How To Improve English Speaking When There Are No English Speakers Where I Live

This is a question that we at Learn Real English hear a lot: How do I improve my English speaking when there are no English speakers where I live?

So in this video AJ answers this question and he tells you ways to improve your English conversation.


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Tatyana Aldogova

    I can’t but say about a wonderful personality & professionalism of the teacher. Every time I see the video with AJ I enjoy it. He is so enerjetic& smart

  • Hannah Joy Baricuatro

    Thanks a lot…for Gaven me some videos..that help me improve my english

  • Afzal Ali

    Hi I’m new to here

  • hassan

    i think it is a wonderful programme to learn english naturally.the best thing i see is the real situations in life how people speak english in dailylife in streets,hotel…etc.i thank the team work of that programme very much and i will be one of your members and fans. hassan

  • ADAMOU Hinsa

    Thank you very much my brother,
    I am a specialist food security in Niger. I want too improve my English.
    I think this is a big opportunity for us to speak very well English


  • victor alcantara

    hello I’m a peruvian air force member, that is assigned in the AFBWP in Ohio state, and I’d like improve my speaking
    Technician 1est class Victor L. Alcantara

  • Dhia

    That’s so nice finally I got a new thing for how I can learn a real english and speak a real english
    thank you

  • Baheej Kassem

    I really enjoyed listening to your authentic real English.
    It’s so important to listen to native speakers of English.
    You just speak softly which gives us the hope to study English fast and correctly.

  • asma

    i am live in germany
    wand my dream learn ENGLISH

    really many thanks for you

  • thuyhang

    it’s very useful. Thanks alot. I live in a small city in Vietnam so I have no chance to meet foreigners to practice my English.

  • victoria s

    …thumbs up for this course…thank you…

  • Joao Batista (John)

    Real English is fantastic and even though been an English teacher we must attend people in order to improve our conversational skils and I recomend Real English as the best way to improve English conversation. Now, of course we must make effort …

  • Arturo

    Thankd for your replay to my question. but I still think that you need any other kind of tool if you want have a good pronunciation

  • Farid

    Nice and Great Idea.

  • abbas larik

    im enjoying this course.

  • p


  • Mohamed

    Thanks,really you are one of the best English teachers.


    I greatly appreciate your way of teaching English.So, I hope I can publish your course to everyone in need to learn in my country.

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  • Jose F. Contreras.

    Hi Friends, thanks a lot for your invitation to join to the English conversation Club. I’ll Think about it.

  • mansoureh

    Hi,I’m newcomer in canada,but I can’t speak English as well, and my listening is very bad,please help me. Thank you

  • angela

    Good advice But it il very difficult to understand People speaking quickly

  • hani

    thankyou very much

  • jose


    I´ve just listened to your video which answered me a question I really had been worry about for such a long time. I´m going to try that on about speaking with english speakers patners to see what will it comes next; will be I well succeded. Sorry about the mistakes I likely have made in this short statement
    best regards


    I join your English lesson yesterday and it is very interesting. It is well package and I hope when the lesson is over I will speak like Briton and American child. By God willing I will join the club by next month.



  • sadaf

    my english is good.

  • Shailoobek

    Thank you very much for you lessons.It is very usefull and
    seccessfull project.You did great job.l and my family
    congratulate you!

    from Kyrgystan