Using Real English Conversations Lessons On Your iPhone or iPad

Each downloaded file is in zip format. To open this file you must use an app to unzip each file.

Option 1:
Download files on to your computer then copy to your iPhone or iPad

You can download the lessons on to your computer and then copy the unzipped lesson files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad device.

Option 2:
Download the lesson files on to your iPhone or iPad

If you wish to download the files directly on to your iPhone or iPad then you must use an app to and open the files directly on your device.

Many of our members use this free app:

Here are the full set of instructions in case you need further assistance.

1. Download and install the free app “zip rar tool” / “Zip tool”:

2. Click on the lesson set download page link that you received in the email

3. Follow these instructions for each lesson set to be downloaded:

Press on the download link for the lesson set (you will see “Click here to download …”).

Press “Open”.

Wait for the file to download (this can take a minute or longer depending on your connection speed).

After the file downloads you will see the name of the file.

Above the file name you will see “Open in…”.

Press “Open in…”

Press “Copy to Zip tool”

You will see the message: “do you want to unzip the file?“

Press “OK”

After that you should see a folder with the lesson files. You also should see the name of the zip file.

Press two times on the folder to see the lesson files.

You can delete the zip file if you wish.
To delete the zip file:
a. Press “Edit”
b. Select the zip file (it has there word “zip” at the end)
c. Press “Delete”
d. You will see the message: “do you confirm to delete the selected files?”
e. Press “OK”