Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97


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    i am listening nowdays still i am understand the meaning of teachers but i cant speak for my people

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    Thanks teacher kirstin dodds for the rule #3 the way you talk and explained I more understand what should I’ll be do..I always watching an english movies without subtitles and I not all the characters speaks I totally understand but everyday doing this yes it’s true that listening is really important to understand what the speakers trying to say and now I continue to listen everything about english to make myself better than before this opportunity gave me so much power to learn more powerful english..thanks teacher..

  • Sérgio Lima

    I’m surprised with these teacher’s and way of teaching. I’m so glad and happy to be here. Definitely I think I’ll speak fluently! Thank you for sharing this great opportunity.

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    Imazing lesson .I try learn well .thank you

  • Dr. David Bean

    Learn with your ears and not with your eyes.

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    Yah..infact i dont watch this video,just listening to this..

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    Yes, I can feell it, Listening is resource of power to speak, and also its improve my pronounciation..

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    Thanks a lot, I think that the learn real English will good for me because i start now and i`m encourage with all comments and rules

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    Mrs Kirstin Dodds let me tell you why this rule 3 sounds so incredible to me, Listen first sounds like music to my ears, the first time I heard that from you I become shocked (In ao good way, of course.) Because I realized that a so simple thing like listen to something in English without any effort were able to improve my compreention ability so much, so fast and so easy. Thanks for that! Take care! Cya later.

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    thanks a lot that is real learning English u do work

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    Listening first with my ears but not with my eyes.
    Thank you so much Mrs Kristin Dodds.

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    Listening is the way to improve my English.Thanks you!

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    Wooow!! It’s very powerful tip of learning English that I hope to become as native!

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    Thanks for learning…Me also I’ts been hard for me to speak in English. I’m not sure if my grammar is correct and only simple words I can say. I want to explain one thing but I cannot … how? How can I say it, Where I will start..I mean…maybe I’m not using this language for how many years and now I need it because of my work…huh! please help me more

  • Saga

    Thank you very much
    But actually I have a proplem I need a help . I can talk like a native speaker alone with my self but when I talk to others I forget the words not because I’m afraid no no that is not the. I really need help?

    • Ronnel Dag-um

      I bet you better practice speaking with someone else. Just don’t be shy and be open for their corrections and suggestions. Tell them that you need a help and say that they can correct you if they feel that something is wrong with your speaking.

  • Hichem Ababsa

    This is amazing

  • I’m just excited to be like a native speaker);

  • santos simon

    thanks alot is so encouraging , but i unable to get incontact with english native speaker. althought my listening skill is up to the best i believe

  • Luis

    Excellent Method. I heard from you when I was to London 4 years ago. I started using it and it was incredible, my english speaking and listening enhanced a lot.

    My questión is : how can a person who does not speak any english start listening audios to learn ?

    Which is the best Method for those who do not understand any english ?

    • Job Job

      Well, maybe that person can start by using FlashCard with Audio. 😀 Example: A picture of a banana and someone spelling Banana. He/She can recognize the banana in their language but in English too.

    • I’m new in the program,at now i’m in rule number3, then you’re question for those are like anew born baby, thay most know the alphabet,then they start in rule number 1 , read a sentence then listen too much in English things.

    • dodi hananto

      for the beginer learner, choose the easiest thing to learn

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    Thank you, great rule, I will be listening and listening going forward.

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    and listening is such a powerful method to really learn english!!!!!!!!!! so, everybody listen and listen and listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you so much for you
    email. Every day I received your program. It was helpful to me.I think that I learned many good things from your amazing rules.
    One again, thank you very much.
    God bless you all,

    Bora Bou

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    gracias, es mi principal problema, cuando escucho no entiendo

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    Thanks for the informative video. It really helps.

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    The Rule number 3 seems to be reasonable.
    But I don’t think it’s the best way for me because I was not born yeaterday.
    I’m against your opinion this time.

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    Great tips for learning English…listening is the best way to learn English

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    you guys are amazing, i can not wait to watch rule number 4

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    Tremendous program…., we have been made a big joke in the past, try focus to learnt with ear not with the eye for the first time. sensational English speaking

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    Great. this may help me how to deal with english that i was ignoring it.

  • nonna

    Dear teachers,

    Rule # 3 is really very helpful when studying any foreign language! At school we mostly look at the texts or the new vocabulary, and now I understand why it’s a mistake – to first see and then listen to what we see.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding our problems and your desire to help us.

    Sincerely yours,

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    what sounds should I listen?
    Thank you

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    Thanksss alot

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    Lem to thank your affability and way of teaching this is really useful for any new English students.The rule three was really interesting, easy and gettable.


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    No doubt you are awesome! unique! completely different.

    I’m trying to find a “GOOD” materials to practice your “RULES” with.And i will keep you acknowledge with the results.THANKS.

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    That’s really great. Hopefully I could be capture this method.
    Enjoy the come up HAPPY NEW YEAR-2015

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    Sarwar Kethelic Jesus

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    hi ! I totaly agree with you my super teachers . listening first is the most natural way of any language studying and its mastering. what an unestimable help! God bless you !!!

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    Rule# 3 makes sense. We learned our mother tongue with this way, with ears.

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    Thank you for sending emails to me.
    At the moment I have received 3 rules and I feel good luck. I live in Iran. I am going to take Ielts exame. I can not write and speak well. Please guide me to success in Ielts exame.
    Thank you


    Thank you so much for the best rules. I can understand your rules easily.

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    I think Rule # 3 is very powerful rule to learn English. i am trying to follow the rule everywhere.

    Thank you so much for rule #3

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    rule no. 3 is the new ideology for me that I ever heard about it. Me and My son will try this rule no 3 seriously and note the changes made by rule no. 3 in our greater life. If it success than I let know my friends and friends of my son to start following rule no.3, which will help thousands of people in this universe who have the same problems like us.

    have a great day ahead hoping continued support from your end such a useful for improving real English speaking more correctly, fluently and automatically.

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    Kamaljeet Kaur
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    Oh my god, I learn a powerful technique of learning English! Originally, listening is the most important rule among the seven ones and in acquiring English! Thanks a lot and a lot for sharing this treasurable secret of leanirn English with me! Thanks!

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    Gala (Ukraine)

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    Thanks a lot for your attention

    I’m enjoying and learning a lot with your free email lessons

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    I totally agree with you not learning individual words but phrases… too bad we have to learn grammar too, because these are our country rules called… Teaching English by listening, speaking, writing and reading…it is a package altogether! Anyway, it is a real pleasure knowing you! P.S. I love your native English…See you!

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    See,my problem is not listening , writing or talking. I m fluent already
    My problem is my damn accent that weighs me down in every step.
    No matter how far you get ahead in English language. No matter how well you communicate in English still native speakers see you as a non native speakers,a person who makes mistakes spelling in English. Let me tell you guys ,they never take you seriously. What is more , you can’t land certain jobs simply because you have accent.
    Why never you guys address the most important part of learning a new language which is replacing a non English accent to the an Engkish one

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    I’m not so sure about giving up grammar though. Rules suck by all means, but to learn only by listening is kinda difficult. In the second video Joe said he didn’t learn rules for speaking. Surely not, coz he was a child and back then he didn’t know any language at all. So it was inevitable for him to learn English this way. Anyway, I expect something really awesome from u Joe, when the 5th rule arrives. :))
    I do agree that listening is valuable. I’ve been listening to English speakers on my mp3 player for about 4 months now. I listen to audio books (Harry Potter, A. Christie Hercule Poirot, etc.) and I strongly recommend podcasts from I love listening to that guy! He tells about UK history, it’s people and also he explains grammar / speaking rules in a really interesting way. I find it quite enjoyable. Even more, I watch all movies (not for children and teenagers) in English, so it helps me a lot too.
    Despite all this I still have speaking issues… When I try to answer as quickly as possible, i make mistakes using past and present tenses, prepositions and so on… Hope your course will help me to improve, coz i follow all your rules, even when i don’t feel completely convinced.
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    [PeterJungs 23 September 2010]
    Our course is designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

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    When I first learned English in high school I was the only thing which focuses on teachers and grammar, speaking and continued to speak about the importance of the grammatical rules, but did not try to make us participate or even try to know our problems in learning English. So I was kind of good in the written exam but I kind of shy to talk because I was too timid to kind of do not speak correctly so that others will laugh at me (this was a mistake, I realized that at a later time because of our mistakes and learn) and I will study at the university but still the same problem that focuses only on textbooks. . As I want to help me to speak the language great

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    when i first learnt English i was at high school the only thing that my teachers focused on was grammar and they kept speaking and speaking about how important are the rules of grammar but they never tried to make us participate or even tried to know our problems in learning English. So i was kind of good in written exams but i was kind of shy to speak because i was kind of shy to not speak properly so others will laugh at me (and that was wrong i realized that later because from our mistakes we learn)i even studied English at University but still the same problem they only focused on textbooks.
    but as i finished from studying i started to listen carefully to English songs, cartoons, documentries, movies, programs… and also i started to look for English speaking friends so i can practice my foreign language and why not learn more idioms and expressions that they don’t teach at school i mean real English as u said, and i see it works and my English is getting better and better by time. All we need is patience and have good ears 🙂
    and i am happy because English is my favorite langauge after my mother tongue “Arabic”, and it makes u communicate with people from different cultures and regions, how interesting!!
    thanks teachers for all ur efforts to make us good speakers, that’s really a great job and we are all grateful.

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    Our purchase transactions are handled by PayPal. PayPal offers a number of different payment options including credit (and debit) card payment and bank account transfer (if you wish to pay with a bank account transfer then you must create a a Paypal account; it is free to open this account – payment by bank transfer requires 7 to 10 days to ‘clear’ before the course e-mail is sent ).

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    Here are some sites with many young person’s videos:

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    Thank you for your very kind comments. I feel obliged to point out that you are only partially correct. Our main objective is to provide the best English learning materials but we also hope to earn money in the process. Our most comprehensive course, Real Conversations, is only available through purchase at

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    Thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately we do not have the resources for one on one teaching. When you purchase Real Conversations (at you may join our student/member forum where you may interact, learn, and exchange ideas with other students.

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    Until i had found this website from you, now i had realized that it is not only me in this world had such problems in English.Some of their problems are just like me and some them are very worst than i am not alone of being so weakly in learning the English 🙂
    this is very truth to me that we must practiced by listening first before can ever we spoke to anyone if we don’t understand for what they spoken to us?this is really had got me an idea.
    thank you, you guys are really great teacher 🙂


    Thank you so much for your email.
    You are right Kristin and AJ. That is genius way to learn any language in the world, which you observed from child hood learning and how they could learn language with no books or rules….so its all about listening. That is powerful tip I’ve got from teachers like you. Thank you again for helping us.

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