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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


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    bt now my turn ti use ths method nd try nd try

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  • Jose F. Contreras.

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    may God bless you.

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    Hi everybody, i want to improve my poor English level?I am shy and without confidence to speak English. I want to join this course but i afraid can’t keep it up to learn. How did you have same opinion?

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    I am from Afghanistan studied English in school I could speak/listen standard English very well but I couldn’t understand native speakers I listened to your lessons every day now I can understand English movies very well.
    your system is very useful. thank you! thank you! thank you! good bye!

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    i am Suong from Vi?t nam. thanhs you very much that I study from your rules. I think that my speaking E will be inprove in the future if i have enoungh condition to join your class.

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    “Your students from Morocco” 🙂

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    thanks a lot

  • Anna

    Dear Teachers,
    Your advice is a really worthy one. I do appreciate your non-standard approach to learning English. It`s fabulous, I should say. But I can never throw away my precious Grammar References. Grammar does a lot of good. I`m enjoying immensely listening to your beautiful authentic speech. How I wish to have such an accent! Many thanx for your rules, I`m infinitely grateful!

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    i love to learn english, i hope that you will continue to send me videos for to learn.

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    i have traied one lesson with only 1$, it worked very well, now i’m about to finish course of 30 lessons of Learn Real English, and diffintly i’ll join you guys in this fabtastic and amazing club.
    Waleed- Abu Dhabi- UAE

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    Hope that you will continue to send me videos of your teaching .


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    I am really happy with your class and You are supplying lots of energy allover the world, thanks a lot.

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    Hello, I enjoyed the 7 rules required for excellent English learning. As I am in a French speaking country, I would like to continue. moreover, Iam a teacher, I need to learn that language further more.

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    I love your teaching methods. You motivate me a lot. Thank you all.

  • Eliane Doublet

    Hello eveyone!

    I’m brazilian and I live in France, and I never had spoke french before in my life and when I came to live here, I had to learn French.
    My dream since my youth was to speak english, but I haven’t had money, because my family was poor… But God is good, and In this moment, I’m working in a Hotel in my city like receptionist… He is near to my home, and for me it is a great and a super opportunity , but I don’t speak english very well… And to continue with this job I must to speak very very well, I must to be fluent in english..
    Help me please to get this job! I will be grateful forever!!! All my life I will say you: Thank you for all!!!
    I believe That with you and your method,my english will become better, and I will be most confidence with my english!

    thank you in advance!!
    God bless you!!!!!

    Eliane Doublet 🙂

  • Maria fanny lopez cardona

    I’m so glad with this english course, the real english converesation is an excellent chance to improve my spoken english, in this moment I don’t have money to buy the package but for the next year i have a commiment with my knowledge and myself and it is to buy Real English, Actually I’m a elementary english teacher in a poor high school my students are very poor, they don’t have any possibility to study english, for this reason, it is my mayor challenge I need to learn real english because I want to teach them and I would want that they will be the best in my community.
    thanks a lot endeed. You are a great people. God bless you.

  • Minki

    Hi A J , Joe And ristin
    Its really a fantastic effort done by you to help non native speakers learn English Language .Even your video has motiveted me to research further more on thsi topic . Well , I am a post gaduate in English and
    really want to do something different !!!
    good luck and bye bye

  • indika from sri lanka

    hi sir i realy love this lessens thanks a lot.

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    The missing text of the Sample English Lesson – Storytelling Method:

    I love Kristin, Joe & A.J.’s lessons.
    Keep well.

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    It is really wonderful, amazing and useful way to learn English language and be fluency. Teachers, I have been used your lessons for sometimes and I feel that my language becomes more better than before. Now, I can speak with full confidence.

    Thank you so much. you deserve that..

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    Anyway its good efforts teaching English language.

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    Are the rest of our English lessons in the same bad audio quality like the storytelling vocabulary? The car sounds in the background make me crazy.

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    Dear Sir,

    Good days,

    Sir….,Would you mind if you’re forgive of my last foult’s, when I was be a comment and wrote “IT GONNA BE ” on the 7’s Rule Learning English Lessons, becouse I wasn’t a dicipline on the grammar rules and I realized for that’s, my hope’s you’re have many trusties on me and sends lesson pages for improvement my communications abilities,I am GOING TOBE excellences couses of my foults. Thank’s for your forgiveness.

    Happy nice days,

    Warm Regards and Sincerely Yours

  • Josué A. Alcântara

    My good friends teachers, after reading and rereading the seven rules to learn to speak English today I feel confident about the potential of the method used for teaching languages??.

    Josué – Sao Paulo Brazil

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    I´m Juan from Nicaragua, I was looking for a way to learn English quickly and you have overtaken my spectatives.No longer to study grammar rules, lists of vocabularies,phrasal verbs. My English has improved because of you, I was studying in “Wall Street Institute”, paying $200 for each level and It was frustating cause I coudn´t understand when a foreign talked to me. sudently I have lost the fear that I had.

    No word to thank you. Your method is just amazing.


    this a great lesson… well im working in a call center here in the philippines. most of my calls are international im on an outbound and inbound calls. Still im having a hard time to cope with the english conversation over the phone talking mostly on foreign customer….. My collegues said I NEED IMPROVEMENT ON MY ENGLISH GRAMMARS , ENUNCIATION AND PRONUNCIATION AS WELL ENGLISH ACCENT. MY FRIENDS SDAID TO POLISH MY ENGLISH LOOKING FOERWARD TO HELP ME TO IMPROVE.. IM EYEING FOR A CAREER DEVELOPMENT ON THE COMPANY WHERE I CURRENTLY WORKING THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. MORE POWER.

  • Noor

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    Good bless!!!

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    hahaha…I like the way you tell the story
    I just get a lot of vocab! vulgar thing: picking nose, scratching but in public place and one more thing I understand but do not know the spelling, o what was that?
    that’s real English
    thank you

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    I’m Cesar Figuereo, a young english student from Dominican Republic. i’ve been studying english for a long time and gotten much knowledge about grammar and vocabulary, but i can’t understand people well when they are speaking quickly in english. so, i’ve been listening to your audios and i think that your program can really work.

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    Are heaped for the beloved’s bed
    When thy thoughts and thou art gone
    Love shall be slumber on”.

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