Repetition Techniques

It is very important to repeat what you learn many times.. that’s a key to deep learning! In this video, we explain how to make repetition powerful, fun, and interesting. You are going to love it!

Also in the video, we talk about our powerful Advanced Conversation Club membership program. Shortly after this video was created, we launched the Advanced Conversation Club. Our members absolutely love it! And so do we . . . it is our favorite program!

Enjoy the video!!!

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


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    Thank you so much. I’ve read from your book that repeatition is the mother of the skill and I really do believe it.

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    I have a comment on the methodology of my colleague on the video,who mentioned the need of repeating vocabularies ,or phrases many times ,making use of amusing stories or films,….etc.
    I have a good experience in this scope,based on my experience ,when I was practising english,with them,when they were in their school approach depended on dividig any vocabulary into cylables,then try to make a song ,then repeating the song together (using knocks of fingers on the table ),after a very short repittition of the song,you will never forget the,word or phrase,for example,let us try the word “pencil”,it is composed of 2cylables:pen &cil ,then make a light repettive sound for these 2 sylables in consequence separated by separate silent,intervals between the 2cylables.repeate the song for 10times,you will never forget.

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    Some words I heard only once and I remember them for years. I even remember situations when I`ve learned foreign word. Especially when I’m abroad and I communicate with the natives (real situations)
    On the other hand, sometimes I say words repeatedly, despite of it after a while I forget (learnig at home)

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    Hi there. When we use vocabulary in a continuous way we have the opportunity to train our brain to remember more rapidly. But, this only happens when we practice every day. see you!!!

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    My English is bad and I didn’t understand. What repeat? What fast?
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  • Sergej

    My English is bad and I didn’t understand. What repeat? What fast?
    Please write here somebody about what this says. Maybe I can translate with google-translate

  • Sergej

    My English is bad and I didn’t understand. What repeat? What fast?
    Please write here somebody about what this says. Maybe I can translate with google-translate

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    Our Real Conversations lesson package may be purchased for the discounted price of $97(US) at (the button to purchase the lessons is at the bottom of the page labeled “add to cart”). $97 one-time for all 30 lessons.

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    The Effortless English Club is an online forum where our member/students may network and discuss their English learning. When you purchase Real Conversations you are eligible to join the forums.

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    Our courses are designed to improve spoken and conversational English. They are not specifically designed to improve performance on standardized tests but students have reported that it has helped. The new TOEFL requires a lot of both listening and speaking skills. Real Conversations could raise your TOEFL speaking score by 20-40%.

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    Our course is designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

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    Our Real Conversations course contains 30 conversations between native English speakers. Each of the the 30 lessons also includes a vocabulary guide, mini-story, and point-of-view drill. These are all audio recordings in .mp3 format. Also included are text transcriptions of all the audio material. When you purchase Real Conversations you also become eligible to join our member forums where thousands of our students may interact. All materials are downloaded over the Internet. The current discounted price for all 30 lessons is $97 (US). Purchase Real Conversations at

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