Massimo Mondani, Udine, Italy

Customer feedback about the Learn Real English experience

In the first year of ACC membership, I learned a lot more than I learned in many years of traditional study and I'm still improving!

“Hello everybody. My name is Massimo. I’m 44 years old and I come from Italy. I’d like to tell you my story. I’m a neurosurgeon and I work in Italy. For many years I attended meetings and medical courses abroad. The official language was always English.

Actually, I was only able to interact with people and colleagues at these meetings when we were speaking about technical and medical topics. When I had to speak with someone about normal life (such as normal things at dinner, lunch, roaming around the city, at the hotel and so on) I realized I was not able to be fluent and confident. I was embarrassed. My English was quite poor. Mostly, I felt I was listening to a weird language. Now I know it was the real English!! I heard a “strange” way of speaking slang and idioms that I didn’t know the meaning of. I was struggling to be close to people from all over Europe and the United States. I thought, “But is it not true that I studied English a lot at school for many years?” I answered myself, “Yes it’s true. Therefore, why am I struggling in this way?”

Friends, I was really frustrated and sad. I realized two main things. First off, I didn’t have knowledge of “real” English. Secondly, maybe the most important thing is that I didn’t have confidence, along with a calm and relaxed mindset. I didn’t speak fluently. Speaking was like climbing a huge mountain!! I needed an improvement. Then, I turned my life around.

In January of 2014 I met Kristin, AJ and Joe online. They have meant a huge change for me in my learning. Not only that, they are incredible sources of new information, skills and knowledge in many of life’s different areas. I think they are really forerunners and incredibly passionate about what we can call, based on their teachings, emotional learning. They made me understand what my plight was and what I had in my mind thanks to wrong and boring past learning methods. In a few words, I cured my English trauma thanks to them. In the first year of ACC membership, I learned a lot more than I learned in many years of traditional study and I’m still improving! I really have a lot of gratitude and I want to recommend these three amazing English teachers to whomever wants to learn English for the rest of their life.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Massimo Mondani, Udine, Italy