor teaching storytelling can be used with other ways like study, presentation, speach and whatever it could exist because my major was the movie.
    Now I’m making the ppt file for making ‘the self storytelling motivation’ and I want to tell that contents for many people with english.
    For getting it, I’ll study with your information.
    Thank you very much.

  • Sanjayy

    Dear A.J.
    Your method is magical, Its help me know the correct way to learn & speak english. I believe you are the best teacher with world class method to teach speaking to student like me. Hats off to you & keep helping us. Thank you so much for your super super guidance A. J.

  • QuangChau Tran

    To day i was understand ,because this lesson was excited,i was found out new things that i don’t understand before. now i always thank you very much ,i love it i look forward next lesson that you’re going to teach us ,thank you again ,

  • Raad Omar

    This is the first time I understand how I communicate with English therefor I registered in this site…
    Thank you very much A J MY BEST TEACHER.

  • Maisa Seidam

    Very nice vedio, really i need resl english 👍 Waiting for you mext vedio

  • Faten Sharaby

    Thank you very much

  • Konstantinos Kamaras

    I totally agree with you!


    The best video of learn the speak and, of diction.

  • Julio

    I really agree with you, school and academic English is taught very different and slow in South America. In fact, we are evaluated by Ministery of Education in only reading comprehension and grammar in a proof called SABER 11. In this case, I am very interested in developing this course with you. See you!!!

  • م. ثائر بدوي

    Very cool thanks master AJ Hoge

  • Ezra nirina

    Happy new year everyone!!! I’ll push my limit. Thanks you very much Coach!!!

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    happy new year ;honestly,you’re the best, I’m learning a lot according to your method and your advices. thanks

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    It is agreat lesson.
    It is useful and interesting

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  • Sana Helwe

    this video is amazing, i can understand it, but i still need more

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    You are great AJ, thank you so much

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    I need real English



  • Hadeel

    Thank you very much to you and all teachers . I try to understand all your speaking but good for me .
    You are very kind teacher

  • Victor

    That’s fine. I have already learning three lessons. Without ones you never can speak real English. Thank a lot, my dear teaches. Victor

  • ኒና ጀማል

    Thank u so much

  • Lola

    Nice these advices are important for me because I am in intermediate level and I hope to be professional in English language and improve my fluency.

  • It is so good chance to learn real English! I wish the course will be lower price I will enroll this course

  • Guddu

    Fantastic I really like it’s great ideas to learn real English thanks

  • Lucio B

    Thank you so much AJ, am always delighted to listen to your lessons.

  • taban.shex

    That was so powerful I like this lesson


    This is amazing to me. And also made me active, fresh, and strong strength to go on. So, I can tell right away that AJ and the other two people I mean Joe and Christin are my leader, icon for speaking that I wanna place into my mind. Thanks for your active speaking for all of us who are using second language.

  • Ademilson mendes bispo

    Your tips are fantastic. I’m waiting the dollar tax rate in Brazil have a decrease. Currently to buy something abroad are so expensive. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your lesson, and for very useful advise. I wish we had studied real english at school.

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    really. it is real English. I wish I managed to be one of your lucky students.

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    Hello Dear Kristin, AJ and Joe.
    I received 7 rules and I got surprised of them.I tried to use these rules to my learning English . Unfortunately, I can’t buy your package because I don’t have credit card. Anyway I appreciate you and I’m so happy you find this nice method.
    Be successful and thanks a lot

  • Artsmii Goldobin

    Thank you a lot!I feel it is a right method!Espesially I thank you for the vocabulary parts,in which Kristin explains all clearly and also touches many another things of life!

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    Sovannara THAy

  • maria

    i agree with you … jajaja texbooks when we are in school are boring . jajajaa very very boring and when you want use it thats different as real english .
    i was crazy if i heard any people speaking english because i could not understand anything.jaajjaja nothing.bufffff

  • saad Ibrahim

    really I am one who always say for him self, you will never anderstand movies thru the way which we are studying so real English lesson today improved for me that so thanks a lot and I will be always in touch with real English programme.

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    I do’nt understand to think some grammar.
    I do’nt understand to some pronunciation.

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  • salame

    i havent got your video please can you give me something that will help how to speak english without remmember any language else because i speak three languages arabic- hebrw

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  • Sarwar Kethelic

    Dear Mr.A.J.Hoge,

    The sign of English speaking magic power. I’m very very happy but I’m unhappy only for not yet talk with you. My English skill day by day improve but speaking power and practice really zero.

    My English hero A. J. Hoge and
    My English platform “Learn Real English”

  • JoanaAlexlee

    That’s great!
    Thanks a lot!
    I will watch such as these video.
    I feel improving my English skill whenever watching the video.
    The more watching, the better my English skill!

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  • Dmitriy Derlyatko

    I think everybody in any country has a feeling that there’s something wrong with foreign language teaching. At schools, in Universities and in most of the others educational programs – commercial or free. It seems impossible to spend so many years on this programs and have… It is really hard to say what the results of those efforts were. There was a huge amount of separated pieces of information about English language in the head of a student, but almost none skills to use it. This problem had to be solved. And you did it!!! You made your company, your program, and they really work! You took an excellent idea and create a working system. I am a member of the ACC for about six weeks and I’m starting to think in English again. That’s exactly what I was searching for. Thank you! 🙂


    Dmitriy Derlyatko

  • ionel cojocariu

    I am already a ALLC member for a month and I have 39 English courses. I’ve found them very interesting and useful. I am already more confident, even though I am realistic and I know that I need to work more and more, and I need to be more insistent, more hardly travelling, but I am confident and this is an important thing!
    I’m glad to be your student!
    My best regard to you!

  • firmin kouadio

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    think you so much for allowing us being better in english.

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    I really enjoyed your lessons, and for my surprise ; I found them very clear and easy to be listened to. I really enjoy your American accent and every time I try to pronounce words just like you . Also admired your method of teaching each topic differently from what we’ve been taught in our country.
    Thanks, looking forward to latest lessons.

  • Liudmila

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  • Dale

    I thank for your helpful sharing that I think this point is the key to master English conversation. Real English is really different from school English or textbook English. Besides,I like your words very much in the email ” Real Conversations are why you are learning English…. not tests”. In Taiwan ,most students are learning English for passing tests instead of learning a new language. Your words remind me the purpose of learning English is for communicating with other country’s people,not just for test’s score. However,I thank you for the amazing videos.

  • angelica

    I listen and I realize that I understand you clearly but my grammar teacher I don´t so my grade was ( D ) Idon´t feel to nice and I´m worry about that you could help me please.:)

  • julia

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  • grace

    Hi there ,
    Thanks for sending these information . If i can know your program earlier i don’t need to spent all my life to learn English than can’t speech it . I’ve bought the package and follow your way that it’s very easy , quick to understand and remember . I’ll take advanced conversation club after i finish it .


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  • Abdellatif ech chabany

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  • Maria Eugenia

    Absolutely true. That is why so many people quit studying and fear to speak.
    Very encouraging advices, thank you!

  • adriano

    In Brazil, beyond the boring dialogues books always have a very famous phrase.
    “The book is on the table.” It is the only English speaking every Brazilian knows, after doing years and years of English.

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    I can understand all this conversation may be because iwas at foreign schools ,may be bec.i’m talking english with my friends ,sons, people .
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    but what is hard for me the english people when they are talking and the indians or pakstains

  • Denise Hutchings

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    We don’t really learn REAL English at schools. The idea of teaching/learning REAL English is pretty good! we need it in a live conversation I hope I’ll be a success

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  • N?lgun Tandogdu

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    Last year I l?ved ?n USA for 6 months, ? tr?ed to understand real engl?sh, but I coudnt. Because they are so fast , ?cant hear so many words wh?le people are speaking.
    So, I am worr?ed about your learn?ng style and I know that f?rstly I have to spend much t?me to be succesfull. Unfortunately ?n 2 months I dont have enough t?me to be able to do th?s, please go on to send me e- ma?l. Thank you for everyth?ng.

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    Henrique Andreotti

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    What is this damage? We can give the answer having a look on Andragogy, the famous research of M. KNOWLES, the way that the adults learn. A good link is here:
    As you can see “ Experience (including mistakes) provides the basis for learning activities” of adults.
    When we build on a previous wrong pronunciation that we use (we, may be, learned it at the school) then we generate more wrong pronunciation!

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    Academic English is a more formal style of English. It is similar to written English. It is not the English that is used when you meet native English people and speak with them. Our course is designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

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    Our Real Conversations course consists of 30 separate lessons. Each lessons includes a real conversation between two native English speakers, vocabulary guide, mini-story, point of view story, and complete text transcripts of all. All materials are downloaded over the Internet. Real Conversations is available at http://www.learnrealenglish.com .

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