Massimo Mondani, Udine, Italy

In the first year of ACC membership, I learned a lot more than I learned in many years of traditional study and I'm still improving!

"Hello everybody. My name is Massimo. I’m 44 years old and I come from Italy. I’d like to tell you my story. I’m a neurosurgeon and I work in Italy. For many years I attended meetings and medical courses abroad. The official language was always English. Continue reading >
Rogerio Camilo A B Braga, Brazil

Becoming an ACC member was perfect for me because I can listen to the lesson sets anywhere and at any time I choose.

"Despite being able to write and read in English, I could barely speak English when I was traveling before I signed up for ACC. Continue reading >
Joceli José dos Santos, Brazil

My problem, until I found Learn Real English, was to understand a fast conversation and to pay attention to the contractions.

“I’ve been studying English for years, but irregularly. I had stopped studying it in order to learn French and German. Now I’m coming back to English so as not to make the same mistake again when speaking in a real … Continue reading >

Vladimir Kozin, Georgia

I really moved forward with your English.

“Hello dear AJ, Kristin and Joe! First of all I would like to express my gratitude to be with you!!! The way you are doing your job guys means that people like me change their lives indeed. I became like … Continue reading >

Ambo Tuwo, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Since using the Learn Real English method, I have been invited to some international meetings and other activities in foreign countries.

“Before finding by chance the Learn Real English method on the web, I was very stressed if there were foreigners visiting my campus or office. I would get stressed because it was very difficult to understand the English conversations, especially … Continue reading >

Olavo Bernardes de Souza, Brazil

You have improved my confidence.

“Dear AJ, Kristin and Joe: I am 55 years old and had ​never before ​felt ​the​ results from ​learning E​nglish like I’ve been ​feeling the ​last three months with Learn Real English​. More than the language, you have​ improved my … Continue reading >

Minhnguyet Trinh, Vietnam

At work, I used to be nervous when talking with foreign teachers.

“I’m Nguyet, from Vietnam. I’m a teacher of E​n​glish for children. At work, I used to be nervous when talking with foreign teachers. After attending Learn Real English Club for about a year (March 2014-March 2015), I finally can make … Continue reading >

Benedito De Jesus, Angola

I've gained more confidence.

“I want to thank Kristin, Joe and AJ. Before I registered for Learn Real English I had a great amount of hesitation with my speech. I always had to think and translate from my own language to English and to … Continue reading >