Rule 6 For Excellent English

Use Only Real English Materials

Learn English online with English podcasts, real English articles, and other authentic materials. The best English courses use real English.

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Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

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Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97




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    Hey, why does most of american natives turn english more complex than it really is when they find out we are learning their language?
    I got some kind’a upset whe I went through this terrible experience.
    hopefully I got along fine at the end, but I can asure this simply causes lack os stimulation on foreign learners of the language.
    Some might say it’s easier to understand non-native speakers of the language.
    can you guys dig what I mean?
    mccand candido from São Paulo – Brazil

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    let’s leaves the boring methods and rules!
    I hope that you will my future teacher of English, because your speech is delicious, and yours best words get on your heart.
    your student Samir

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    Are you kidding us?? You tell us not to listen to English text books because they’re “acting out dialogues”, but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Is that how you really speak English? I don’t think so. Please talk like a normal person!! Thanks a lot.

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    but when I writte is more simple for me as speaking, I don’t understand ????
    I was searching for long time to find people with I can speak English on different website, language exchange,also on skype no way !!!! People I met don’t be serious!!!!!!
    I need to speak English for my new job, I will begin in January 2013 a training with 150 hours in 2 month, specially word for this job…
    I hope that you understand me, I writte without translate….
    Thank you a lot for you answer…
    Listen listen listen is the best way…..
    Can you give me an advice to speak really well and quickly and more confident
    thank a lot

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    The first time I heard: Hi there! , What’s up sucker? and another lot of usual and bastard phrases I felt very myself offended. I needed years to accept that “ I love you “ is tricky and “ my fucking mother “ is very funny.
    Anyway, I think your method is good to fully understand an average American English speaker, but burn grammar books like rule isn’t good. DO NOT use them is more accurate in my concern, because I pretend a higher level of English.

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    Our courses are designed to improve spoken and conversational English. They are not specifically designed to improve performance on standardized tests but students have reported that it has helped. The new TOEFL requires a lot of both listening and speaking skills. Real Conversations could raise your TOEFL speaking score by 20-40%.

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    by nature – we learn by what we hear then imitate it, so we can communicate in English. This is what you suggest us: to learn English by nature

    by nurture – we learn English by grammar rules. this is what you call formal education. learning by nurture helps us to develop our capacity to correct those bad grammars we had made and could make.

    I AGREE that learning by reading and listening is effective but learning grammar rules helps us to diminish errors that we commit

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    [PeterJungs 7 June 2010]
    The directors of Learn Real English created the Real Conversations course so students could put the seven rules into action. Each of these 30 lesson sets contains 4 audio files (mp3) and 4 text files (pdf) which are the transcripts of the audio files. I will describe these files for you:
    1. a real English conversation between 2 speakers; there is both an mp3 audio file and the transcribed text file (a pdf file).
    2. a vocabulary lesson; there is both an mp3 audio file and the transcribed text file (a pdf file).
    3. a mini-story lesson; there is both an mp3 audio file and the transcribed text file (a pdf file).
    4. point of view stories; there is both an mp3 audio file and the transcribed text file (a pdf file).

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    The audio portion of our Real Conversations course is in .MP3 format. As long as it is for your own personal non-commercial use, you may copy or convert the audio to any format that is convenient for you. It is a simple matter to convert .MP3 to regular audio that you may play in a traditional CD player.

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    We have arranged native speakers for everyone! Our Real Conversations course available at contains 30 hours of recordings of native English speakers. Thank you for your comments.

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    [JoeWeiss 11 December 2009]
    We use real English in our videos.

    When you learn from a text book or you read formal English. Real English includes idioms, casual expressions and slang terms. It also include partial sentences.

    “What’s up?” is a casual phrase that we use to ask someone “How are you doing?” or “What are you doing?”. It is real English. This phrase cannot be translated word for word to determine its meaning. It is the English that you would here spoken between two native English speakers. It is not the formal type of English that you would here used by a news person on CNN or BBC.

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