Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97


  • Juvilyn Blackford

    Yes right repeating again and again the lesson will help us to learn deeply and remember everything.,very surprising having all this rule now I have a lot of idea of how can i speak better english ..thanks a lot teacher ..

  • khadim sarr

    really i found your job very interesting beacaus thank to the student against me
    start speaking english quite good when i were speaked english my frend used to smiles me
    its beacause i were in licence of mathematic and i haven t times to learn better now i feel like to fallow
    my study outside thank and keep doing sure the even road

  • Carlos Garcia

    These guys make me feel confident. I can see they are master teaching English. I’ve never heard anything like this. Thanks because now I understand why I cannot speak fluently after of various years studying English. Thanks again.

    • numan

      butt i see you taking english very well from your coment statements

  • Emmanuel Dodoma


    • Elias Amancio

      Hi! How’s it going?

  • Akram

    A great lesson a great rule from a great teachers
    Thank you so so much

  • Bao le Quoc

    Learn English deeply by repeating many times until mastering totally. Thank you.

  • Mohammed Abulebda

    learn deeply amazing idea

  • Maha Mohammed

    I am a medical laboratory specialist my mother langue is Arabic and I want to learn English just like native speaker , but I think it’s very hard I was shocked that all the ways I used to learn English are the bad ways .
    but I will start again, because I don’t believe that I’m still can’t speak English.
    I’m very ambitious person and I will Choose you as a teachers for me and I Promise to understand every words deeply and work very hard in all rules.

    • Numan

      Always you are not bad in english as you could write agood paragrapg for your bad skills in english i see that i am worst all of you in english composition

  • Birane Ba

    Thank to avise me.l am agreed with you.

  • Asrul Adamy

    Amazing ..stimulate my brain to do best best best …..

  • sahar

    really i love this teaching way

  • Geeta kumari

    Thankyou so much

  • Ronnel Dag-um

    I am impressed that we should really learn the basic first and we should learn it deeply. Thank you for this another effective technique. I am a basketball player and I know what you mean.

  • Hichem Ababsa

    that is great and amazing thank you so much .

  • Operaps Korsel

    thank you so much ♥

  • Rosalie

    Thank you…

  • Aya Maria

    Thank you.

  • Denis Kochegarov

    Thank you very much! It’s powerful rule =)

  • Adan

    Thank you for the useful lesson you gave us, i am sure this will help and promote the skills we learn english,when i listen video lessons i think that i totally know english but when it comes to watchimg movies some times i believe that i have never learnt english, but i satisfy my self once there were days that i couldn’t understand the video lessons at all, and today 99% i can, so it’s the same way i do my best and i wait my time, i also say my brothers and sisters who have the same problem, don’t disappoint keep up doing efforts in terms of listening, repeating and other skills we get from this online class

  • Samira Omer

    Thank you for lesson number 4 and all the previous lessons..realy for me they are very effective..

  • Haj hamad

    Thank you for all your efforts but I don’t think repetition alone can’t bring any desirable mastery in the acquisition of the second language.There should be something more to help internalizing the new system and I’m expecting you to touch it in your coming lessons.

  • Joseph Imang Seran

    Thank for video lesson no 4. I need more study

  • Garry singh

    Thanks for lesson no 4

  • Bimbim

    Sorry i dont agree with you Agatha. Personally I believe that this program is designed to some certain levels of English learners, not for people of all levels of english. The problem of people who want to take this course is they cant speak english as naturally as the native speakers do though they understand everything. That you cant follow with what the teachers say is your problem, not theirs. I am not one of the teachers, just want to voice my opinions. the only thing makes me hesitate to sign up is that the cost is quite high for an online course.

  • Agatha

    I just joint to this cours at first, but I am not glad. Sorry!
    I have noticed, that speaking, learning English is not easy and your program is not easy as well.
    It surprised me when I have listened at first your speaking program introduction.
    It was fast and you spoke as some one is running to somewhere….
    Why? ..
    Who want s to learn, should go slowly and slowly even at first…
    I agree with Aleandre. No one wants to correct me, when I make mistake.
    I noticed also, that the first free part of this program is not lead me forward in my English knowledge, because the exlainaition is fast and suppos a high level of English.
    All the time repeate and repeat that what do I do do do, but not gives me exact picture to do.
    You conduct people to sign up for the Pay Study – Real English Conversation cours, not to have a hunger to desire to speak publicly.
    Sorry, I don’t think that I could improve my English speaking skills by this cours. Please don’t send me your new spep email. I don’t need to.
    Thanks a lot.
    Please have my critic a something that help you to correct yourself and to approach to students.
    God bless you – Agatha

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  • Olena

    Thank you! Each of your lesson is very useful!

  • mohsin

    Thanks for rule no 4 every day I am learning new things. I like you’re all program’s rule no 1, 2, 3, and 4 thanks a lot for supporting me.

  • MARY

    thank you so much for your guidance, a new method in English learn.

  • Aleandre

    I am not sure just repeating, if i have a conversation with the english native speaker and i did not understand what he said,ofcousre i will ask him to repeat it but he never correct my mistake if i do mistake in grammar rules.

  • Lucia

    Thanks very much… and I need to learn deeply…

  • Ofelia De Marzio

    es el modo como aprenden los niños, por lo tanto la repeticion es importante

  • HsOnE-99

    Thank you so much … you always make me improve my speaking

  • Karina

    Another tip. .that’s true. .learn deeply and practice and practice. .practice makes perfect!I should do that,too!

  • Minamihama Ryujiro

    I understand the rule no.4.
    But the difficult part of rule no.4 is what is “deeply”.
    Just repetition?

  • Tamar

    I agree with you, repeating and training is very important and necessary.

  • Chritmas

    Sorry I made a mistake I mean rule no.4

  • Chritmas

    Wow that was amazing rule no 2 l loved it made me to move forward. And try to speak better. I little bit it’s looks like my dream will come true and speak like English native. Thanks alot.

  • Dasola

    Dear teacher, this is fantastic to be frank i have been practice rule # 2 it very interesting to i keep on listening again again and repeated the word to master it. i am waiting for rule # 5 thanks

  • fatma

    Amazing way I think if I followed the rules step by step, my English will get better soon so I decided to start apply them right now

  • Zeroual Chahinez

    Hi.dear teachers,I’m really grateful to you and I want to tell you that I’m getting better from the first rule.
    Thank u so much

  • majid

    Thank for you fist rule

  • mohammad moradianpour

    rule 4 is amazing and it really fertilizes every learner’s English tree and I really appreciate your devoting time to inform us what is the best to do and do your best to encourage us to be more willing to and to be more enthusiastic about learning English

  • Nazifullah Nayel

    Dear Teachers, thank you so much the rule 4 was really useful and very good method for learning English easily and deeply so this is my best pleasure to remain as one of your English student.


  • Mustafa Muhammed

    Really you are terrific group.thanks.

  • Noura

    thank you so much

  • Sally

    Hi Mr. AJ Hoge,

    Thank you for the rule #4. I will follow your advice and hope to learn how to speak better English soon. Have a wonderful day!

  • Moysser

    How I can study this rules,

    One by one ,or all of them

  • Moysser

    The rule number 4 it’s perfect

    I like it, learning deeply

  • Amira

    I think it is really helpful advice or rule. We need to repeat many things in order to have deep understanding of those things. This rule is not only useful for learning new languages but also in anything else in the whole life.

  • Arnar

    very good

  • erumasim

    sir your rule no 4 is very help full and i like ur sentence,repetition is the motehr skill .

  • Thomas Chang

    Perect! learning deeply means practice many and many times until you can use it easily and automatically.

  • mabrouk

    i went to learn english

  • 3bab

    That’s so helpful!I have been really looking for such this way to improve my english & I have been always ready to pay my whole attention and follow anythingeverything that would help me improve my english & myself.

    Thank you so much for your help

  • Jorge

    I liked very much your expressions and the form of speaking it,It is weird for me that I understand to you very good,you told us very important points,such as repeat,again and again ,Repetition is the mother of skill and so on


  • hitanshi singh

    for excellence we need to learn deeply about it..thank u for rule 4 ,its very helpful

  • mohammad ali

    thank u my teachrs

  • nusrat zahra

    this is more helpful procedure for non narrative speaker

  • badr

    thank you very mush now I’m learning beter

  • Mona

    Thank you for all and thank you

  • Nahid

    I feel I became much better in listening. million thanks to all of you my teachers.

  • Hayder

    thank you very mush now I’m learning beter .

  • wahab

    thank you for all i am pleasde to hearing your wisdom

  • aez

    yeah, no doubt excellent english. especially rule4.and realy appreciate your quote that’repetition is the mother of skill’

  • Yuan Tseng Li

    I like your expressions and way of speaking because I can understand them clearly. Also, I appreciate your quote that “Repetition is the mother of skill” and really want to achieve the status of using English automatically and understanding it instantly without translating it on hearing the input.

  • Benes Belleus

    Learning Excellent English deeply.I like it.Thanks!

  • hasna from morrocco

    thank you so so much for that rule,i’m sure it will help me in my future to improve my english speaking,i realy admire it

  • Luis Ricardo

    Hi, my name is Luis Ricardo, I am mozambican in África.
    I would like to thank you very much for the work you are doing. I admire you too much for the excellent skill you have in teaching english language…I have learned english for three years but I still have more difficulties to understand when someone speak to me. Sincerly speaking, I listened and watched your three first videos and I started to undertasnd well…Your method of teaching english is very,very excellent.
    I thank you very much for improving my english from your…

  • fiona Iradukunda

    thank you for rule #4, i’ll try to listen and practice more English especially with native speaker.

  • jCarmen oliveira

    I’ve loved the rule 4. Thank you. I will apply and I’m sure it will help me a lot.

  • lombeso etebo

    I’m your learn English conversation room students so I wonder you & Amessing !!!.Just continue.

  • nelson

    Thank you so much for your teaching English to learn deeply..I’ll do for my future

  • eunjung

    I got good idea.. thank you very much!!! ^^
    I hope to speak english well.

  • shang

    thanks alot for replying me I try to study and lesson more time every day

  • kuku

    I like it. Thank you

  • tahmeenah

    Wow so nice thank you so much its really usefull i love it.

  • sylvia

    nice lesson.helpful

  • Chhatra Bahadur Rai

    Wow what a incredible teaching!really interesting.
    Thank you so much.

  • Anka

    i think your lessons are very usefull. i like it. i`m progressing and i want to learn more and more.

  • chernor jalloh

    I thank u LORD
    Thank u so much for teaching me how to learn English
    I am a student, but I still have problem with this subject I hope it will help me, I will do all my lessons. Thanks and my GOD bless u all.

  • nelo

    your english lessons are very useful.I hope it will halp me.Thanks.

  • Dana

    ohhh man I love u

  • Dana

    your way of teaching like a magic.. I wish if they used this way with us in the schools. I would like to thanks you all for your time and efforts

  • omar alioune

    thank’s joi wois I realy love rule 4 have good lessone

  • Mesha Kham

    you are a naturally gifted teacher!!! your way is so inspiring and motivating. i really enjoy your lessons.

  • stalin

    Man, you are just Excellent!!! You are a GOOD TEACHER, I just inspired by your lesson. Thank you, I will be keep watching your video.

  • Rayz

    Thanks a lot !!!!

  • Kakhaberi

    I like this method of studying , let us see what will happen next.

  • siti maimunah

    Yes..its a good idea. .I agree with it. Hope I can follow this step. Thank you.

  • Stefania

    You’re so right! Repetition leads to deep learning, which in turns leads to excellence. I play drums and everyday I practise the very rudiments as the key to excellence in music, as well.

  • Reema

    Thank u very good idea

  • Nina

    thank you very much! the rule 4 is WONDERFUL!

  • Dr.Sudhakar Babu

    Thank you very much for the apt information


    thanks alot.good information.

  • batuka

    thanks a lot it’s very good idea. i love it

  • K R

    Thanks for precious information

  • mohamed rafi

    Thanks for your supports

  • arshad

    i promise you,i will learn deeply.

  • Cherry

    Yet, it is not easy to do it. I will try my best.

  • tebbal

    thanks too much it’s so helpful

  • jess-an

    I just want to say thank you again for this rule #4 it helps me a lot to learn

  • alaneed

    Iam truly and deeplly indebted to you for this great rule


  • Anesio

    Thank you, very much thi rules are wonderful.

  • MisiahAdis

    I just want to say thanks for this web.its realy help.

  • Maria Brasilina.

    I love your methodology, learning English by ear. Listening, listening, listening and no rules…
    Only now… after my 70s I will speak real English.
    Thanks to you all

  • saleh

    Hi there
    I do not know what to say to you people you feel me that i can speak and talk to others easily .

    thank you so much you are fantastic

  • dan

    exquisite! how stupid i am…

  • Karmen aloch

    You are fantastic
    Thanks alot

  • Steve Bona

    this is what i need to move on,i appreciate your teachings and with you guys i am to fullfill my dreams.Thanks.

  • Marie Sneed

    This is math multiplication.

  • Marie Sneed

    I would like to improve my English pronunciation and how to master English in every aspect in speak English.

  • sumeda

    i have no words to thank you my teacher and i love you so much as i love my parents .god bless you

  • Karel

    I totally agree with his rule! I have practiced this rule for my martial arts practice. The only thing that helps is training the basics of your system over and over again, and all of a sudden you start to realize that things have gone into your body and that you can reproduce them by the mere thought of the movement itself and in combat by just letting the body respond to what is coming at you, Glad to hear it also applies to other things!

  • lemessa

    Thanks so much.

  • Mantresh

    It was the most amazing tips u have given. O I used to rush through my lessons cos of lack of time.Thank you very much sir

  • Zakri

    Thanks…this is helped me a lot..

  • Hajnal

    Thanks for the 4th rule. It is very good and important to hear from somebody who is a teacher: slow down, repeat more and learn anything deeply. All my respects for him. So many times we have to say for other things, too, in order to do something better. Thanks a lot.

  • Hisham Abid Aldabagh

    Deeply thanks for you, for your deeply perforating rule, which will be settled deeply in our brains

  • Shuaa

    Repetition is the mother of skill < and I wanna be a skillful at English

    Mr. Hoge you're a great teacher, thank you very much…

  • Gerson

    It´s apreciate form the learn English, I would like receive others e-mail more lesson


  • Grace Kampeshi

    learn deeply for me might be triky.As the first lesson that you can not study grammer which is very true. Then it say you listen ,yes but my worry is if you have no one to talk to what happens?I want to learn how to speak fluently..You lessons are very helpful.Than you for your lessons.

  • Dhivyadharshini

    It’s a wonderful way to speak english automatically and correctly.I appreciate this. Thank you…

  • iren

    You are totally right about it but how about time boundaries? You had the whole childhood to learn the language deeply. How about having to achieve a certain level in a year, for example? Never enough time to repeat things, unfortunately 🙁

  • Saeed

    It is truly to say rule no. 4 is the main foundation to learn the real English

  • am

    Repetition is the mother of skill

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Really Appreciated your effort, Very Good & great technique to speak English.

  • bahram

    thank you very much EVERYONE .I am from iran .in iran learning English is so difficult.but by the courses yours this issues solved….

  • abdi

    Am really thank full for you pass ting this lesson . it is great opportunity for me .. thxs a lot

  • La Young Youn

    Thank you for your advice.
    I’m practice more and more.
    Thank you:)

  • Rizwana sabri

    Its an excellent effort to teach basic English language i am learning and improving my skill day by day. I pray for you all teachers. God Bless you.

  • hanthulwin

    really i like your training how to improve our english skill …….i think your good teacher for us(english leaner).

  • raji shibu

    thank u so much teachers for your rules and efforts..God bless you………………..

  • Manal shehada

    What agreat easy method u r really genuis very deep deep deep thanks

  • margareth

    I am very excited to know the 7 rules…just finished watching rule #4 and I am loving it. Very interested to finish the whole course…and find out how will it help me transform from being timid & shy, to a confident well versed person. Thanks a bunch!

  • Mohamad Ali Mayassi

    Thanks a lot great and excellent teachers.

  • Trang thanh le ly

    Thank you all the teacher , I wish learning english , speak well , if help my family , so , I take my daughter go hospital , go dental ,a lot everything ,thank you teacher.

  • Elhadji Sebor

    you are still teaching useful ways of learning english and even other languages! thanks so much!

  • charlie

    hi teacher i’d like to teach me a more english specially conversation because sometimes the people are not understan me or i can’t understand the people to what we asking with me..thanks a lot for teach me a more english..

  • Firmino Augusto

    Hi you all (teachers)

    I´m very impressed about your method. I´ve never seen this before: no grammar, only phrases!
    But what impressed me too, it was the teachers speaking.
    All of you are good, easy understanding, specialy for us who are learning. I am enjoying. Congratulations!

  • se

    thanks a lot for teaching me to learned more in english especially in conversation….

    more power..

  • James

    Awesome, you teach deeply so i am sure we are learning deeply 🙂

  • naima

    hi teacher i like speak english but i have one problem is my conversation with poeple because they didnt i understand me? you can help me for improve my coversation

  • Ivy Yong

    Thank you teacher, I understanding wht u mean, but when people talking with me, i still can’t automatically and talk correctly to them!it’s very stupid?

  • My teacher

    thank you very very much!

  • yodit Tekleab says:

    July 01,2013 at 12:20 am thank you very much this rule is real helpful to improve my English speak and understanding .u r blessed.

  • Mohamed

    Thank’s teacher

    this course is very valuable and interesting, wish you all the best.

  • Masouma

    Thank you so much .

  • Lupe

    Rule Number 4 means for me: read,read and read, and also hearing all the time.

  • Elroy

    very helpful.

    I thank you so much because you have improved my listening and speaking skills instantly!

  • aisha pelayo

    Thank you so much maam and ser
    God bless u more and more both of you!thanks to accept my subcribe!!!

  • Roberto Mateos Quiroz

    Thanks so much for explain how to speak automatically.

  • daniel

    I miss word all I can say Your time is so great and Wonderful.

    Thank so much

  • hassan

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  • haymanot

    hi today lesson 4 and i wish to next lesson coming soon

  • Amanullah

    Hello,today is the 4th lesson I have heard,this method that you are teaching me is the best.i will practices and expect for more lesson.

  • Lawasa @ Gusiti

    Thank’s teacher,
    i understand what you want to all your student follow this program aspecialy for rule no 4. i want to try my best. but although i have a weekend time to follow this program, but i get iPod and listen every each you instruction.

  • amira

    i was so worried about this matter but when i hear what you have said ,i feel so relaxed.i think that this problem happens just with me but now I’m sure that i need much time to understand .i must go step by step to realize my dream.I’m sorry if my written English is not correct,thank you very much

  • Doris

    Thank you for the tips. I’m understanding more English every day with your lessons.

  • Ashraf

    The presentation of the English teaching courses by Real English group is very much fascinating. I really enjoined a lot. Thanks to the teachers and my best wishes to the entire team members.

  • Elizabeth

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  • angel

    thank you teacher for teaching me the rul 4
    as deep as i could learnt,

    many thanks indeed.

  • Mohammad abdurrhman

    In fact i have just joined to your web-sit group and i just finished the first four rules but that makes me very excited and desirous to complete all rules and continue with you.. really am so glad finally i find who know our problem who really want to help us..thank you so mucH A.J. Hoge, Kristin Dodds, and Joe Weiss.

  • shahzad

    I have only a thing to say, you are excellent teacher I’m sure, when I saw this video I could understand that anyone can learn english easily easily easily. WELL THANKS FOR NOW! BYE

  • shahzad


  • abdelbasit elsir

    I don’t have words to express my feelings right now, for first time I feel that finally l’ve found my right way. Thanks for your help, for your faith. Just give me one month not more after following the seven rules, lwill speak perfect., real and powerful English. I will surprise myself, you and my boss. I will get new position that because of improving my English speaking. Thank you so much learn real English group.

  • ANNA


  • khun

    hello sir,,you’re right..learn deeply is most important rule..I will remember it..

  • cris says:

    Cris from philippines…… I’d like to thank you very much of each rules you gaved it to and it so great since i start listening to your adviced now i have a some confident in my self. And i want more to learn untill i feel it to become fluent my speaking in english.once more thank you very much for giving us a lot of inspiration. Godbless you all and more power..

  • Mohammed Abbas

    Dear/ teacher
    really , i;m very gratful for you and i would like to inform you that i, getting better in english day after day, reay you anf the rest of the group are so kind and perfect people

    kind regards
    Mohammed abbas

  • Sandro

    I Teacher, greetings from Brazil…thanks a lot for the lesson 4!! I’m learning new things everyday…your tips are excellent!! Thank you and a big hug.

  • Mada

    Tank you,teacher for rule number 4!

  • Pramod Agarwal

    Hi my best teacher A.J.Hoge,
    I!m an big fan of you.Yours english teaching method with actions are very powerful & excellent.I like it.
    No doubt,Rule # 4 is a very important rule for improving english speaking skill.Everybody must follow it who want to improve english.We should learn english like sports not as a science or mathematics. Learn english deeply with repeat lession again again & again.
    It!s really fact that repeatation is the mother to improve english skill.Thanks
    Have a fantastic day

  • irshad

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  • amin

    you are the best in pronounciation and expression—–I mean you are excellent in teaching. things are how could I improve my pronounciation.


  • cicero

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  • Abdulla

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    I would be grateful if i have the writing of all videos as well.

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  • Elizabeth

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    I am very happy with your teaching.

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    Thank you for the offer useful I hope that you will write speech to Tthdthonh under video to Read and listen at the same time thanks

  • airinina

    absolutely i love it ! although this video just in few minutes but the input i got is so awesome . just to share my experiences before . i want to master in english . i read reference books , essay i mean , but there is no improvement of my english i think . but your ‘secret recipe ‘ has open my eyes on how to be like all of you . sorry if any mistakes in my comment . ^_^

  • ??????

    Completely agree, but where to find a teacher (I mean a school teacher)who doesn’t force you to go faster, who’s ready to wait till you’ve learnt something deeply.

  • Jim Zhang

    It is a very practical English learning pragram and I got a lot from it. Thank you so much for your offer !

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  • jeung kim

    I have learned English very hard for more twenty years.
    My written english is pretty well; however, my spoken English is still terrible. I agree with your method how to learn or teach English.I was successful business man in teaching English market,Korea,but I felt a kind of shame because I could not speak English at all. So I closed my business in the Korea and came America with my children eighteen years ago.
    Now I want to find my business partner. That is why I am listening and checking your program. I want to talk about this matter through Email. Thank you!

  • Wafa

    My problem I can’t speak in front of people, I feel all my English words gone. Thank you for all the lessons I will try to masre it in my daily conversation with others.

  • bettyruzo

    I think you have to include the simbols of phonetic instead of using bad written words for teaching fast pronunciation in fluently English. Do you think so? Thanks and good bye.

  • Pham Van Sinh

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    the interest to speak English Daily .

  • Miguel

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    many instrutive lessons for Life.

  • Mohammad Naser

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  • Siham Ahmed

    Hello teacher,Ihope you have a nice time I want to thanks you and all the teachers for their nice rule I make practice for any rule many times.I’m think i in improving now.INSHA AALAH it will help me in my job.

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  • Rahel

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    It was Friday evening , iwas playing with my cousins then we remind us of the cave . in this time we entered it ,it was very big and dark , it has hag ahuge rock in the entrance we was small size so we can enter we was frightenend ofcourse , then we found a huge wooden door , it was very hard to open it , but we opened it ….unfotunately !! . what do you think we found ?!
    We found adead body hanged !! , from my surprising I couldn’t shout or say any thing , I was just thinking that I want to close my eyes and open it I found my self in my bed next to my mum . but no way I became to close and open it and I saw the same view . my tears were out of my eyes like awater falls , I turned to go out of this fucken place , what do you think I found ?! noo don’t think you ‘ll not imagine , I didn’t found the door !!!!! can you explain that to me , ofcourse you cann’t and there’s another thing , I didn’t found my cousins !!, So I became to laugh from my astonishing .
    I heared a voice , no it’s not my voice , I asked the dead body is that you ofcourse , there’s no answer , that’s mean ther’s another one here , another person or dead body or ghost ….
    I felt dots of water fall on my hand and my head no it’s not water , it’s blood . my brain stopped thinking (( and my hand will stop writing because I am feeling tired )))
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    Deep listening to real native English speakers is the key! It can be difficult to find native speakers with the time and inclination to help a student learn English. That is why we created Real Conversations available at

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    [PeterJungs 31 July 2010]
    With our “don’t study grammer” rule 2, we are suggesting that deep listening to native English speakers is a better way to learn and “absorb” grammar than studying lists of grammar rules. This is how we learned grammar as children in our native tongue. Please review Rule 2:

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    Yes! The only place to get Real Conversations is here at (use “add to cart” button). All course materials are downloaded over the Internet.

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    Usually the phrase examples found in dictionaries are formal English.

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    [PeterJungs 3 February 2010]
    1- Real Conversations is intended for intermediate to advanced English learners and it is not designed specifically for children. Real Conversations is the only complete course we are currently offering.
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