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Spoken English is not the same as textbook English. This is a fact that few students understand. They simply don’t realize that the English they learn in schools is not the English that native speakers use in normal conversations.

To be honest, I don’t know why schools neglect real spoken English. Why do they teach only formal English? Why don’t they prepare their students for the real world? Ever since I became a teacher, I have asked those questions. Eventually, I created my own companies to help students learn real spoken English.

Learn Real English is one of those companies. At Learn Real English, we focus on the true, casual, everyday spoken English used by native speaker North Americans. We teach idioms and slang, because native speakers use these in every conversation.

In our lessons, you rarely find full, formal, complete sentences. Why not? Because in real spoken conversations, native speakers almost never use complete sentences. We speak in partial sentences. We interrupt each other. We change thoughts in the middle of a sentence. We use filler words constantly.

Real spoken pronunciation is also quite different than what you learn from schools and textbooks. In a normal conversation, native speakers tend to mash words together. In school, you learned a few standard contractions… but in fact, we create a huge number of non-standard contractions all the time. We connect some words together, and we cut other words shorter.

When you combine all of these differences, you get conversations that sound totally different than what you learned from school and books.

Unfortunately, this is a source of extreme frustration for many students. Any student who has visited North America will tell you that the English spoken on the street is nothing like the English they learned at home in school.

Our goal at Learn Real English is to prepare you for the real world of spoken English. To do that, we record and use only real, spontaneous, unplanned conversations between native speakers. We call people on the phone, chat with them, and record the conversation. Usually, we do not tell the other person that they are being recorded (until the conversation is finished). We want them to speak completely naturally.

Another feature of our lessons is that we don’t edit the conversations. We never cut out filler words. Our goal is not to create some kind of “perfect” artificial conversation… our goal is to capture the real, messy English language in daily use.

We then provide you with tools to understand these messy, real conversations. We give you vocabulary lessons to explain the huge number of idioms and slang that you’ll hear. We give you the famous Listen & Answer Mini-Stories, to guarantee that you learn everything deeply and effortlessly. We give you text transcripts of everything, to help you understand faster.

When you finish all 30 lessons (you’ll do one lesson set everyday for one week… thus finishing the program in 30 weeks)– you’ll be able to talk with native speakers quickly and effortlessly… and you’ll understand when they talk to each other.

If you like, as your final test you can come to San Francisco and meet the people you hear on the lessons!

Good luck and have a great New Year!

–AJ Hoge


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • ASM Sofrul Islam

    I have download of your a number of video clippings from you tube. But that is quite academic, I want to know the real English. I want to understand native peoples speakings and English movie. My address is given to you, response please. I want my English fluent, automatic and confident.

  • ASM Sofrul Islam

    I do agree with you, the question is how could I learn that native spoken English. Please help me, waiting for your response.

  • adam

    this is really usefull.

    thank you

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    i hope you will help me to improve my english as soos as possible,

  • BICH


  • prem singh

    i m satisfied with your course but not fully.

    [PeterJungs 28 June 2010]
    We are not trying to do away with good grammar. We all wish to speak with good grammar and for good reason. With our “don’t study grammer” rule 2, we are suggesting that deep listening to native English speakers is a better way to learn and “absorb” grammar than studying lists of grammar rules. This is how we learned grammar as children in our native tongue. Please review Rule 2: Thank you for your comment.

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  • helen lilibeth sevilla

    this methods is really, really great for start to learn english that firts day, I am agree with you, God Bless you for teaching us. thank you a lot

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    I hope that you will improve my english

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    i hope that you can teach how to speak the real english.

  • i wish to join this programme and hoping that i can improve my english

  • myriam

    I need learn english for my work, thank you for the tool
    God bless you
    what is the price to the course
    where buy in pesos colombia
    I no have target credit
    [PeterJungs 7 June 2010]
    The current discounted price of Real English Conversations is $97 (US). The currency exchange is handled by our transaction processing provider based on current rates at the time of purchase. To purchase Real English Conversations go to then click on the “add to cart” button.

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    im new member here.pls help me to learn english in probelly

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    Thank you very much.I’m Mongolia.I’m sure your help me.

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    thank you very much. I need learn at English.

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    All the rules are amazing! I have no words to say.You can surely improve your english by these rules.I didn’t really knew that I would meet a teacher who would help me improve my english.


  • I’m having TOEFL exam next Saturday, I’m so excited and optimistic about it, wish me luck all, and thank you for everything 🙂

  • mildred

    hi!i really like your lesson i want to avail one but the problem is i don!t have enough money to buy for that lesson right now but i really want to have one coz i want to learn to speak english.i really need it.i!m now here in canadajust a month ago and its hard for me to speak and communicate w/them coz i am a filipino.i could not understand them i could only speak a little bit of english and i know that is not enough thats why i want to learn more and have a copy of your lesson immediately.i know i can have it soon.i love to be one of your students.thank you so much and may the lord continually bless your heart and help more people.i salute you for the job well done……………….

  • Valdir

    After I learn the rule 2 I laugh a lot, I imagine the face of my personal teacher when I will tell it.

  • alexander

    i hope to enjoy your class

  • Hello! This one is shorter, I promise. I wrote another before. In English books here we notice that there are linguistic aspects, that even native Americans don’t know verry well, because there are many native people, who speaks and uses grammmar unconsciouly since chilhood. It is dangerous for us foreighn people to ignore these aspects, that we do too!

  • Hello! For sure! By the way, a person who studied Linguistics(the Science of Language), knows that the oral language spoken by natives or even illiterate people, is much more arbitrary, informal, etc. They even don’t notice what they do, when they are speaking: cut sentences and begin another and other things that would be considered WRONG in comparison to writing or good Grammar! In Linguistics we can see books like “The Grammmar Of The Spoken Language”! But attention please! Linguistics IS NOT AGAINST STANDARD GRAMMAR. This is an Educational problem.
    Linguistics is DESCRIPTIVE, not PRESCRIPTIVE. Every language aspect is an interest for a Linguist.
    When a Linguist writes his works h/she uses formal languge too!(Charateristics of written languge: conservative..etc. etc)

    Francisco de A.G.B.

  • reetu

    hi thnx u .i m v happy.

  • Dear Teachers
    I have got email about “Top 5 mistakes English learners Make” Thank you very much for encouraged to me. At the
    moment I’m try to understand and
    listening lesson of earthquakes.This lesson isn’t easy for me. that’s my fault because I don’t have time to listen everyday. Anyway I’m going to buy lesson as soon as.

  • Hi
    First time I saw Your website which is very interesting. these 7 rules are very useful. I am going to folow your rules for improve my English.
    thank you

  • Dear Teachers
    thanks a lot for the free email lesson and hope I will get again. At the moment I feeling quiet diffcuilt but I’m trying to understand.

  • Hi teachers,
    My name is Mamoon Maqsoodi,I’m from Afghanistan. I’m school student from AFGHANIST SCHOOL and also I LIKE Business .I have a big problem to communicate in English.I need to improve my communication, speaking and English education also to become a success person. Hopefully you can help me.Thank you ..BEST REGARD’S

  • Hy dear tichers.Thank you for very beautiful rules.I loved your rules and I’d like have your lesonss but sorry now I can not bay them.See you later.May God blees you, your family and English lesonss

  • Katya

    hi there, liked the manner of AJ very much in his intro video – it feels that he’s the one who can really teach you!
    Thanks, AJ!!! stay that for life!!!
    Good luck to everyone!

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    hallo teaches, i have a problem i need to inprove my speaking wrenting reading and my education also to become a success

  • Hello teachers,
    My name is Noraini,I’m from Malaysia. I’m graduate from Malaysia university and also a Business women.I have a big problem to communicate in English.I need to improve my communication, speaking and English education also to become a success person. Hopefully you can help me.Thank you

  • Ivete

    I’m very excited about your method of teaching English. It’s a revolution!


    Hoje tomei conhecimento do Curso Real de Inglês. Lí os vários comentários dos antigos alunos e gostei das afirmações.Um problema me preocupa: ainda não entendí como o curso funciona.Gostaria de receber mais exclarecimentos.
    [PeterJungs 20 April 2010]
    If you liked our “Seven Rules for Excellent English” we hope you will purchase our Real Conversations course. The course consists of 30 separate lessons. Each lessons includes a real conversation between two native English speakers, vocabulary guide, mini-story, point of view story, and complete text transcripts of all. All materials are downloaded over the Internet. Real Conversations is available at .

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    I’m persian and I need to learn English.

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    i like your method to learn real English. I appreciate your kindness . i hope i’ll speak English normally.. Thank you very much ….

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    hi A.j hoge thank you so much for helping me i very enjoy 7 rules every day i listening many many times before i dont know how to peak how to read your effortless english change my life i love him because its very easy to learning now i know how to speak with my friend with peoples iam very happy your are the best teachers please dont mind many time i try to buy lessons but i have problem some time signal problem showing some time my card id number i need to learning more to get successfully my life and also i tell them to my all friend learn only effortless english speaking course its very easily to speak thank you so much all effortless team special ajhoge i hope you are help me more alam khan

  • I just started with these lessons and I’m very excited about it. I like this technique very much, especially mini-stories. I feel that my speech is going to be better.
    Thanks a lot. Great job!

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    learning english is not easy but needs efforts i am going to get value thibgs for this web so i hope you will point me the way that i can learn english remember i am in somalia awar and poverty country

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    I’m glad to be here with you.and I thank our Teachers.

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    because i cant by these conversations>>>
    i spend 5 years at university but i cant speck influentially>>>
    All Best

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    Hi, hope you are all fine. I have just joined this lesson for 5 days & hope this method can help me to improve my english.

  • i hope well i can get improve my english from here.. thnk u for the help.. i love your lessons

  • Csaba

    Dear All,

    I am a man from Hungary. I am 38. AND This real English program is too difficult for me, I suppose. Unfortunately, and I think everybody, who learns English, has to pick up the grammar and a lot of words first to speak and to understand just a little from English. And then this program can be used to improve one’s English.

  • I love real English learning, rather than textbook. Hope you can help me with this. I’ve learned and used English for 18 years, and I wish 80% of my time was for real English rather than the hell from books!

  • adem

    hello the best teacher inb the world ? th?ng evrbody ?n the world who learn engl?sh follow your lessons to be faster to slearn engl?sh if it is poss?ble you have special courece wherever ? really want jo?n because dosn t matter for how much ? pay
    just ? want to speak engl?sh very well.
    yhank you so much

  • francky Levasseur

    Thank you so much.You teach realy good.Wish this style and lessons will guide me speak english very well now.

  • God bless you teacher,i hope to speak in english perfectly
    your method helped me but God first

  • Mohammad Arifuddin

    Your lesson really help me to understand real conversation in real situation in spite of not easey to speak english like an American. But i belive if i learn your lesson by lear real english everyday i’ll be able to speak english well like native speakers. Thanks so much for your help.

  • Hello everybody! I’m Rustambek from Kazakhstan! I have been learning English about 10 months and I have used a lot of methods of learning English! But when I signed to your website I started to get your email letters and it’s really has helped me on week! Your method of learning Real English is the best! Thank you very much! Thanks to you a lot of people in the world can really learn English with easy way and speak as a native speakers, I think so! I have downloaded all of your lessons and listen every time when I have a free time, when I relax, most I listen your lessons before go to bed! Sometimes I repeat your lessons myself like crazy man :-)), because when we listen your lessons many times we can learn by heard easily! I will be so glad if you will sent us a lot of video lessons, because the video lessons helps us better than audio files! Video lessons seems like real conversation with Directors of Real English! Have a nice day! Good luck everybody with Learning English! At the end I want to tell you that I really want to speak with KRISITIN DODDS, JOE WEISS, A.J. Hoge in the future face to face.

  • Sam

    hi i am a new member in this program i have been in this counrty nz for a long but i cannot speak and write properly english. i am hoping that through this method of yours i would be able to understand more…thanks

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    hiKristin, Joe and Aj
    i am really thanks , i start to study phrase instate of Text , i will give you the rustle in few weeks , i feel its very suitable , thanks

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    [PeterJungs 1 March 2010]
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    I thank you so much I’m glad to found this site. I’m happy this apportunity to improve my english. this method they really help me specially to improve my gramar & vocabulary I might listen & listen several times to constact my memory thank you to all of you created these lesson & more power

  • Jean Toto Pierre

    Hi I’m really happy to find this opportunity to learn english differently so I have learned english for a long time I stiil don’t understand the natives when they speak to me and I can’t give them any answer. I don’t have grammar trouble my problem is listening, understanding and speaking

  • winny botte

    to speaks english well and understant

  • David maya

    Hai teacher I’m newbie my problem is I don’t understand when ppl talking something to me and answer back to them!! I’m working in hotel industry around 4 year but my english still bad I’m so disappointed….,pls help me I’m beg

  • jeury

    hi, this is jeury from D.R., I just wanna say, that, i think that your method could really help me, cause after seeing your introduction teacher videos, i have seen a real reality, and that is that, all that you say is really true, cause i have been trying to learn english for a long time, and i,ve noticed that those methods that i,ve used until now, haven,t been really helpful, and well, i just wanna know where can i find more videos like those ones, i mean the introducing videos, i will thank you so much if you could find me that out. thank you for everything.
    [PeterJungs 23 February 2010]
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  • I’m new here, I’m Don Oliver and I want to be fluent in English.

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    hi, i`m dauren. i wanna tell u that is good method. thanks!!! i `m sure that i can improve my listening skills here. tell me, please, how can i improve my writing skills??? may be, hove to more chatting in english… give me some ideas, if is it possible…
    [PeterJungs 18 February 2010]
    Our course is designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

  • aman

    hi… i’m a new learner.. i need to improve my english. i hope this blog can help me to impove my english very fast.

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    hi there i would like to no if i buy them lessons would my english accent change ro an american i currently got a british accent.
    [PeterJungs 17 February 2010]
    This really depends on the individual student and his/her ability to assimilate accents. Our courses are not designed to change an accent.

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  • hi, my name is bashir am new comer on this wesite i want to learn real english with in 6 months, and i also want to understand what the people saying on the street,i need to make a conversation to other people

    by bashir

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    I can put my write my comments in Arabic or I can do some marketing for you here in our country the market is huge and we have high potentioal.



  • O?uzhan Özçelik

    hello every one,

    my name is Oguzhan Ozcelik and I’m from istanbul, Turkey.
    First of all, it is an obligation to state that, these people are the best teachers I have ever met and they have a warm and honest interest to the people who are trying to learn how to speak English fastly. I think one of the important thing which needs to be indicated is that; In Rule #7 AJ says “I’m not trying to sell you a bunch of lessons. You can use these 7 rules at home, yourself, and you don’t need to get our rules, you don’t need to get our lessons, I’m sorry.”
    I think this is very and very important because they shares the secret of the thechnique. They are not make you to pay any money prior to learn the methods.

    I think they are really honest.

    Please accept my best regards,

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    Thank you for the technique to master the real spoken English. Hope a can master it soon.

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    How are you?
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    A. Aljurayed

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  • hey. i student from Malaysian. i have a problem to speak well, write n understanding in English. hope u can help me to solve this problem. thnks..

  • Hi everybody.

    First that all i have to say that i’ve learned english by myselft, i’ve never gone to any English Institute on my country, but i’ve followed a English Institute like method, by doing emphasis on Grammar and learning single words (big mistake) intead of learning phrases! my brother talked to me about this method, he sent me the 7 rules and i listened each one. I thought i can give a try, and then we bought the lessons together. After a few weeks of listening and practice i have to say that this method really, really works. In the past i was afraid to talk english, cuz i didn’t understand my cousins that came from NY To Dominican Republic. Actually im in the 3rd lesson (The Wedding) and now i realize that i’ve done a huge improvement. One of my girlfried’s cousing came on the past week to D.R., and guess what? now im able to chat with him naturally, fluently and self confident, and i can understand at least 70 % of what he’s saying! im very glad for choosing your method! Thank you so much!

  • Monika

    Hey Aj i m monika…i m from India….i m a student in austrelia.n i learn your all lessons.they are amasing…its really help me to improove my english…but i want learn more.plz help me by sending your e.mail.n i wana buy your lesson..i dont have credit card…i eyepod too..if i’ll buy these lessons…would u send me CDs too n by e.mail as well.and plz keep sending me these free conversation Audio Videos.i like them….Thanks to all of u
    [PeterJungs 25 January 2010]
    We have no CDs for our course materials. All materials are downloaded over the Internet. Our purchase transactions are handled by PayPal. PayPal offers a number of different payment options including credit (and debit) card payment and bank account transfer (if you wish to pay with a bank account transfer then you must create a a Paypal account; it is free to open this account – payment by bank transfer requires 7 to 10 days to ‘clear’ before the course e-mail is sent ).

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  • Dr.Nicolae Gusan

    This is the second time in my life that I wright in English , and it is for You (too).Really You are the best and I am really excited and I ken not explain how I do not find You before .You are extraordinary and I’m really happy that I find You.
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  • Dr.Nicolae Gusan

    This is the second time in my life that I wright in English , and it is for You (too).Really You are the best and I am really excited and I ken not explain how I do not find You before .You are extraordinary and I’m really happy that I find You.
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    your Sincerely
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