Guido Poggi, Italy

Learn Real English lessons worked out in a wonderful way to improve my English listening comprehension.

"I have been studying English for ten years to improve my English listening comprehension but the results were mediocre, even if I used native speaking DVD films to improve it. Learn Real English lessons instead worked out in a wonderful Continue reading >
Massimo Mondani, Udine, Italy

In the first year of ACC membership, I learned a lot more than I learned in many years of traditional study and I'm still improving!

"Hello everybody. My name is Massimo. I’m 44 years old and I come from Italy. I’d like to tell you my story. I’m a neurosurgeon and I work in Italy. For many years I attended meetings and medical courses abroad. The official language was always English. Continue reading >
Rogerio Camilo A B Braga, Brazil

Becoming an ACC member was perfect for me because I can listen to the lesson sets anywhere and at any time I choose.

"Despite being able to write and read in English, I could barely speak English when I was traveling before I signed up for ACC. Continue reading >
Tatjana Leininger, Russia

With the Advanced Conversation Club, I learned to understand and to speak English with the mini-story technique and then with real conversations.

“Two years ago​,​ I decided to learn English. My English from school had been forgotten a very long time ago. I never tried to learn or use it for the last 30 years. On the internet, I found a lot … Continue reading >

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Irina Kudryashova, Russia, Moscow region

Day after day, from the beginning of Learn Real English, I listen better.

“My name is Irina Kudryashova. I am Russian. I am from the Moscow region. My town is called Dolgoprudniy. I have finished the Moscow Physical Technical Institute. I have been learning English at the institute and then at post-graduate school. … Continue reading >

Joceli José dos Santos, Brazil

My problem, until I found Learn Real English, was to understand a fast conversation and to pay attention to the contractions.

“I’ve been studying English for years, but irregularly. I had stopped studying it in order to learn French and German. Now I’m coming back to English so as not to make the same mistake again when speaking in a real … Continue reading >

Aram Lyu, South Korea

The strongest point of Learn Real English is to teach us how to speak correct, native English.

“Three years ago, I decided to go to an American graduate school. However, I had never lived in any English speaking countries before. To make it worse, I had served in the army for the last two years and did … Continue reading >

Vladimir Kozin, Georgia

I really moved forward with your English.

“Hello dear AJ, Kristin and Joe! First of all I would like to express my gratitude to be with you!!! The way you are doing your job guys means that people like me change their lives indeed. I became like … Continue reading >

Ana Maria Runcan, Bucharest, Romania

I'm never bored listening to the lessons.

“Before learning with Learn Real English, I had attended the British Council Bucharest courses in Romania. Even though the BC courses were very useful, at one point I felt I needed another kind of approach… a more free one, without … Continue reading >

Maria Luísa Loreto, Portugal

I did some lessons to try your method and enjoyed them.

“Before starting Learn Real English, my knowledge of English was limited because my strength was not languages but the sciences. When I retired, I was looking for a program to teach me English in a different way from what I … Continue reading >