Mohammad Sarwar Alam, Bangladesh

I am able to read and speak with confidence.

“Dear AJ, Kristin and Joe:​ Before I joined L​earn R​eal English I was afraid to speak English.​ I could not express myself in public because I feared making a ​mistake​.​ After I ​joined L​earn R​eal English,​ I became confident of … Continue reading >

Ambo Tuwo, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Since using the Learn Real English method, I have been invited to some international meetings and other activities in foreign countries.

“Before finding by chance the Learn Real English method on the web, I was very stressed if there were foreigners visiting my campus or office. I would get stressed because it was very difficult to understand the English conversations, especially … Continue reading >

Olavo Bernardes de Souza, Brazil

You have improved my confidence.

“Dear AJ, Kristin and Joe: I am 55 years old and had ​never before ​felt ​the​ results from ​learning E​nglish like I’ve been ​feeling the ​last three months with Learn Real English​. More than the language, you have​ improved my … Continue reading >

Minhnguyet Trinh, Vietnam

At work, I used to be nervous when talking with foreign teachers.

“I’m Nguyet, from Vietnam. I’m a teacher of E​n​glish for children. At work, I used to be nervous when talking with foreign teachers. After attending Learn Real English Club for about a year (March 2014-March 2015), I finally can make … Continue reading >

Marcos Babeto Jr., Brazil

I'm sure that soon I'm going to reach the fluent level.

“One day I was reading some news over the internet and I saw an advertisement about the method of Learn Real English. So I decided to learn about this method and I thought it seemed completely different compared to the … Continue reading >

Pawel Kielar, Poland

I started to communicate and that was amazing!

“Being a part of the marketing department at an international company means that you have to contact other people from different localizations and cooperate with them. We also have annual international meetings. So I needed to improve my speaking skills … Continue reading >

Benedito De Jesus, Angola

I've gained more confidence.

“I want to thank Kristin, Joe and AJ. Before I registered for Learn Real English I had a great amount of hesitation with my speech. I always had to think and translate from my own language to English and to … Continue reading >

Chiou Chu Ying, Taiwan

Now I can understand more news in English on television.

“I have studied English by using traditional methods (memorizing vocabulary words and grammar rules). The result was that after more than fifty years, I still sweated a lot when I spoke English and I had very poor listening as well. … Continue reading >