Improve Your English Pronunciation

Learning English is very challenging. English speaking requires a lot of practice.

English pronunciation can be difficult even for advanced English learners.

So in this English lesson AJ talks about improving your English pronunciation.


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Shahed

    Iam so happy because I understand the all thing that you talk about ,thats a good mark for me because Iam just 13 years old ,and I am going to be able to speak english in the corect way .
    Thank you so much

  • Deepthi


  • Paulo Siqueira Siqueira

    I’ve made a lot of mistakes with Beach and Bitch, sheep and Cheap, shit and sheet, looool…

  • Macel Romasasa

    Hi teacher AJ!
    Wow this is my first day as a member of ACC!really very interesting and I am very excited to learn and speak English confidently!


    AJ You are THE BEST!

  • manolis

    waouuuu that is totally right

  • Widou Vainqueur

    Thank you so much 🙂 I’m going to focus and follow your rules and I’m sure I’m going to be able to speak English clearly. I’m actually not bad in writing, but I’m so so terrible in speaking. I feel ashamed and shy to make a call or answer a call from people that do not speak French 🙁 that’s so sad. I’m so ashamed of my pronunciations. I got some facebook friends that I’m always avoiding their calls because they think I’m great in English by the English posts I posted on Facebook and I think they would be disappointed if they hear me talking 🙁 that’s very frustrating 🙁

  • gamar

    I would like to thank you about this video.It is interesting and full of knowledge about pronunciation.I love this video.I hope that to send me video lessons like this.

  • MargaritaO

    Dear Teacher! Have you ever heard of the phonemic minimal pairs in English to teach instead of making parrots of your students?

  • Byambara

    Hello I’m from Mongolia Thank you for your course so much and your speaking is very understandable, helpful. I did not think to understand like this thanks again for everything, good luck for your affairs you’re really number 1 teacher in the world.

  • fiona

    I thank you for the techniques you teach me, really I’ve never used them before but they are really helpful. many times i feel nervous to speak even if I almost understand everything.

  • yousif saeed

    thank you sir its agood lesson

  • dini

    Dear Mr. Aj
    Thanks so much for keeping in touch w me through the email u’ve sent. I really appreciate what u have done in helping evryone to learn English. I do realize that my English is so worse today. I hope that I can follow ur instruction in video. I do enjoy it very much…Thank you so much. My regard to ur team…God bless u n success!

  • Romain

    I’m also satisfied about yours lessons, and i’m completely agree with you, because i started to learn more vocabulary to talk and then i focused on the pronunciation which is very important, even one of the most important.
    I’m also alright about the english words that we didn’t learn at school, wanna, gonna, gotta, needta, whatcha, whaddya because i use them everyday, and strangely it’s more clear and better to talk like that than talk with the “correct” words.
    So i thank you a lot and i’m waiting yourx next videos.

  • Shaikh Mohammed Ibrahim

    Thank you very much to sent me email for English pronunciation.It is really very good for me

  • Christo

    Hi AJ,

    I can not find a vovabulary to explain you how I´m satisfied your english cours, but definitely I feel happy and I wish you still send me more and more advance conversation.

    Best regards


  • arturo

    my english pronunciation is the worst many people understand me many people do not understand , but I hope I will improve every day. and do this exercise is not easy for me because I Am an old man

  • Ratha Phan


    Think you for send a mail for me in order to improving pronunciation.
    So I want to improve my English pronunciation too.
    Think you very much AJ Hoge:)

  • Tella Jeanne

    Dear Mr A.J,
    I’m Malagasy ,from Madagascar ,,l would like to thank you so much because in the first time when I received this email, l was worry about how to anderstand your explanation ,,,because it very hard to me to listen some body speak English language fluently,,,, but when I follow what you teach I can now ,wow it’s amazing ,you are very good teacher,,,thanks

    Tella Jeanne

  • -k.s.a ??? ?????

    Thank You for webinar that sent to me, Realy i hope improve my english languge.
    MR.AJ addition, to I Like listen to your manner.


  • manue lhernandez

    Sir AJ, That is the reason why I understood when you speak English, the rising and falling Intonation, focus on the Rhythm and copy the rhythm of the speaker.

  • tatyana

    hi AJ ! thank you for you are ! I try to repead after you as soon as I can. It help me to over my emberresed. I CAN IT ! I WILL IT !

  • yodit

    think so much for helping me to learn english
    i am waiting you to send me evrey day

  • mauro

    Hi Aj, I bought your courses and i really could improve my english more than I could do in the past studing grammar rules and so on…
    Thank you very much for all the tips you’re sending and for this webinar i enjoyed so much!

  • Mehdi Hassan Barkat

    Hello dear,

    I am quite improving than before. Its my pleaser time to time knocking at the learner. Hope you will send me the latest curriculum of learn real English course.
    Thanking you.


    Mehdi Hassan Barkat

  • Mr.Hadayat Raza

    Thanks for sending this message to improve your Eng pronunciation.I am interested to learn Eng pronunciation. God bless you.

  • Elina Stika

    AJ, I am surprised how effectively you study the techniques. This way of thinking and education is the most powerfull method i ever met.
    Its the only right “platform” to walk all cultures together.

  • Fuad

    Thank you AJ , you always great.

  • tahir

    Dear mr.Aj,
    I surprised that without study grammar possible to speak English. is that possible only listing a lot?


  • Desire Dusengimana

    I’m very much appreciating the way you are assisting the people in learning English in different ways. I’m a product of you in terms of spiking English fluently. kindly keep steadfastly in assisting people to learn as much as possible in terms of predicting the future through business which will help to anticipate our future generation.

    Best Regards


    Dear teacher
    Think you for send a mail for me in order to improving pronunciation.
    So I want to improuve my english prononciation and what can i do?
    Thinks a lot
    MARRY from Madagascar

  • i like to improve my english


  • Shierly Zhang

    These leassons are really fantastic for people like me who stuied english for more than 5 years already buty with poor listening and spoken skills.I am going to buy leasson of “Advanced Converstaion Club”

    By the way, what’s the word “resume” in this video? I can’t understand.

  • sumi

    by listening and repeating more and more we can improve our pronunciation.

  • sumi

    i want to improve my english speaking skills just like a native speaker.but it required a lot of practice.

  • MarVal

    I used to live in the U.S. for many years and yes! your system really is very good. I am still learning from you guys. Thanks for this great information and keep up the good work.

  • suhamba

    different language different pronunciation and even dialect. for me, learning pronunciation is not so important. the important one is what we said could be be understood by the other one. it’s the point.

  • luis santiago

    how to improve english pronunciation ?

  • Anna LE

    I want to improve my English pronunciation

  • Eulalia Stucchi

    I always reard that an accent could not be reproduced, that was very difficult for a non native speaker to do so. And now, you are sayng that is possible only recording and listening a lot> I thing a good point to be discussed is the beliefs peoples have. It will be easier to learn if you put aside some beliefs.

  • nawrass

    So interesting lecture