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Hi! Here it is– your free Real English Conversation Lesson.

Our Real English Conversations lesson package contains over 35 hours of English lessons. This is just one of the 30 lesson sets that are included with our Real English Conversations lesson package. This English lesson set includes a real English conversation, a Vocabulary lesson, a Listen & Answer Story lesson and a Point of View audio lesson.

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


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    My dear friends … what I really realize is that I can read all what you write, but I can’t understand so little what I listen, speaking with other people, or listen movies, TV, etc.
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    I don’t know if our teachers can explain me this comment.
    Thank you.

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    To purchase Real Conversations click on the “add to cart” button or the “paypal” button near the bottom of our webpage:

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    [PeterJungs 23 May 2010]
    Effortless English lessons are geared towards high beginner to low intermediate levels. They have mini-stories and point-of-view stories. Real Conversations lessons from Learn Real English are based on authentic native American English speakers’ conversations. They focus on a lot of idioms and slang, which make them geared towards intermediate to advanced levels. Effortless English and Learn Real English are “sister” companies and use similar teaching methods.

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    [PeterJungs 28 April 2010]
    Our course is designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

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    When you purchase our course, you become eligible to join our member forums where thousands of our students are able to interact. Purchase Real Conversations at .

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    [PeterJungs 25 February 2010]
    Effortless English lessons are geared towards high beginner to low intermediate levels. They have mini-stories and point-of-view stories. Real Conversations lessons from Learn Real English are based on authentic native American English speakers’ conversations. They focus on a lot of idioms and slang, which make them geared towards intermediate to advanced levels. Effortless English and Learn Real English are “sister” companies and use similar teaching methods.

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    [PeterJungs 21 February 2010]
    When you purchase our course, you become eligible to join our member forums where thousands of our students are able to interact. Purchase Real Conversations at .

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    [PeterJungs 9 February 2010]
    Effortless English lessons are geared towards high beginner to low intermediate levels. They have mini-stories and point-of-view stories. Real Conversations lessons from Learn Real English are based on authentic native American English speakers’ conversations. They focus on a lot of idioms and slang, which make them geared towards intermediate to advanced levels. Effortless English and Learn Real English are “sister” companies and use similar teaching methods.

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    [PeterJungs 2 February 2010]
    Our courses are designed to improve spoken and conversational English. They are not designed to specifically improve performance on standardized tests but students have reported that it has helped. The new TOEFL requires a lot of both listening and speaking skills. Real Conversations could raise your TOEFL speaking score by 20-40%.

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    [JoeWeiss 12 Jan 2010] Hi Ghen.

    Our Real Conversations lesson package can be purchased for the discounted price of $97. The total cost is $97. So you pay the $97 just one time and you get all 30 of the lesson sets.

    We use PayPal to process our payments. I am sorry but this is the only way that we can accept payments. Using PayPal you can pay with a credit card (or debit card) or with a bank account transfer (if you wish to pay with a bank account transfer then you must first create a PayPal account but it free to create this account). The easiest way to pay is using a credit card or a debit card. Many of our students borrow a credit card (or debit card) from a friend or family member if they do not have a credit card (or debit card) of their own.

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    [PeterJungs 7 January 2010]
    Our purchase transactions are handled by PayPal. PayPal offers a number of different payment options including credit (and debit) card payment and bank account transfer (if you wish to pay with a bank account transfer then you must create a a Paypal account; it is free to open this account – payment by bank transfer requires 7 to 10 days to ‘clear’ before the course e-mail is sent ).

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    -how much will I have to pay?
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    I am looking forward to your contact!
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    ceres sartori
    [PeterJungs 7 January 2010]
    -Real Conversations contains 30 separate lessons
    -We have no assessment test but we encourage potential students to try a sample lesson to see if the level is appropriate. (you may get the sample through the newsletter or by e-mailing us at
    -The course is designed to be used over 30 weeks, one week per lesson, but the student is free to use them as long as they like.
    -If, after you purchase the course, you need clarification or have technical problems, we give you a student/member e-mail address to which you may address questions.
    -The current discounted price of Real Conversations is $97.
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    [PeterJungs 4 January 2010]
    Real Conversations is completely different material from the Effortless English programs. The same teaching methods are used. In Real Conversations Joe and Kristin do most of the speaking.

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    [JoeWeiss 11 August 2009] Hi Rosane. Yes, it is possible for you to change the way that you teach. Here is a good book you may want to read: Fluency Through Tpr Storytelling. Good luck!

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