How Many Words Do You Need To Be Fluent?

English students want to speak English fluently.

They want their English speaking and English listening to be easy and automatic. So they wonder how many words they need to speak fluent English.

So in this video, AJ speaks about how many English words an English learner needs to become fluent in English.

AJ also talks about the best way to learn English vocabulary in this video.


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Raad sadoon

    I can talk and express my ideas but I can’t listen discover what is the required

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    I do not speak English well. But i understand you well you’re great professor

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    This is good video, i’ll train my english immediately.
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    Hi! I Paulo and I think the method that you teach very interesting , mainly why it is a method about spoke american english . I love american english . I won’t only take your lessons because I don’t have enought Money to pay for it , but for me it is the best english course that I’ve seen till now.

  • José Roberto Lisboa

    thank you for this excellent video.

  • José Roberto Lisboa

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    hi Aj i just wont to thank u u,r rally very successful teatcher

  • Baheej Kassem

    It’s amazing to combine the three components of reading stories and novels, listening to the audio of these stories and to choose interesting subjects.

  • vera

    Dear Colleagues, u r quite right about vocabulary, only reading easy fiction books first will help learners to remember & broaden their vocabulary. The problem is that nobody nowadays likes reading or have time for it. Aspecially working adults. To learn patterns, idioms as they are without splitting them into separate words isn’t easy for some languages, for example Russian.The only way is to see them first with neighbouring words, then to hear(in audio books ), then to use as it is yourself.10000 words as a bulk of advanced English is too much I think. May be it’s for native speakers. I came across 2-3 thousand words is good to present PHD thesis in English,I prepared post-graduate students, counting their number of words.In fact u r absolutely right- there’s no need to count.Better let’s follow ur course & instructions & LET IT BE!I do it with pleasure. Thanks.

  • ali jubran

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    I’m thankfull for ur generous of these valuable

  • Andrew

    Hi, AJ! Could you answer about how many word patterns is need for free conversation with native speakers, please? I mean common phrazes, for example: “Would you like something?”, “Somebody make me to do something?”, “Should I do it?” and etc. Actually they are gramma rules patterns. My problem with undestanding and speakening is I know all words in conversation but I can not undestand whole phrase. For me real english conversations are like a puzzle. ))

  • ismail kalk

    Hi AJ from Turkey, I really appreciate your English way. I worry , How can I more think in English , when I speaking and writing something in English. Unfournatealy I always translate between my native language and English.
    Have a great lessons…

  • Mulyadi

    Hello Mr AJ my name is adi from indonesia…I wold like to say “IT WORKS” MY speaking skill really zoom out n i still reving my engine and it’s totaly different, i mean my friends speak not as native speaker but i do,they thought i had go to abroad for studying n my answer to them NEVER..big change


    I think I have a vocabulary, I can read, write (hm)but I speak badly. I want learn English on all level (reading, writing, speaking). Is it possible to have a program but not expensive (the financial crisis in Greece have affected our economic behavior)?

  • Naema Najwa

    Hye Mr Aj Hoge,

    I still used all the techniques that you had given to me and it’s really works. I’m very regret because not using those techniques since childhood. Plus,I love your passion to spreading the english knowledge worldwide without consider who is your student.
    Keep it up and i’m still here to learn something new from you.

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    Mr. AJ Hoge, i am really proud to be one of your student.You are a best teacher. Thank you a lot for the method that you taught me. Really it’a a great method.

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    Mr. A.J. Hoge (and team),
    First I became worried about the number of the words (10.000……)to be fluent in english but as usually, when we continue to listen the lesson, you show us the key for this question. Since I’ve been studying english, this was the first time(When I joined the Effort lessons package and forum)that I feel secure, so you show us the best method to speak, read, listen, write and understand this great language. Simply the best way. You’ve done it. Over the top!

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    Thank you alot it is the main method to increase my vocabulary and exactly i try doing that

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    AJ HOGE, thanks constantly you are looking to help us I see you are the best teacher in the world thank you my best teacher.
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    thank you sir for this lesson, I like it. I am new comer to USA, I hope I can learn 10 000 words to be fluent. you are a great teacher, I like your way of teaching

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    I reserve my gratitude dear AJ. Even though you are not acquainted with me your valuable instructions made me a good English speaker. feel free to keep in touch with me whoever needs to hear from me whether it is the accent or fluency..

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