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You have been using old methods to learn English. Have these methods been successful for you? It is time for a change. Change your English learning methods and Change Your Life!!!


Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97



Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations Course

For a limited time, we have cut the price in half.

Now Available for a one time payment of just $97


  • Janey Benson

    The main thing with the american accent is the r and l…they are both in the same place, (which is why that are hard for the Japanese to not mix the)…and they are way back by the part where the two jaws connect…Brit and French are in the front for r and l….

  • salim

    i have been followed your rules and i am quit good in english

  • Tin Tin

    Hi teachers from LearnRealEnglish,
    First of all, thank you so much for all of these free lessons.
    They really help me in my English, especially in speaking.
    Among the clip, I love ‘Learn with your ears’ the most.
    And now, I start learning Thai and I’ll apply it in my learning process.
    Thank you and God Bless you all.


  • English Conversation Classes

    hey, really helpful video..thanks for sharing

  • luis fernandez


  • luis fernandez

    les estoy muy agradecido y si estaba cruelmente equivocado
    estoy apendiendo pues no puedo hablarlo y puedo entender a quienes hablan pero tengo ese problema que no suelto al momento que debo

    gracias de nuevo

  • aziza

    actually…i can understand what people say but i can’t answer or speak totally like them .. that’s my problem!!
    so i really want to thank you because you’ve shown me the way to learn and speak english very easily and quickly.
    thanks again for helping me :,) !!! muuch loooove,,,

  • Ahmed Hamza

    I had tried so many different kind of English courses and finally , over the course of two years I have figured out that learn real English & effortless English club , are the best thing you can ever get for real learning !
    in this year I used to recommend so many people to this magnificent learning system and as a result their English has improved tremendously .
    thanks in advance Mr Aj hoge & Joe and Mrs Kristin ! and please dont stop ,, keep it up 🙂 ..
    you have just saved my life !!!

  • mohd

    thanks for all lessons

  • Mary

    I have enjoyed. Thank you. I have identified the level of my knowledge. I have problem with understanding of native speakers.

  • reda

    thank you for this method actualy it more powerful realy i hope to speak quicly and automaticly

  • Molie Alek

    Hai l want to learn english so much, this program is very nice, so can’t you improve my english

  • Joe

    I want to say thanks to you guy’s.
    your method was really helpful .
    but i just have problem and it’s that when i want to speak English, first i imagine the word’s that i want to say and then i began to speak . this make me slowly at the speaking. I don’t to be like that so do you have a notice about this problem .
    my name is Javad , live in Iran , my first language is Arabic and the second is Persian and i would like to learn English .
    Actually our goverment don’t need us to learn EN so the quality of leaning in my country is very useless and in fact almost 98% of the people here don’t understand English ( awful ). but i decided to learn it.
    So plz help me .

  • Rizwan from Pakistan

    i can speak little bit English but very difficult to understand fast casual english. so now i will try to use regularly. plzz guide me further

  • haloof35

    you….are the beat at all

  • Hani

    I want to speak real English naturally.. sometimes I have a lot of ideas but really upset when I can’t deliver naturally…. 🙁

  • Lilian

    this is amazing!!! i finished wacthing this 7 rules really great.

  • Lumi

    I want to imrove my English skills
    And I’ll work so hard for that
    May God bless you

  • basem

    I’m a teacher of English in Egypt and I believe in your methods of teaching English. I tried to do so to help my students improve their English. I tried to teach them The american accent.But unfortunatey we are stick to a certain Curriculum and text books which are not useful. here in Egypt we are stick to British English. As for me, I prefer The American English.I didnt care about the prevaled attitude and I taught my students the American dialect.

  • Dilafruz

    I’m very suprised of these teacher’s speaking ways. They are able to teach everybody who wants to learn english! And I’m very happy that I also became their new student. I hope that I can also improve my speaking with the help of these skilled teachers!!! Thanks alot!

  • lucy john

    i liked that lesson listen and answer,started thinking in english

  • Ramsis

    Thanks for your site, it has helped me improve so much! Ramsis

  • Rezhen

    first of all I’m so happy to be one of students who learn english by these teachers & thank you so much to help me to learning english

  • juancho tamayo

    before i start id like to thanks god to have you as a teacher .through these your essential steps of teaching will make to us a confidence to speak easily,quickly and fluently.i believe to your ideas and powerful ways of teaching,i really appreciate that all you taught us were very useful to reach our dreams come true.thanks a lot

  • Nour

    Thank you so muh may god bless you for this great work

  • Salma El-Nahas

    Thank you so much
    your methods is working with me ,it’s fantastic

  • Lien Duong

    It’s very good!

  • sisimoe

    Thank our teachers,,,, I understand clearly your speaking,,I’m proud of myself to be a pupil of yours..Now i’m Learning with my Ear .I”m getting improve in my listing skill….Thank u so much

  • hassan

    very nice web site learn real english

  • Salma El-Nahas

    usually I don’t understand English but these videos it’s clear for me .I’m happy I will improve. 😀 😀
    Thank you so much 😀

  • Divanil chagas

    Wonderful, I liked the proposal and the method. I intend to make the proposed course and hopefully already have thrown away all my old and unsuitable habit to live this experience and takes it in the highest intensity possible.
    You had other students in Brazil?

  • Ana

    thank you so much, i’m already excited about learning with your method, it’s just so natural that it seems i’ll learn faster. can’t wait for the next rule.

  • ANNA

    wow….thank you very very much…these are very useful lessons

  • Rosie

    I’m so happy now after watching your videos! it’s fun and useful. Thanks so much!!

  • hinda

    thank u so much I am really very happy for your method of teaching

  • saeed jama

    i want you to learn an English coversation

  • Tram Nguyen

    Thank you very much for your all information about learning real English. I’m excited and interested in trying to learn Conversation Real English. Thanks again.

  • Ahmed Yahiya

    Thank you sooooooooo much , i actually cannot express so well how i am glad of these great group of expert teachers of REAL ENGLISH and Turely you are pretty attractive , i feel even more excited to learn more and see the new of your versions soon Insha’ Allah 😀 🙂 😀

    Thank You = ????? ??? = Danke = grazie 😀

  • cariocesarcaetano

    learn real english is wonderful I wold like thanks to kindles

  • zaed

    some thing great

  • Orestes Fonseca Pena

    Thank you for this opportunity of using your real English aproach to help the process of learn?ng that language.
    Hopefully we as teachers can, this way, “get the process of teaching English out of the classroom”.

  • javier

    hey, Thas real happen to me! yours videos are a great tools to learn real english.

  • manuel

    i liked so much because it was exactly was happen to me. now i need yuor help, i want to improve my english.thank a lot

  • hadeel

    wooooooooooooowwwwww I love you guys thank you sooooo much

  • Miguel

    I enjoy very much repeating every lessons
    week by week, my Dears.

  • jow

    sorry to say that but , you are completely wrong !
    grammar is essential , and talking about to speak as like you do , i don’t need to , in addition , as i don’t like to speak your messy English all the world will never take to Moroccan Arabic or other language !
    So Mr i don’t know who you are , we learn real English to talk and deal with British people and all other kind of english speakers not to talk to your people XD think of it

  • Malahat pour khosh saadat

    I’m grateful to you A.J.Hoge.It’s so bad that I can’t download your useful videos.Thanks a lot for your helps again

  • Malahat pour khosh saadat

    I wanted to thank you for all your help.Thank you very much. yours respectfully

  • Tashiro Medeleine

    I really thanks to you for this 7 rules of learning english, it’s very much helped me how to learnd about listening especially how to start a conversation.This is so powerful lessons than i studied before when i was in school.Actually i didn’t used it now and then because sometimes, i hesitate and ashamed how to start it, but now when i listened with your audio videos its really had a good feeling to speaking english with my friend, hope i can be more use and learned a lot of native english….Thank you again have a bless day all of you dear…

  • javier natera

    i’m happy with these videos, please sent them to me by
    order of lesson,very thanks

  • Melda AKPINAR

    Hi, i got your 7-rule lessons, I listened almost videoes. These are easy to understand. The rules explained apprehensibly. Thus, i intend to get your lessons bc i can’t understand native speakers. i need to practice English via convenient system.I hope it will be useful.

  • Norman Porazo Dino

    Hello, have a nice day, I just want to commend you for teaching real english conversation because as what you have said in your video lesson, teachers in the school don’t teach real english that’s why the learning process of english language in the school is quite slow and I think there’s a need for the teachers to amend the way they teach english language. Even until now I can’t speak english fluently that’s why I find it hard to get a nice job because right here in the Philippines if you can speak english fluently that is a big advantage to look for a nice job specially in call center company. I’m so glad that I discovered this website and now I get a chance to enhance my english communication skill. Thanks for making this spectacular videos possible.

  • José Bascopé

    I really appreciate what you are doing for the people who wants to learn a real English,I’m learning it just listening to you,I’ll save money to buy the lessons because I need it;I’m a teacher you know? my home is Bolivia it’s an amazing country, it’s in South America,I live in Potosí go straight ahead with your job,you guys are wonderful your fan José

  • manal kanouaa

    wow really i hope to be good in english thanks

  • Omar

    This seven rules are great, I’m amazed the way they speak especially A.J. Hoge, i’m learning english with those grammar rules and you are completely right, my english is toooo slow and trying to understand a native speaker is more difficult than understanding a simple conversation from a text book, thanks guys and I hope to have the opportunity to be part of your students. Thank you.

  • loubna

    hi my teachers i really enjoy the seven rules

  • The satr

    i got your lessons and it was great,, I’m really happy to be one of your student!!
    and i watched your videos with my sister and we learned English got them and we feel that we improved, and we do well now …

    Thank you for your lessons.

  • behgol

    hi,you have said that ,These powerful lessons have helped students from all over the world, but i couldn’t use them, because i haven’t pay pal service or credit card. I only listen carefully to your advice (7 rules)by internet. I think they are very correct and necessary,of course the users can say what part of them is useful or what things must be more considered to get better results.

  • silva

    Dear teachers
    very good job, I love to watch the video. I hope I can improve my english with the 7 step, i really enjoy the video.
    Thank you for your help, i appreciate it.


  • Huong

    excellent conversation video. I was so happy and had a lot of fun when I was watching it.
    it’s really interresting to learn english through real english conversation. I am exciting to hear it. I would arrange my time to joint you every day.

    thank a lots


  • David Webb

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful conversation.

  • Leily Tadjrida

    Dear teachers,

    I have watched your videos. You made me realize that I have made mistaken in learning English. So many text books I have read and I still can not speak easily and automatically. What you said are right, i have to try to apply the rules.

    Thank you for your help.

  • azza

    thanks it is very good iam so happy

  • salibsoliman

    Good job ,thanks a lot.though I am I have learned a lot especially American accent,expressions.phrasal verbs and idioms .real life situations and hearing foreign speakers(native language speakers)with videos are really fascinating and an active way to teach English.And better of all is to live in America for a period of time .I appreciate it if you send me an invitation.than you.
    yours ,

  • Keo Hak

    Dear All Teachers !
    I’m very happy and enjoy with conversation.
    these steps are very important for me to be improve with English with listening and speaking.
    Best Regard!
    Keo Hak

  • hayiin

    thnks, I am understad very good the vedio really, i so glad

  • sri endang s

    learn with your ears, learn like a child!!! that what I usually say to my students. (I’m an English teacher of a junior High school in Indonesia)
    your video is really understandable and I want to play it in from of my students, but I have a problem with my laptop to down load it. I like the video very much!!

  • Ivan

    Very clear and understandable videos with positive energy from authors, and very helpful as usually, here is nothing to improve, nothing!….maybe…except…oh..I’ve thought up! – Stroke the bedsheet on background=)

  • elva

    i like this sistem, the teachers are clean, thanks i understan. studen in a isnstitu is wih rules and quicly, you not learn.

  • mohsen

    Hi teachers,

    I downloaded all of the videos i received…i enjoyed listening to it, over and over again..i liked much all of the teachers they speak so clearly with actions

  • Fira Farhana

    WOW!!!AN AMAZING TEACHING STYLE AND TEACHERS!!!to Kristie,Joe and AJ…thanks a lottttt for your 7 rules…..the most part i like is your voice…your voice is clear..very clear!!and also your expressions…’s made me to laugh by myself….hope you can upload more videos which can help a million peoples around the world….LOVE YOU Kristie,Joe and AJ so much!!!!^_^

  • LoOolly

    thank you very much..^_^
    I really enjoyed listening and watching to your videos..
    all these rules are very helpful for me
    thank you very much..

  • Reza

    Dear Kristin, Joe, and AJ

    Thanks for helping me to learn and to speak englush.

    Thanks for sending Seven wonderful rules. I hope these rules will really work and help me to speak english faster and after learning I will let you know about it.

    About your video, although it was difficult for me to downloat and watch it but it was easy for me to understand it and your voice was clear .

    Million thanks for helping me,

  • Marce batao

    I wish you will speak more time..please make long video…thanks!!!

  • Marce batao

    Hi teachers,

    I, actually downloaded all of the videos i received…i enjoyed listening to it, over and over again..i liked much of teacher AJ, he spoke so clearly with actions, that actually made me overwhelmed..his actions seems speaking too, which made me laughed and enjoyed listening to it…and so with the two other teachers they spoke clearly and easy to understand they made a very good job…now i knew that in speaking english we don’t have to be perfect at once..just have confidence in ourselves and listen carefully to understand the message….more power, and thanks for being a big help to us.. God Bless!!!!

  • H.Mousa

    Hi,Kristie,Joe and A.J. Iwould like to thank you so much for all efforts specially seven rules.Really you are like a clever doctor knew my case and described a suitable medicine.I hope INSHA ALLAH with using seven rules and all your advices my english will improve.Thank you again. I hope to send more videos for us.Have a good day.

  • Eva

    Hi, thank you for this method. I am 55 and it is very difficult to learn… But I think it is starting to work.

  • sharmin

    your videos are awesome,i like it very much.teaching style is nice,its like-i’m sitting somewhere and my teacher is infront of me and there speaking is so friendly.i prefer this videos more than u r saying the more i listen i could speak automatically,so i follow your rules,and videos help me to understand native speakers.(point of view and listen and answer)rules are very very helpful for me and i like to have more videos.all of the rules are nice.thank you very much for such a wonderful work.

  • hamidreza

    hi my dear teacher i love your idea but i am sorry my enternet so slowly here i spoke whit some one to chande my speed after that i promise i send you real comment about this lessens ok god blles all of you .

  • Victoria Kim

    Thanks a lot for your the 7 Rules email course and your videos!
    I’m very glad that I understand your videos becuase all of you speak very simply and emotionally!
    Your method excellent!
    I wish you further prosperity!

  • Mark Ashkenazi

    Hi there,
    all videos are just gorgeous.The sound is clear and the words are very well articulated,which is a great help too.Everything is very emotional and one can feel lots of personal “commitment to the cause”.
    God bless you,guys.

  • Maria

    I’ve studied English nine years and they usually teach us grammar,without words and things which are more useful so this is one amazing leraning,so easy and so good! I’ve also studied Italian,Spanish and Greek,my language is Serbian so this is one amazing and so good coures! You make me easy to learn things which for me were so hard,good advices and huge help! THANK YOU,YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela

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    It’s very important and very interesting for me. Thank you alot.I think I will continue with you.

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    Thank you for the seven rules for real English conversation. They are really innovative and show the most appropiate ways to learn and improve communication. And the videos are excellent. Congratulations for your your work!

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    Send more for us.

    Your teaching is very good.

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    Jardel Tome

  • Ameneh

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  • Nazar

    Tried Many and failed. Now I’m confident that, this time I will break the barrier. I read a lot of “do’s and dont’s” but now only “Listening”-as you said a better form of input.

    Thanks a bunch and will post my success story very soon and you have the credit for that.

  • hayder anathir

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  • Nguyen

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    Have a nice day and Healthy.

  • victor

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    Victor/ Brazil

  • Shaina

    I am sure you mean well but really…
    It all looks quite amateurish to me and also I am not sure it is such a good idea
    to teach street English and slang to beginners before they have a basic knowledge
    of old fashioned Oxford English.
    You don’t really want some poor innocent Frenchie entering an hotel and announcing himself to the receptionist with:’Hey man, how is it going today?’
    Also, please, STOP gesticulating with your hands. Brits and Americans rarely,
    very rarely do this.
    Hope this will help you a bit.

  • ali taha

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    bogota city colombia

  • Om Ali

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    Finally, I found your site. Yiiippppeeeyyyy! Your lessons echoed in my ears and stucked on my brain! You guyz are the best! Thanxs! Gonna give a feed back once it work out on me.

  • wagner rojas

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    Regarding your videos, they are clear. Christin and Joe’s videos are louder than A.J’s ones. Maybe A.J. could try louder. Thank you for your rules, are really logical. You teachers, I ask you to be patient with us; the old English method students.

  • ketut robin sadiarsa

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  • amy younes

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    the videos are so great ,understandable ,easy .off course i want more of this , but I’ve something to say ..
    the videos of “AJ & JOE” for me are so good as i know some new accent beside understand the point of the videos already ,but i get some new idiom n slang it was good for me ,,
    but Kristen i guess you’re so over as u wanna to simplified the video to be understandable i know that , but i didn’t get anything new other than the point of the video so , i hope to put a lot in one thing. you get it, but i still love you all , you are the best teachers ever 😀
    thank you

  • Alban koub

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    thax lot

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    Dear Teachers!
    Every teacher is good, My English is very poor, but I can understand what you said.
    Only 7 days, it’s pity, I want watching more than. Hoping teachers submit supporting for us whose English is poor like me.

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    I like these lessons are very effective

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  • nour

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  • Lo.u Ochoa

    I have been into learning – teaching – and learning to teach English for more than 40 years and what you suggest with your 7 secrects is precisely what my teachers and I have been doing all along.
    I’m really interested in knowing more about your system and give myself a little “economic effort” to try to get it.
    So far, I’ll continue in touch with you.

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    It is wonderful and new method to learn english. I tried several times to learn and speak english at the english centers but I couldn’t speak and understand well. when I have started to go through your rules of learning english I ‘ve started change my thinking of learning english language, so I would Thank you for the excelent efforts to help non english language speakers to learn the correct rules to learn english.


  • Cemp

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    Thanks for the 7 fantastic rules, brilliant ideas, videos are all clear and really easy to understand. Not too slow, not too fast. All ok. Thanks a lot.

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    Your lessons are wonderful and very very helpful. I listened to them many times and I still listen to them again and again. And will continue until I began to think in English. I really want to learn Real English.
    You are excellent teachers!
    Thank you!

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  • Kaushik Kumar

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  • Andrey Fufylev

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    my pleasure.

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    Firstly I want to say thanks to three of you for given 7 rules email course. It was so great after finish it. Eventhough I can’t speak very fast and fluently but your videos really make me understand easily. Your method and rules so fantastic.
    Congratulations to you guys espeacially Mr. A.J., your way giving the speech really caught my attention and you got sense of humor the way you present it as a speaker.
    Well done three of you and keep it up. 🙂


  • Ian

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    However,I find that your emphasis on the phrases’do not learn grammar’ and ‘do not read text books’ are misleading to the naive student.
    A person does not learn how to read and write English by just listening and answering unless he studies grammar and vocabularly. No person is said to be affluent in English unless he/she can speak , read and write. So your course is complementary to a way of learning English.
    When I was at school, the teacher used to make us listen to the BBC news on the radio. That was the only way availiable then to listen to real english people speaking english.
    Having said all that, your material and delievery were excellent.
    Thank You.


    My beloved teachers, I am very happy to make a change. In the past, I’ve bought many CDs and Textbooks in order to study English, but still didn’t to speak it.Since I got and listened; watched the”FREE Email Course”and loved it. In 7 days, I was waiting the next rule email coming,I expect” what’s new ways?”I’ll say:It is easy to undertand and they are clear,the sound loud is enough.
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    Best wishes,
    Director of News in Levels
    (You can delete this information if you find it inappropriate for your readers.)

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    FYI here in my country, we are using GB English at school. It would be better for to provide an additional info to show the main differences between GB English and American English in term of spoken English as a value added service to avoid any misunderstanding and helps the people out there to make correct decision whether or not the material at can helps to improve their English as they already had GB English background at school.


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    Thank you very much for your seven rules

    [JoeWeiss 26 April 2012] Hi Sanglung. Thank you for your comment.
    To join our Advanced Conversations Club . . .
    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Add To Cart”
    3. Complete the order form.
    4. After you have read and understand the terms and you are ready to order then go to the bottom of the page and then click on the “Order Now!” button at the bottom of the page.

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  • Mirko Sosic

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    I don’t know if what i can to say, becouse this is a realy excellent and it is imposibale to discribe this matter…

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    MR. AJ….. I think you’re good at teaching and speaking in audio and video recording…. But can you speak more loudly? 🙂 In me, i think that is your only one to improve.
    Mr. Joe…. I think you’re not good at video and acting in video….. but your speaking is very very good…. (Im not good at speaking and listening but i think i like how you speak…) the only thing you must improve is how you act in video… 🙂

    I know you’re doing all your best to make a video to teach us… and we appreciate it….. Thanks and God bless…. 🙂

    (Im not boastful, but im good at writing and reading…. but im very very very very bad at speaking… thats why I want to learn how to speak more confidently….)

    Thank you very much teachers….. I hope you read this 🙂

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  • leiden

    This is really an amazing techniques you are sharing to us… it is so easy to understand and to follow. This is the first time i have encountered learning how to speak english this way… and this is the most effective so far…. thank you guys!!!

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