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Learn English fast with Listen and Answer Stories. These English lessons are the fastest way to improve English speaking that we know.

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Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97


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    • Learn Real English

      We cannot say when a person will achieve fluency. Fluency may be defined in different ways and each student of the language is very different. If you use the course materials as instructed you will see considerable improvement in your conversational English.

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    • Learn Real English

      When you purchase our Real English Conversations course, as a bonus you become eligible to join our online forum. This is an online community where you may interact with other members.

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    [PeterJungs 18 January 2011]
    Unfortunately, we do not have the resources for one on one teaching. Our courses are essentially self-taught using materials which are downloaded over the Internet.

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    Both have a Vocabulary lesson, a Mini-Story lesson and Point of View stories. One difference is that the Real Conversations lessons also have a Conversation lesson (the Effortless English lessons do not include a Conversation lesson). In tis Conversation lesson there is a real conversation between two native English speakers.

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    [PeterJungs 6 December 2010]
    We hope you will register for our free Advanced Newsletter by entering your e-mail address at . We also hope you will apply The Seven Rules for Excellent English; either by finding a native English speaking tutor or by purchasing our Real Conversations course. You may purchase Real Conversations at

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    Also even if I was supposed at a certain moment to be an English teacher even now I feel ashamed about my English, not to mention my spoken English; I always feared about grammar rules and obviously always made grammar mistakes; in my discourse I often pause when is not the case because, as you have already said, I speak word by word not phrase by phrase, and I’m not thinking in English, I think in my native language and try to translate the sentences often word by word, and all sounds like….(don’t want to say!!!) and of course as you probably expect all my vocabulary notebooks are filled with single words lists and their translation,almost no phrases or sentences to explain the contexts when the words where used. As Mr. AJ said in his opening video, I myself had a wonderful experience with teaching little children at a kindergarten, but it lasted only 6 months as I was forced to move to another town, but all I want to say it’s that they are rally amazing learners and I honestly I confess that I’ve learned myself a lot of things that period. I had a rally great time!
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    Our courses are designed to improve spoken and conversational English. They are not specifically designed to improve performance on standardized tests but students have reported that it has helped. The new TOEFL requires a lot of both listening and speaking skills. Real Conversations could raise your TOEFL speaking score by 20-40%.

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    Each lesson is designed to be used for one week so the whole course should last 30 weeks. This is a general guideline and the student should adjust the learning schedule to his or her ability and convenience.

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    Our course is designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

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  • R G Nair

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