Rule 2 For Excellent English

Do Not Study Grammar Rules

Master English conversation by avoiding grammar study. In real English conversations, you must speak and respond quickly. There is no time to think about grammar rules. Later in another rule, we will explain the best way to learn English grammar.

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Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97


  • Sunil Panabokke

    I have always advised beginners of English to listen and speak as much as possible. There is no tool more applicable to grasping the intricacies of a language than the ear and the tongue. I am from Sri Lanka and am glad to say that my English is quite good. I was asked by my peers to listen and talk the language or any language that I wanted to learn, to the limit I could. Thank you


    I will apply these rules to speak English very fast and correct

  • Saliou Ndiaye

    hi everybody im writting from sénégal i am really interested about english speaking. like truly interested. and im ready to apply all your advices to improve my speaking. so i really need people with whom i could talk all the time like truly all the time. thanks


      Hi I am from India and I am ready to talk with you to improve in English speaking for both of us

  • פעם אחרונה

    Hey guys! really its amazing way to learn english speaking.
    Still now i was studying grammer rules, more than 6 months, but i can’t spoke english . always i get forget. Even now im not sure if you understand what i writing and what i wont to tell you. but i have to do it . Because i wont to tell you what i feeling . and i do practice over that. Whene mr joe wiess suddenly says stop to study grammer rules , i get in shock. and i take action now writing my comment. It means i traying to speak. Ok guys thank you for read my comment. Please do discus with me and tell me whene i do a wrong.
    Thank you so much teacher’s learn real English.

    • imthiyas ahmed

      Hii, i just read your comment completely, here i realize one thing that was you need one partner to improve your spoken English , as well as i am also need one person to speak with me and communicate with English , so if you wish mail me . .thanks

  • Juvilyn Blackford

    Learning grammars was very hard for me when I was in highschool even when I’m applying in a callcenter made me hesitate thats why in the interviewed I failed cause I think if my grammars are right or no thats very disgusting.,now I know the exact techniques of how I can speak answer automatically without grammars thanks teacher joe to the opportunity you shared for us..

  • Xru-xru

    Just now have listened the rule 2. It’s really GREAT. Thanks a lot. Good English is like musik!

  • Sarita Tamang

    Thank u for sending sir n ma’am really good I liked

  • Thanh Huyền Trần

    I think when we were young, it’s easier for us to learn language even we didn’t know anything at that time. Because our mind was like a white paper and we could write easily on it. But when we grow older, we forgot how we had learnt language and we learn by the unscientifically method like: learn grammar rules, learn vocabulary lists,… and we think they are good method for us to learn English. But we are wrong. If you want to master English, I think the best way is to learn English like a child. And how can a child learn language? The answer is: Firstly, he/she listens to her/his parents, family again and again, and then he/she starts to repeat the simplest words: mommy, daddy, … Then they repeat the long sentences. Over and over again, he/she can speak English fluently. I think we should learn like a child if we want to master English.

    • imthiyas ahmed

      Yes , of course but here my mom and Dad are didn’t know about englEng, that is my problem 🙄

  • Doston Hamdamov

    Hi there, thanks so much to Kristin, Joe and AJ. They have taken me into English. I feel pretty comfortable while I am speaking English.

  • Dr. David Bean

    Rule #1 Don’t learn words, speak in phrases. Rule #2 Do not study grammar rules.

  • Elias Amancio

    Hi guys! Maybe this was the most hard and difficult thing I heard about this subject for my mind to digest, after years, years and years with all these grammar rules, people (teachers) talking into my brain and violently insisting loudly: “IF YOU DON’T MASTER GRAMMAR RULES, YOU NEVER WON’T MASTER ENGLISH, NEVER AND EVER.” After decades of this shit, when I close my eyes at night before I fall sleeping, I still can hear the loud voice of my oldest professor saying: ” GRAMMAR RULES, STUDY GRAMMAR RULES, AS A GHOST VOICE ECHOING INTO MY BRAIN” …. Suddenly this awesome guy show up and tell us that is not necesary, better than this, he shows us how it works, with his powerful speech he explains with amazing logic this great approach that I never have realized alone, Dude that’s fantastic and so true…”IT’S TRUE ON MY OWN IDIOMA, I NEVER HAVE STUDY GRAMMAR RULES TO SPEAK PORTUGUESE” No one does it to speak any language as a native speaker all over the world, so this also will be so true in English… Thank you so much for that Mr Joe Weiss… You’ve the power.

  • Muhannad Alfarwachy

    It’s a great way to learning English

  • Artur

    When this tutor was speaking I felt he speaks in my native language…

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  • Julieta Romero

    This video was very funny and I enjoyed it a lot. It´s incredible how many mistakes we did learning English. You are right, when I was a child my parents never used grammar for teaching me to talk Spanish. Thank you so much for this lesson.

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  • Anatoly Tsemryuk

    Hmmmmm… A long time ago I used to study E without grammar at all. I had some problems.. Now I can say you should know at least basic grammar rules. It could take some time to say something, but it’s more useful to have ability to say somthing slowly then havn’t this ability at all. Noone bans you listening or speaking as if you don’t know these rules… (the secret: E grammar is very easy thing)

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    All my years studying English,my teachers,my family and even my friends they told me English grammar is the first step for excellent I studyin and studying grammar but useless… I still can not speak English I will not studying English grammar anymore and I will follow your rules hoping to speak English well this time.thanks guys.????

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    I prefer that you concentrate on the mouth and the tongue of your audience not only on the ears .as you said in your first preface or introduction of your program. The conversation is speaking between two persons not by one speaker and another listener.
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    I´m totally in agreemet with you. I´am a 55 old eye surgeon and I started to learn English only three years ago and last September I was able to made a speech in English in a Congress, as guest speaker in London. Since the beginning my approach to English was learn it as a child does; children speak his own lenguage before study gramar in all countries; me teacher agreed with me and I´m improving going only once a week for an hour whith him. I know I must learn more but now I can comunícate in Englisg whit other people from diferents countries. In my opinión this is the best way to to it. I apologize about my writing mistakes. Best regards. Fernando

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    Your understanding of language is different. It is logical not native. It is the matter of your brain not your will.
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    You know ,after years of deliguent study of text books one after the other, finally i ce to my senses,and stopped wasting my time.
    You know what I did. I discarded them all. I throw away my larg stack of grammar textbooks. Oh, such a waste of money!!
    You know what grammar rules did best for me? They comfused me. Literally , I was baffeled beyond belife.
    I m glad to announce that those day of tourtering myself is over.nowadays , The only thing I do is listen to what interests me. I listen to them over and over. I used to read a lot ,but not anymore. I even listen to audio books instead of reading the actual books. I found listening to native speakers more appealing than getting lost in the pages of a book.
    But , it is me
    Thanks for the video lessons, and the useful tips for getting a better grasp of English language.



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    As for why you don’t study grammar as a native English speaker,
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    Ask a native Chinese or Italian or Arabian speaker if they study grammar growing up,
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    Ways of learning English as a native language and as a foreign language are totally different.
    I believe my comment here is grammatically correct than most of the others.
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    And did I think about grammar at all while writing this?
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