Mistakes And English Conversation

Do you know why many English learners are unable to speak English? It is because they are afraid of making a mistake when they speak.

But native English speakers do not care if you make a mistake when you speak.

In fact, only English teachers care when you make a mistake when you are learning English. You will never learn how to speak English fluently if you are afraid of making mistakes when you speak English.

In this video, AJ talks about why you cannot be afraid to make mistakes when you speak English. If you are afraid to make a mistake, then your English speaking will not improve.


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Cecília

    Thanks A.J.! I love your method! I wish I would find you earlier!

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    Thanks A.J. ! You are really great !!

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  • Brian

    I came to Brazil 30 years ago and had to learn Portuguese. The best advice I ever got about learning a language came from an old American missionary. He said that to learn a language you have to make one million mistakes in the language. So you might as well get started. The sooner you make the mistakes the sooner you are speaking the language fluently. I have used the same advice for my English students and it has helped them a lot.

    Teacher Brian

  • Julio Teixeira

    Thaks a lot. I was almost stop. When I saw your vídeo I’ve decided to continue. Good job!!!

  • Than Htay

    Your presentation is fantastic.Your speaking is very attractive when i watched every English lesson video. Your video can give me worthy feeling to study English. Thanks.

  • Augusto Teixeira Teles

    Very good.Your declarations were very important to me face fear of making mistakes when I was trying to speak English. I had a great experience recently in going do USA – California. In fact I perceived the persons are more interested to communicate with me, to know me, to know about my conutry than to observe and correct my mistakes when I was speaking.

  • Eli

    Thank yoy! Thank you so mach! you encouraged me so mach!

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  • mikulas

    Very good

  • titi

    Yes as you said the problem for not speak ing fluent English is that we afraid. That is the main problem so how can eliminate this case please give us some advanced system to do

  • abdoulkarim guirreh

    thanks,thanks,teachers you have for your great learning. i hop to speak English with your help greatlly.

  • Dina

    Thank you AJ I hope to have no more feat of speaking English with your help. I have great difficulty with my pronunciation.

  • Avelino

    Your advince will be followed. Mistake is the great trouble for those who are learning a language, but if you put in your mind that I desire to learn this language and you have a goal, of course, you will forget mistakes and go away with all strength.

  • susana bayon

    Dear teacher tnaks a lot for yor advice makeme excited

  • ricardo huperegrino

    HI Aj and rest of team

    I remmember once when student in my teens my teacher never paid attention on me, as I was a difficult and hard pupil to learn , a lost case. Meanwhile I never gave up study this beautiful language that has always attract me and became a student of a native english teacher.; this one always kept saying that I was very fluent on English wich made me fell very astonished. Why this ? beacause the first one ( non native) always and ever took attention to the grammar rule first and … the rest you know

  • Ashraf

    Mr. AJ
    you are giving us more and more inspiration for acquiring English, I thank so much that’s what I can say to you.
    God bless you.

  • Hamid Abdullah Albashir .

    Thank you so much for your help.

  • Ives Ferrari

    Last July I could talk to an American friend of mine and…really, he was never interested in my mistakes. When it happened, he corrected me and…the talking went ahead!!

  • Elizabeth dos Santos

    You are awesome! Thanks for the help!

  • Dias

    Thank you AJ, I learn English from zero to hero. I learn step by step by your guidance. I love your videos, I love English, and of course I love you. 🙂

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    thank you very much for all that you do fo me abnd for all one love study inglish that ‘s kind of you and i want all the best for you in all times

  • Abbas

    it is a very useful and constructive message for me. Thank you.

  • Bazin Kassa

    You are right! I’m always afraid of making mistakes while I was speaking. I know what to say, but the grammar rules come to my mind and everything blows out! Now I’ve the opportunity to talk to native speakers and for sure I’m not going to worry about making mistakes… As you said, no body cares about the rules, they want to communicate with you….

  • oscar

    I think in this way we (students) get a little more confidence , mistakes can be fixed along the way;
    what we want is to speak , bc the more we speak, the more we can understand when listen to it, yes or no?

  • Limage Brasil

    This teacher is the best that I’ve seen entire of my life.

  • Manuel R Hernandez

    Sir, I’m agree with you mistake is a part of learning.

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    i like your site very much,it always helps me to learn English well and fell more self-confident.thank so much for that :))))


    Thanks a lot for your support and your helpful advice!
    I like your lessons!

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    i am glade with yours and i hope know my level in english thank you very much

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  • yen

    exactly, I always afraid of speaking english, even i know what i should speak. I always thinking about what i will speak in my mind, but cannot speak, because I afraid that I could speak with mistake. Thanks for your advice.

  • ana

    it is a great message…very simple but motivating!