Ana Maria Runcan, Bucharest, Romania

Customer feedback about the Learn Real English experience

I'm never bored listening to the lessons.

“Before learning with Learn Real English, I had attended the British Council Bucharest courses in Romania. Even though the BC courses were very useful, at one point I felt I needed another kind of approach… a more free one, without lots and lots of high speed tests which stressed me out and didn’t bring me the improvement I wished. So I started scouring the internet for methods learning English in a way that fit me better, taking into consideration that I was doing it as a hobby. I learned about the deep learning system that seemed very logical and powerful. I chose LRE and I’m happy it was a great choice.

Learn Real English helped me out with English. This is the truth. The topics concerning real daily life, the approach, the intonation, the vocabulary, this team of teachers who have a similar life philosophy with me gives me pleasure and keeps me interested. I’m never bored listening to the lessons. This is wonderful because listening every day, many times I really don’t realize when and how the language sticks to my mind.

I really feel that I have improved my English very much. The main benefit is that I speak fluently and I understand the documentaries quite well. These were the main targets I pursued. I’m very happy to be an ACC member. I enjoy your lessons and I’ll keep staying with you.”

Ana Maria Runcan, Bucharest, Romania