How To Pass The TOEFL Exam

If you wish to study in America, England or another English speaking country and English is not your primary language then you may need to pass the TOEFL exam.

So in this video, AJ talks about how to pass the TOEFL exam.


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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Sami Mallem

    Hello guys, thank you AJ you always surprise us with a new ideas. I’ll would thanks Kristine and Joe, for them helps too. It’s always a pleasure to have some time a fun and a precious idvice. Thanks again.

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    you are too sweet thanks for your recommendations.
    its nearly impossible to learn a foreign language however hard and much you try
    I spent my whole life
    but no use :((((

  • Soarad Die

    I like the way you talk more than your advice.

  • Ibrahim Elsayed

    My proplem is how to improve listening skill

  • igor

    Every Video and every idea presented by AJ Hoge is great. I’m using all of that also for my Italian and French … and it works!!! AJ Hoge, where were thou when I was 15??? – And I’m sixty now 🙁
    Croatian Ministry of Education probably saw those Videos & Lessons: From now on children will not be learning almost only grammar, as it is now, but the accent will be all on language, precisely as AJ Hoge says.

  • Ahmed

    Thank you,our great teachers,all of us appreciate your high efforts to teach us the rules of learning any language

  • Baheej Kassem

    It’s really fantastic to listen to your useful advices.
    I think that our worst situation that we don’t read enough novels is the main reason of forgetting English vocabulary.

  • Mauricio Perez

    I need learn to speak english because I am an professional of businees administration . I studied in Colombia and my interest is speak,listen,write the best main.
    Thanks for your attention.

  • Stefan Freitas

    Mr. Aj Hoge,
    Thank you ! You keep going well, great teacher. I was wondering about this topic, in fact I’ve bought some IELTs books to help me with the test, and now, I’m adding this great tip to my “brain computer”. Best wishes Mr. Aj.

  • Amin

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    Thank God that I got the Effortless English 18months ago and since then it has been boosting my English a lot! I have been learning English all my life but failed unaccountable times.I really got a lot of English Trauma! It is AJ his Effortless English let me get the enough confidence to try again and now I think that I am going to success. Yes I agree that AJ is the greatest English teacher in the world and I am not only taught by him but also inspired by his passionate English and his empowering life.

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    You really help people to learn english in the most easy way…!! congratulations for your kindness and humanism. Continue like that. I am a teacher of english, here in Cali, Colombia, and your hints and tips have helped me very well in improving my work. I wish God continues blessing you…!!

  • Vo thi thu suong

    Thank you very much about helpful advisement. It help me much to improve vocabulary, reading and listening. If I do it time by time I will be better in the future. Thanks!
    Thu Suong

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    Actually, after a month I have an IELTS exam.
    I was looking for best ways to make preparation for that. So, thanks to this video, now I know what I should do.
    Thank you AJ for giving excellent tips.

  • Aida

    Thanks a lot for your tips.
    Of course it’ll help all things you said.
    The problem is that foreign students usually need much time to find out the new words and learn them,
    The next problem,to find out novels with audio is not available for most students, it is also difficult to find out them in the libraries.
    But, one can find all neccessary books in the Internet. Any way, thank you very much

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