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Learn Real English is an exciting project. Kristin, Joe, and I realized that most English students have a problem. They know formal English– which is the English they learned in schools from textbooks. But they don’t know real English.

Real English is the casual English that native speakers actually use. We don’t speak like CNN announcers! We don’t speak like the BBC newscasters!

In real conversations, we speak fast. We use a lot of idioms and we use a lot of slang. We shorten some words and stretch others.

We don’t always speak in complete sentences. We rarely use textbook grammar.

And we don’t speak like the boring actors you hear in most English lessons. We speak with emotion!

The reason I dreamed of creating Learn Real English was because of the suffering of English students. In my classes in San Francisco, I always saw the same sad story. A student would arrive from another country, feeling great. They had studied textbook English for many years. They thought their English speaking was good.

But then, they would try to communicate with real native speakers– and they couldn’t understand anything! They tried to talk to people on the bus–but couldn’t understand anything! They tried to talk to people at parties– but couldn’t understand anything!

These poor students felt sad and frustrated and angry. They had wasted years studying textbook English that no one actually uses.

And so, we have created Learn Real English to help you understand REAL English conversations. We want you to talk to native speakers and understand them. We want you to feel confident and happy when you meet native speakers.

We want you to love English.

So enjoy our Real English Conversation Lessons and enjoy our blog and podcast.

Your suffering is finished! It’s time to enjoy REAL English!



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


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    Hi! I m here because my teacher told us that you should look this site, it can be usefull. now, ? said ? am very happy to be here 🙂 I really want to learn and speak english. I started to keep an English diary, ? am reading english books and ? started to think English. but ? want more! ? think you can help me tahank you 🙂

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    HI teachers those are wonderful lessons ,and they are useful material that help a lot of student who are suffering the problems you mentioned. I have been studying this language for years,and i have still a problem for speaking because i always translate from my native language to english. i thought that teacher talked about me when i was listening the video . This changed my ability to speak English every well when i practice seven roles, and i decided to join this course soon. i would like to thank teachers for their helps and energies to support many students who would like to learn this language.

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    Hey to all.I am Kenza from ALGERIA ;I have 30yaers .one off my dreams is to speak English very well and easier to now .and I hoop to you teachers can help my .I am so happy to find this site .thank you very much

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    I have already joined this leaning through this website but I did not spend much of my time on it. NOw I found out that it is very effective to my study. I beleived that this is one of my failure since studying. Thank you all teachers for what you have emailed to me. Hope to send me some effective methods of learning real english.

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  • This post is very usefull thx!

  • Imposing limitations on yourself is cowardly because it safeguards you from having to look at, and perhaps failing.

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    It’s good chance to me to learn how to speak real English, because here in Darfur Sudan no enough institute for learning speaking English.

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    “learn deeply
    speak easily”

    those are the words which i always remember.

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    i know english.but i cannot speak fluently and some pronounciation are not coming clearly.if person asking any questions i know the answer in english.but i cannot able to answer immediately. pls give me advice to develop my english speaking ability.

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    you know how this is important for me because i am willing to learn english and understanding a native speaker.your system ls a backup for us . keep going your way never give up .i am proud of you. since i join you my english become perfect day after day. learn english need a lot of work and a lot of time . geatful.

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    i am from chad.i am very happy for you help me to improve my english.that is very king of you.thank you so much

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    My name is Tylor and I started this program about 5 month ago. Right now I see drastic changes to my pronounciation and grammar.

    Thank you!

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    I really want to learn grammar but grammar have a lot of rule but i am really thanks to learn real English teacher they teach me a lot of grammar and i am really thanks you…..May God bless you

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    realy i can speak english very easy ? i wish that…
    any way thank you very much all team members.. i will start from today goodbay……

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    I have studied English for long time. I can read and understand text, but I can not speak and write very well. I hope after I learn English online I can speak English fluently. Thank you so much for creating such program.

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    my current examination. as i had introduced my self to you that i am currently studding Bsc, ITM computer science in Indai. our examinations were started on first October,2010, every day i was checking your lessons but unfortunately there was no time to study these,
    really i am so respectful to your kind cooperation,
    yours faithfully.

  • Pierre Trudeau

    Greetings to you Good People. I only wish I had been made aware of your system, a while back !I was teaching conversational English with the learn the words method, and tried to bring on your short story idea, with the end result I was thrown out of the socal school. How about that. I am now starting out on my own and your way of doing , is right up my alley, folks.Any good ideas you would care to throw my way, would be most welcome. I know I am taking a lot on me, but I believe I am on the right track.

  • Salama

    hello teacher ,
    I really like what ever its include in this website, actually Iam excited to try your way, I have proble to be fluency in english, please help me, I will appreciate your help, thanks in advance

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    Before I signed up for the effortless english, I had no confidence to have speaking class, but after I did…everything changed. I feel confident and excited to speak. Thank you

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    GREAT. Nothing to say. Crazy methods but useful and meaningful. Crazy, nut, mad. I improve so so so much. I’m an Indonesian people. Feels like I am a native speaker after following your methods. Thanks teacher,,,

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    I have just registered myself today in your website.Well, overall i felt your videos are very exciting and inspirational and also my enthusiasm towards improving my vocabulary and also my passion towards english. I will be doing great here and will keep well informed about my succuss after joining.


    Mohammed mohsin

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    I would like to give many thanks for your fantastic teaching. I have been struggling with English speaking many years. I could not even to hear what the native speakers, but I am very happy to find your website. Thank you very much.

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  • Thanks for amazing lessons. I like your method. It’s easy to use and I feel like my English improved a lot.

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    I am so happy!when I received your messages help me learn real English.I think that this way,I will learn easier.I HOPE that New My Teachres always help me learn more English everyday and please show me how to learn English by Email and how to correctly writting?
    thank you so much for teaching!
    with all my heart!
    Van Be

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    it is a good idea

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    my name is anahita.I`m from Iran.I`ve got very problem for learning english befor,But now I can understand english and speaking english with new your methods,
    Thanks A.J.Hoge
    thanks 4 help me.

  • Fatty

    Thank you but how can I get to the podcast?

    [JoeWeiss 26 September 2009] Hi. There are two ways to get our podcast:
    1. Subscribe to it: iTunes (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=297002601 ) RSS Feed ( http://www.LearnRealEnglish.libsyn.com/rss )
    2. Listen on our Home Page ( http://www.LearnRealEnglish.com )

  • kawthar

    now i can buy your lessons because i have got visa card from the bank and i can use it please tell me quickly the procedure how can i make this thing online
    thank u

    [JoeWeiss 15 September 2009]
    Hi Kawthar.

    Our Real Conversations lesson package can be purchased for the discounted price of $97 at http://LearnRealEnglish.com (the yellow button to purchase the lessons is at the bottom of the page). After you click you will be taken to the PayPal website.

    After purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download all of the course materials immediately. No course material is sent in the mail.

    Good luck with your English studies!

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    i am from hollan exellent

  • hi,
    how are you?
    i think your method is very good & i like it!
    i`ll happy you come to iran.
    in my languge to i love u says dooset daram!

  • Thanks a lot for all of the Learn Real English Grew especially; Kristin, Joe, Tomoe because of genuine manner of teaching English to different levels and standards of speaker Engligh cross the world.
    Despite your free sample of advanced English conversation was great, but it made me confused little bite,because it has a lot of Idioms and terms are completely not easy to who is not native English speaker to know(e.g. A diam a dozen = very common)and also made me stress much because it is drive me that whatever I’m study from English id not enough and need more of specific expressions which it is not ample usage. Sorry, long comment but “Learn Real English crew” is only who I’m really trust and able to debate.

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    I come from Slovenia.J’m a new student and J like study English very much. J need English fluently speaking because of the traveling as turist gide.
    Thank you for helping!

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    hi to all the teacher….i’m a new student in the your site..
    i’m Iranian…i like study English but i can’t speak very well…
    can you help me! and tell me how to learn in English..and save the words!! thanks alot…

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    i like study English very much but i can’t remember the words!i want native fluently.i remain passive when i talk to everyboby!can you help me!i thankS!

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    Hello dear friends.
    I’m taking liberties to call you “my friends”because I have been listening for your wonderful lessons about half- year( by the way, I got it by mistake – I was purchasing an Effortless English and was sure that it is. But from last A.J.webinar I realized that is not an Effortless..
    Never mind, I still enjoyed your lessons. I like your voices and it is very important in listening material.
    Could you to transfer my pity and my support to A.J.about this terrible events -his website crashing . I,m sure he could get along with this problem too.
    Good luck, Ludmila.

  • Azman

    why doesn’t you attach the picture of persons that giving testimonials about your effectiveness of your method??

    It would be convincing if you put the real picture on your site..

    [JoeWeiss 23 July 2009] That’s a great idea, Azman! Maybe we can try to do that next time we add more testimonials. Thanks for your comment.

  • hi teachers
    what can i say you are realy good english teachers
    thank you about this lessons.

  • Kathy

    I come from Saudi Arabia and I just don’t know how to express how much I love English .. I really agree with every single word you’ve mentioned. what we learn at schools is obviously different from everyday spoken English.Actually, I love the British accent so much and I find it easier to understand British people.I always enhance my abilities by sending positive messages to my mind. I just tell it that it is really perfect and can accomplish lots and lots of things and it works!.I still need to work harder especially that I am studying Medicine now.

  • ali özgür

    I have a question and I couldn t find your e mail adress. can you send me your contact e mail please?

    We can be reached at info@learnrealenglish.com

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    Hi to all the teachers of effortless english system..im so happy and thankful because i have found this website..and i will have a chance to learn more english..not only the grammar but speaking english automatically..that’s what i really want..because im not confident in my english..im so nervous everytime im talking to a foreigner..especially now that im here in canada..im planning to study but before that i want to prepare myself..i know these lessons is a big help for me..thanks thanks

    But i have a question,i want these lessons to save in my cellphone,but how can i save it? when i save the zip file,it doesn’t work..is there anyone there that could help me? because not all the time i can carry my laptop..pls help me..tnx..=)

    [JoeWeiss 21 July 2009]Hi Grace. We are really happy to see that you are enjoying the lessons. We love our students; you are the reason we teach! You cannot load the zip file on your phone. Try to load the mp3 file(s) on your phone; it may work.



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    I always wonder why the hell I keep practicing english everyday..and I still can’t understand native speakers

    I guess this website is the answer.

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    God bless you always for your service in educating those in need..I haven’t bought your lessons yet, but hopefully soon I will be able to do so. THANK YOU again!

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    Again, thanks a lot. More powers for you. You made everybody to become a native speakers through englis lingo within just few days!

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    You are a big help on us (non-native speaker). Every topic you’d sent us is great… I can’t imagine myself talking to a native speaker and they were amazed when they hear me speaking English naturally. I, myself was amazed too because before I was afraid to talk to a foreigner for i might be wrong with my grammar. Huh! Thanks Kritin, Aj, and Joe…
    Good luck….Hope you keep helping us non-native speaker…

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