Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Bijaya shahi

    Hi dear sir A.j,
    I am Bijaya shahi. I am from Nepal. i am 25 years old and i am here to learn English language in your online video course and especially i would like to give a lot thanks to you when ever i was study in old method so never be well my English language and when i fallow your method really i am perfect in English language and i am enjoy in your video and suggestion and recommendation so thanks your effort.

  • Elias

    Thanks a lot A.J!
    You are so fantastic…

  • Leydi

    Hi A.J and the rest of the team)…i’m actually an Englih Teacher and i’m here to enjoy your videos, your suggestions and recommendations,i just love them all, especially A.J…man you are just amazing,a wow man )) so full of energy and vitality..wish all Teachers were like you are..thanks for sharing your time and experience with the world, my best wishes to you, i just simply love what you do !!!!

  • kama el din

    I would like to say many things, I don’t know from where I start, but thank you very much for leading us to the right way and the short way for learnung english

  • asmaa

    Beautiful friends
    I’m sorry too much
    my Computer was disabled to connected in internet
    But the first thing that I have been repaired
    I wrote to you immediately
    And I participated in all channels of you in YouTube and participated in your own page in Facebook

  • soma

    hi i’m soma and i’m 18 i need to learn english to be more succesful in my academic study and i hate reding books and memorising vocabs so i was so pleased when i started using ur method . i’m in lesson 1 and i noticed the change from the first lesson thanks for ur effort.

  • Bohun

    Love you :-);-) you are excellent 🙂

  • Mateus Ribeiro

    My name is Mateus Ribeiro I’m 30 years and live in Brasil in the Tupã city

    I study inlges 1 year’s, but would like a good method.

    I found this site and became interested and was very impressed with the methodology.

    With only one year inglish would like to know if this course served to me.

    by by

    Mateus Ribeiro

  • Amira Mohamed ALY

    Hi teachers ,
    I am so glad that I discover this web , really all of you did your best to give us the best way to improve our English language ,
    I can’t explain how I feel ,how i thank you from my heart
    your way to teach so clear ,easy , effective and free .
    You are wonderful people , I will follow you for ever
    Many thanks again,
    With all good wishes.

  • Amira Mohamed ALY

    Hi our best teacher,

    I am so glad that I discover this great education , the great way to advice how to improve our English language,
    relay it is the best way and deeply different from which I learn before .

    Thank you v mush for your great effort .
    With all good wishes .

  • nafiso abdi

    waw i want to say thank you all of you guys,you are wonderfull people , i like long stories or long conversation, i know words but my problem is { two things} 1/ pronunciattin 2/grammar} i wish to under ststand more and also i would like to know if you have online web i want to ask every sentence i need, i like to know english,,, thanks once again guys and tell me how my message looks

  • shirin

    Hi dears many thanks for your great help your methods are excellent. I started to listen it really works.

    Best regards

  • thanks for your helpful videos .for sure you are the greatest teachers(nadereh)

    I really appreciate your efforts

  • Maged

    Hi teacher
    really I am very interesting about this kind of education thank you very much for the great method you have given to me. I like very much your method.

  • thanks … all of you for all of these hard efforts

  • hello,teacher
    thank a lot!!!

  • shan

    i really thanking to all my teachers . your all lessons are very helpfull for me to speak english fastly and fluently. now ican easily speak and uderstand it thanks very much all of you

  • abbas farah

    since i joined your side up to now i really got great benefit and right now i could say i improve my writting and also reading i hope that our teachers will contious their efforts i want also to recommend the students to write some articles always because we find their articles differents vocabulary which other students do not know and it will motivate many peoples to send letters as well again i request from the teachers to send us more videos if you can please because for my self i like to wach your exciting videos i appreciate your lesson thank you bye


  • abbas farah

    HI everybody i really enjoy your lesson because it has so many different benefit and also new vocabulary it is so exciting one thing i request from the teachers to send us new video because for my self need more video to wach and i hope so other students maybe will agree my idea thank you for your effort

  • jesus

    thank you so much it’s help me a lot all those steps.

  • said

    hi there thank you so much for help me to improve my level

  • abbas

    HI there iam glad to get so many defferent and exciting vocabulary so that many people like me intrest to keep their mind alot of words or new vocabulary which they did not know before so that i advice to you guys increase your reading and writting and speaking and also waching TV i wish if you do that you will feel some change.have a great night


    thank you for help me to improve my english

  • that’s great. I have problems to understand all on an english conversation, but in this video i can understand perfectly!

  • hninohnmarhtoo

    Hi everyone! It is a great lesson for me. Now I get confidence to spesk English>>Thanks a lot..

  • farid

    hi teachers,hi friends

  • abbas

    hello i greet everyone in this place i hope that we got all of us improment abuat learning real english so that i want say the teachers thank you and i request the student to say also thanks because for their efforts thank you

  • These are excellent steps

  • abbas

    HI guys how are you doing everyone,nowadays you did not send any new lessons so i think you guys you look like that you are tire so i recommend you to write down always new lessons with new words inoder i get from you usefull vacabulry thank you

  • Thanks for your great information. I already stop learning grammar. I have used your effortless english course for almost 1 year. My english has improve a lot. Thanks.

  • Mohammad

    Dear AJ, thank you again for the kind help.

  • tien

    thanks you any imformation , you try to help me and show to me, anyway good , you don’t made me discouraged about i can’ get much well , i can’t confident to speak english . i will try to my dream become true . thanks again

  • I appriciate you very much.Because your conversation is really excellent. I am funny on your speaking and your lessons.When I finish them, then I shall join it. I could quite understand everything you said.When I watched and listened from CNN or Breaking News in which I felt so good that I had a new knowledge.So English is my daily life. Thank you again.

  • Neat

    My bright day of learning is the day that I found this website” Learn Real English”. I don’t know how to describe about this website. Yeah! It is really great! You are a great teacher. I’m so happy to get the lesson from you, it help me alot in studying. espcially, about this lesson ” change and leadership” oh! it is really fantastic! I really love them.

  • sups

    hi guys!

    i started to stop studying grammer but many times i couldn´t understand phases one used.again i affraid to speak anyone just like i m faceing an exam…..

  • hilary

    thanks for a wonderful lesson like this,I am grateful

  • jenni

    Thank you very much.your method is very very good.It is very helpful,I am improved a lot,thanks again.

  • syahrul

    Excellent A.J.
    You’re great excellenizer… this 6th step is encouraging me more… thanks a lot…
    please, email me again, i’m looking forward your next webinar..

  • Ali

    it is very nice, hope to continue

  • jue

    oooh thank you very much i accept your recourse
    now i can lessen real conversation
    i am very happy now
    thank u so so much

  • It´s great about how I´ve learnt english thanks to your advices

  • it´s really great your teaching about how to learn english, I´ve followed step by step your advices and I´ve improved my speaking: Thanks for all.

  • abdo

    really i can say thank you very much for all: your lessons,your methods and your advices….i am very happy

  • melo

    tnx guys u guys rock ^^

  • Moaaz

    Hi guys

    Thank you for sending emails every now & then.
    Your efforts are highly appreciated. Thanks again


  • radwane

    thanks so much for making such efforts to help us being a good english speakers

  • narantsetseg

    thank you for everything, your advise are always the most valuable thing for me!

  • THANK U 4 sharing……it is very awesome stuff…keep it up:).:)

  • Hi, I’m very grateful to you for all your efforts for English learners. These steps are well organized.

  • sara

    I very grateful for you. I love this essential steps .It is very important and usefull in our life in same time it help me learn and improve in English. Thank you very much.
    God bless you.

  • ahmed aghi

    Very impressed with your lessons and I hope that puts us way of teaching how writing

    [PeterJungs 10 April 2011]
    Our courses are designed to teach conversational English rather than written English however, all of the audio conversations come with complete written transcriptions which some students have reported have helped them considerably with their writing in English.

  • Andrey

    Hello! your lessons are great and you are an excellent teacher. Thank you so much

  • Inga

    I´am grateful for good teach i love that

    Inga in Iceland (Reykjavík)

  • azzam

    thank you very much for the great method you have given to me. I like very much your method.

  • Aleksandra

    Thank you very much..i’m happy:)

  • laylan

    I want to thank you for all your lessons it’s so powerful and Useful for anyone who wants to learn English.
    thanks for you

  • Ferman Golla

    thank you for your teaching method. It’s very helpful and make me feel confident to speak English to anyone.

  • Incredible tran

    Oh my gosh!!!

    You guys are so awsome. Everything is so great. My english is improving fast. Thanks to your method. Thanks so much

    Have a great day 🙂


  • Mehdi

    all what you said are in The Holy Koran
    Did you learn The Holy Koran?
    If not read it you will discover somthing new.

  • aziz

    thank you very much for hard work the god bless you

  • Your teaching methods is the best all over the world. Thank you for everything what you do to learn me English language.

  • abdelbagi

    really i,m very interesting about this kind of education so i hope every one under umbrella of education can inter this wonderful site i,m gain good idea and my language change to the best but till now i,m afraid when i talk to the some one not only foreigner but also inside my family please help me to avoid this problems.

  • Denys

    yes, it is very helpful to know that impossible things could be possible if w take into account a temporal measurement!

    Some important tasks naver was started just cuase of their high complexity. But that complexity arises only in our mind (the ideas are seen completely and immediately). That tremendous complexity vanishes as soon as we start to simply do them! Just start and your dreams will come true because in actuality dreams is achievable throb by throb!

  • Renad

    Today is another day for me .you really help us.thans so much.

  • yaki eric

    Hi !
    I don’t how to explain to you the real pleasure I have.
    You are, all,only the one i’m thinking about.Your video teaches me deeply and are very good. And I’m glad that you are making me reach my dream one day.I extremely believe in our capacity, aptitude and the kindness toward your students.

  • abdelbagi

    really i,m very interesting about this kind of education so i hope every one under umbrella of education can inter this wonderful site i,m gain good idea and my language change to the best but till now i,m afraid when i talk to the some one the not only foreigner but also inside my family please help me to avoid this problems.

  • kamal

    Hello thank you very much and has put me on the right track to learn English you really are great Thank you

  • Cris

    hi!!! there CNGRATULATIONS!!! you have been doing a wonderfull work,
    thanks a lot!!! for all these things you have done for me, now i can spek english very well!!!
    i dont have enough words to say thank you.

  • alaa elheweny

    Thanks allllllllllllllot my beloved teachers. you made my dream in it’s way to be achieved. thanks again

  • hi aj…its nice to tell you that because of your on line lessons, i was able to hone my communication skills and remove my anxiety in conversing with other people using English language

  • Phap Bao

    Dear A.J

    In Mahayana Pure Land Buddhism, we also have the tripod: Belief – Vow – Action, before we could do anything we have to have the right belief. What kind of right belief? For example, believe in the potential to attain Buddhahood in every sentient-being, or believe in everyone could speak english as well as they want ect… Belief give us the power and enery to gain what we really want. Thank you so much for your lesson. I assure your effort and wisdom will benefit so many people. Wish you all always be well and happy. Bye bye.

  • Thank you so much for your conversations , opinions and ideas about English language. And Wow! That’s amazing!.. I didn’t even know it before. Your conversation has been so powerful and perfect. And you gave it to me so many ideas about learning English. I need more English lessons and topics if possible. I will like you to teach me more like that. Thanks a lot , AJ.

  • Thank’s a lot,thank you fr evrythink,bat I don’t have you’re lasons

  • Luiza

    Thanks a million for your effort! God blees you and gives you rewards for what you did!

    Best regads from Romania!

  • creanga petronela

    you are very goog!thanks for all!whit you i can to speak more goog.good luck!

  • reniwati

    I can only hope that I can continue to follow the lessons you have provided, because I have limitations in terms of funding. I am so longing to be able to communicate with American people, the English and the other in English with a good & true, because I really miss a lot of friends from around the world. I still have problems understanding when others speak quickly in English. Therefore, the three of you be so good as to want to still help me. But I can honestly admit that you three are the teachers wonderful, God would bless what you have done. I really hope that the people who really longs to be able to speak English very well and fluently, it can be helped by what you have done.

  • I really want to learn English language; I always read your letter. I want to develop my confidence to speak English but until now my English language is not enough to speak with other people. I want to buy your book but I don’t have money to buy your book because I will support my family for their financial needs, but thank you for the letter it helps me more. Thanks God Bless…

  • Winarno

    Thank’s a lot. Very long time I wait and wait there a simple and fast methode to learn English and speak Engliash as like as native speaker. And now, I hahe yoru methode is very fun and esay. Thank…..thank……..

  • seema

    really very good excellent for to the learn English. thank you for helped me a lot in improving,
    thank u very much,,,

  • manzoor

    I really want to thank you very much for the great method you have given to me thanks Sir, for sending to me essential step 6

  • This comment is test my purpose is been wanted to study English.

  • Victor Hernandez

    Yo, yo what’s poppin’ guys! I’ve really enjoyed having fun with you my fellas especially u AJ, U Rock the house man…you my boy! Thanks 4 everything you’ve given to us…Yo! when you wanna come over Mexico, remember you gotta lot of family members glad to give some ride around the most beautiful and big city of the world…MEXICO

  • walter

    I’ve loved the course to much. Congratulations by the technique they teach.

  • Ernesto

    Thank you guys!!! i’m improving my english , you’re good teachers, but i have to study and practice very much…

    Ernesto, El SAlvador

  • GamaL

    thank you very much for the great method you have given to me. I like very much your method.

  • Basma sherif

    i find Difficulty in learning english by my self to listen an speak
    i need to be more confident and get suitable job please help me very quick

  • Hello our Teachers,

    First of all, thanks a lot for every thing you have done for us. Your methodes are really perfect and they hepled us a lot to improve English speaking. I am always waiting your next lesson and advice.

    With all my best wishes


  • imane


    iam imane is now spece inglech iam soure and thank you very muth .
    i like very muth your method.
    can iknow

  • mohammed

    thank you all of you about to help me for to improve my English ,I am very glad for that

  • amine

    i very thankful to you because i am very better in this language

  • Thank you so much for your great effort for to teach me English on this way. I can see progress in my speak and I belief it will be every day better,and beter with your excellent English lessons.
    Easy,step by step I have to be persistent in my wish to speak and understand English.
    Grateful MIrna

  • Maicon

    AJ, you are a great example not only of teacher, but also a great example of person. With this powerful energy only you have, you give these very strong tips not only about english learning, but also about life, for whoever is interested, no matter they are your “clients” or not. Congratulantions for you, Kris and Joe. Continue being these amazing people you are. Thanks.

  • Anna

    you are wonderfull , I wished you were my teacher at school so I could burn my gramer books, but I am very glad that I finded you, and I will meet you some day! thank ya!

  • i understand native speaker thank you 4 help me alot

  • Hi dear teachers

    I really enjoyed learning from your courses ,lately i begin to notice a great and extra positive change in my speaking English.

  • Nilda Lyons

    Thank you very much. Your method is really very very good. I enjoy listening your lessons. I am not going to join the Advanced conversation club yet. I want to study the lessons first.When I finish them, then I shall join it. I can understand nearly everything you say, but when I watch CNN or Fox News for exemple, it is very dificult. But, with your method I am sure soon I will be able to understand everything. Thank you again. Nilda

  • bestoon

    I want to thank you for all your lessons it’s so powerful and Useful for anyone who wants to learn English.
    So I thought of duty to thank you on the basis of – of kindness you gave him Be grateful – thank you again


  • Bruno Stivanin

    This is the best website i’ve ever seen in my life. I understand almost everything they say. Their method is great, excellent, powerfull. I learned a lot here. Thanks to you i improved my english, my comunication, my listening, my habilities. I’m more confident and happy now. Because i know i can speak english better than before. I recommended this website to my friends.

  • Rodolfo


    Hi AJ!

    I’m happy with your magnificent method to teach English language.

    Since long before I was suffering from this kind of trauma, so now I’m very happy.

    Regards from Spain.

  • fahimeh

    dear masters, i think that I’m a lucky individual because of having masters like you three ,conscientious,knowledgeable . inspite of not having any financial benefit from me ,you teach me whatever you teach to the other students, i wish i could find a way to send you money ,because i realy learnt a lot from you , please help me to find a way for sending money to your account. I appreciate you for my whole life ,i follow all of your tips.everyday i listen to the conversation which u mailed me .very very beneficial thanks so much million times God saves you. always love and never forget your kindness.

  • Tanja

    Hi AJ!!! Thank you for this wonderful lesson, for this useful advises!!!I’ll try to do this every day!!!

    With love to you


  • I really want to thank you very much for the great method you have given to me. I like very much your method. It is really excellent for to learn English. For to understand a native speaker it is not easy but no difficult with your lesson by DJ HOGE.It’s totally amazing! Thank u for helped me a lot in improving!
    Mine Isaku, Albania.

  • I’m very happy for your webinar and your effort for teacher english, I hope to speak english very well and soon.

  • hameed

    thank you for all of made my dream come true.i have never thought that some they i could speak english easily and confident,thank you again