Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • mohsen gorgandi

    thank you aj

  • pansy

    thanks a lot to let me use new ways to learn English

  • Deyson

    Oh my goodness, I felt your slap on my own face. Just kidding… All of your advise has been going helpful a lot. I’ve been missed upgrade videos… by the way, thanks again

  • tense

    i want to spek fluventely

  • Shaira Samonte

    Hello teachers! Thank you so much for these videos, they really help me improve my listening skills and I know that bby listening through these videos, I am also learning English grammar without having a trouble memorizing the grammar rules. hehehe… I am recommending your website to my Chinese friends. Once again, thank you and stay blessed!


  • Elias Gomes

    Hi AJ!! you so funny!! and crazy the same time! lolol!

    You are great teacher , all of the world!!

    Thank you so good!!

    Elias Gomes

  • eva ehrenkranz

    thanks,i love it.

  • hoping

    Hi thank you for considering me one of your students. Im so lucky that I found this site.

    To my new teachers, I believe they will help me to correct my grammar and they will teach me how to speak correctly using english language..

    More Power..

  • shirin

    Hi dears, many thanks for your great helps. I am motivated and love to speak english.Day after day my speaking is being better. I wish you luck.

    Best Regards,

  • evrim


    thanks for everything,you are really very good teachers :))

  • sheikh mohsen k

    hi every one espessially a.j
    im a very clever student and i started your english course and now i can speak easily and automatically.Thank you so much.i hope happiness and health for all of you guys!!!!

  • Nan

    I think you way is correct,because if we have any aim, we have to do it again and again until we reach that aim.That is why some body says try and try and one day we can can fly.Thanks for teaching speak english.

  • nice step, I like it
    thanks for teaching me

  • tumur

    Thank you so much for english lesson or helping me improve my english please sending me mail regularly.

  • Noorunnisa

    please send me more tips.

  • Hadeer

    thank you my teachers….thank you for helping me and improve my english…best wishes

  • The most important thing evry day i gave time to learn english with you & when you give me a good idea i take it. that why today for any where i can do anything ok my thicher.

  • today spishal day for me because when i follow learn english with you i did get good knowlig about it so today i have agood cofidens about speak english i can talk with anybody.

  • a.j i say farst know what when find this wb befor i have not idea about speak english now aletle bet gat kwonlige about it agen i say thankyou okay.

  • Thank You teacher for your advice in the rule no. 4. You the best teacher in the world.

    irfan hasibuan

  • Dagmar

    Dear teachers,I love your emails. They encourage me and give me more power to fight with my fear to speak English.
    But let me share my experience with you. Now I am in Canada and I cannot help myself, but everytime I want to talk to somebody I feel like my heart starts beating because of fear. It is all about fear that I can be wrong, that I use wrong grammar tens, that I forget the correct word I want to say..And when I am supposed to talk to somebody via phone I would rather run away because It is verly taugh to understand native speakers. I required the person who talked to me via phone to repeat his question, but there was one word I didn’t understand. So this can make me confuse..But I know that is all about the practice. Unfortunately I have a lack of opportunities to talk to somebody in English now, because I haven’t found a job yet where I would be forced to speak. However, I am glad to have your emails and great videos. A.J.,You are very energetic person who can give to anybody a joy to learn English. Thanks sooo much 🙂

  • reena

    AJ Hoge Thank u v.much for helping me to improve my English.please sending me Regularly mail so it will help to learn New things who help me to improve my English.Hey i don’t have a Confident to Speak English so please sending me mail regularly.

  • sandy

    I think its the best lessons since I learned English?
    thank you?

  • Domenico

    hi friends, I just want to tell you that I started with your method to learn english, and up to now it seem to me excelent,,,.
    you know, I started with your conversation, your mini histories, POV etc. few weeks ago, and i´ve improved very much.
    thanks and I expect to continue when i´m already to the next level

  • said

    thank you so much for this leson

  • cristi

    i have been started teach english with your help last year even if I has tried many times untill then ,but now indeed have inprouved may english and also I grant you that I wasn’t good apprentice .

    Thank you so much for your efforts!

  • Thank you so much for your help,I can learn English language again
    and I am very happy .

  • Mela

    Thank you, teachers!

  • thank you so much for this help and thanks again

  • thank u very much about this conversation could u add deffernt kind of that to improve ours

  • Pammy

    Thank you very very very much

  • Hi, teachers, you are splendid. Thanks for your wonderful and easy method of learning English. All big things in life, are actually simple things, and therefore your method. Tips of A.J.,will make me to improve some things, not only English. I plan these things a long time, but never to start. Now I’m with the change and hope to succeed. Thank you very much.
    Best regards

  • rashidatu nyei

    I appreciate your effort very much, keep it up.

  • Balaiym Tilekeyeva

    Hi dear teachers. Thank you very very much. 🙂 cood luck your future plans…

  • maidi

    hello….why you don`t send me any emails?…i haven`t got any mail from Aj since last week and that is really making me saddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!

  • abdou

    hello AJ and other teachers, thank for sending me those lissons i like them really . infortunatly i can’t buy your lissons becouse im from moroccom and this service not available here we can’t buy somrthink from the net . so i need those lissons and i love speak english

  • hasan shoghi

    Dear teachers Thank you very much for your helps .It can causes to improve my english ,and can speak faster ,easier than before .thanks again

  • narantsetseg

    hi, AJ and your friends! thanks a lot of advice give me everyday. I’m so lucky and happy. Because I can connected your lesson. It is influential me. Thanks a million.

  • thank you very much dear friends…I’m very happy to meet you to improving my English..your method is amazing and very usefully..i like it

  • Lynne

    very much interesting.. thank you so much for all your efforts, your advices.. it really helps a lot…

  • Faizah

    thank you so much…



  • Emy

    very funny teacher AJ…i really learn a lot…thank you so much…

  • I had subscribed to Learn Real English more than two years… It was great. Thank you very much, Teachers.

  • Andrea

    I put the stones in shoes and walked to the shop, so I switch mental – spiritual to the physical level of pain

  • Andrea

    Have my love and spiritual friendship developed sweetheart…Good bless!

  • vekenus panggabean,S.Pd

    thanks for your advices A and J. I always study remember it

  • lyes hamzaoui

    you are mazing , i don`t know how to thank you

  • Oliver Salas

    Thank you so much for your English lessons J

  • Thank you for the advice, it’s not easy, but is possible.

  • Really I am enjoying your first day video. I think it’s very helpful to me to speak with the US gyes in my Business.

  • Jennie

    Really fantastic, thanks a lot !

  • I Want to be Native English Speaker and also want to be confident when I`m talking the people.

    This makes me more improvement for my speaking time.
    Thank you.

  • Racwi

    Thank you very much for your making me more interest i really enjoyed all the lessons especial the last one i meant step 5.

    you always caring my English speeking.

    Thanks every one.

  • Henrik

    Thanks for all your learning lessons. I can really take advanced of them all. You are so good to motivate people to reach for their goals. You’re doing it in an interesting way, it is definitely not boring. In fact, I appreciate it, pretty much, and looking forward for the next mail from LRE. Thanks again.

  • A. Ibrahim

    Many thanks for you

  • wandeniro

    thanks to you MR.AJ

  • Thanks a lot to all of you. I wish you all the best in this good website. 😀

  • Kieu Chinh

    Day by day, step by step, I’m listening better.

    Thank you all!

    I love you!

  • Ria

    Hi teacher’s…,
    thank u so much for the tips.. Have a great day.. 🙂

  • Syahrul Arief

    I’m so grateful.. these 5 steps are really work, but i’m still waiting for next 2 steps… please e-mail me again… thanks A.J.

    you’ve given me more english experience and taught me to live a life just like leader more than I expected..

  • betty

    hi.thank you.i am very happy because I like its . thank you thank you .

  • Tina

    Thank you so much for your English lessons. I like very much conversations “Earthquake” and “Farmer”s market”.Your method really work.

  • Thank you for all teacher I like you very much because I improve my English.

  • Eisa Ahmed

    Thank you for all your help and efforts

  • Joeliat

    Thank’s Alot . You show me the way how to make my english better.

  • fatima

    hi i want to thanks you for this informition .
    but i want you to help me to improve my prononuce .
    and thanks again

  • thank u teacher because its very important lesons


    i’ve been learning quite alot. i feel much more confident than before snd i’m starting to understand some english movies and I hope to be a big english speaker right after. I think the british english is better than yours but anyway you are the best for the american englih.

    thanks a lot.

  • jenni

    thanks for your help in my enlish, i improve a lot.

  • moniq

    Thank you so much for your generousity. I do pray for you. Hopefully through this lesson, my english will be improved. GBU

  • in the first conversation that sent me that lasts about an hour only thing I could not understand anything was to charlie. do not know if he was sick and microphone openings but was not understood anything

  • this is very important for all
    those people who are want to learn english in short period of time.thanks
    aziz tahiri from afghanistan

  • Patrico Bb.

    my dear teachers thanks a lot for your hard labor taht y’ do every single day. I’ ma satisfied with your techniques and stradegies that advise not only to but also to the rest of the people who likes to talk to English the best language around the globe. Thank you so much. I lov’ y’.

  • for all your help thank u thank you so much for your help and I really appreciate it so much… I hope many people can appreciate it and give more importance to be confident in English… more power and God Bless you all

  • Kuwu

    Tank you for reel learn english who has given me some subject matter about in english. Tanks so much and good luck.

  • reezali

    it’s nice for me, i can improve my english,and i really want to speak english faster…
    so far i studied with you, made me feel my english better 🙂 🙂

  • seum genyeong

    Thank you so much my dear teacher!!!

  • james

    Dear my all Teachers,

    Thanks a lot for sending this wonderful English lesson to me again.It is very helpful for me as i am studying Master course in Philippines.Now i practice English with my classmates and my professors what i have learned from you through Learn Real English.I love your lesson and I will try my best relying on your lessons. Thanks for what you have done on me. God Bless you richly…

  • isabel

    thank you for helping. there is a very good tips to learn english

  • Mohammad

    First of all thanks for another free advice. Below is one of my bad habits that I have decided to scramble on my way to being a self confident person.
    I am a shy person and would loose my confidence in public occasions like business meetings I have to have with some people I don’t know them or do not feel friendly with them. Once I felt embarrassed because of a small mistake or any thing else, this would escalate and become worse until I mess up the entire meeting. As a funny way of overcoming this bad habit, I have decided to utter relatively polite swears once I made a mistake likes of, Bloody Hell, etc. If you know more of these funny swears, please let me know. If you think it can be rude I am happy to be reminded.

  • Irshad

    Thanks AJ
    Your lesson is full of actions too. Great.

  • raja

    hi dear teacher
    thank you very much for our effort God help you

  • Sofia

    Good method, it’s inspiring us to follow your way to teach. Your interesting topic and materials make us patiently wait and wait your program. I do not want to miss your lesson. Many thanks for all, keep giving us fantastic lesson.

  • Akiaou

    thank you. for your I feel good than before. but I need more of lessons.

  • diah anggraini

    thank you verymuch for the lesson, i hope you never borring send me every new lesson

  • Hello Hello Dear.
    Thank you for sending me all information about english and i relly happy from you to help and i also try hard to learn english but my english speaking is very well and try more to learn nice english
    Thank you very much


    Thank you very much

  • helen

    Hi Teaher AJ,JOE & Kristine,

    Again Thank you for your inspiring’s hard for me to speak by using english language because the people sorround me or my co-employee are talk use our own language..but i am still continue practice to speak in english at home with my family.

  • Mehdi

    It’s very interesting lesson. I like it. thank you

  • May

    This lesson is fantastic, not only to learn english but for other areas in your life too, I did not expect that kind of learning from your lessons, I think is wonderful, It’s a pleasure to know people that enthusiastic and professional is in the world to help.
    Thanks a million.

  • Alaa Hamad

    Thank you for helping. the changing it is very important in our life .Thanks again and good Luck

  • mouhssine

    thanks for your help i’m sure i will be fine when i speak english

  • well i have to say that your methods are great, you had great ideas and i am learning a lot. thank you very much for helping me


    [PeterJungs 23 March 2011]

    We do not have a school. The student essentially teaches themselves using our materials which are downloaded over the Internet.

  • thuong

    I downloaded the lessons and listend to them every day .I used your schedule.thanks for helping me.

  • real english comversation is easy way to sprek english so thank you my teachers

  • anjie

    i like it thank u!its very helpful to me..

  • sawsan

    thank you i don,t know how can i learn English without your method i told my friend about your leasons and they are very happy too……

  • Karwan Jihan

    Thank you A.J, indeed all your lessons are helpful and precious.

  • Elena

    In my opinion this step is very important. I like it beacause your explanation is short, shorter than the other ones and simple. It is easy for everybody to understand your messege that is very powerful and strong. All what you said is true.

  • ham

    Hi,dear teacher! I’m from Aral(Kazakhstan)and I’m new member.Thanks for the first lesson!!!At this time i learn only phrases. Thanks for you advise. Your student!!!

  • lubna

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    i hooe to speak english will.

  • nayra

    thank you professeurs for your hard effort i felt weird when i spoke english with my friends on a chat video we in touch on facebook & we always writ emails to each others when i do chat video whith them i feel shy but i learn how to be confident from you professeurs & i’m thankful you are a STARS :))

  • tji

    i receive all your e-mails and it makes me very confidence.

  • osama abuzaid

    HI my grope am very happy after Am now your company & your feces now am speak English very good

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    Thank you very much! I am always shy to speak english, what should I do? But after I followed the course, then I made some progress! I hope I will full of confidence when I speak english!

  • Thank you so much to yours information about real english conversation. And congratulation with that programs. I hope, you can make other programs to share with peoples in the world.
    Thank you,
    Muhammad Syahril

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    Thank you for your video that make me improve my English speaking.

    Heno Erlangga.

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    Thanks for giving me the essential steps 5 to quickly learn English. The steps you have taught me are very useful and tremendous.

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    That’s a good idea to destroy the old pattern that not support to good change. I think that’s right.I would like to implemented continuously. I felt it’s not easy. Thank you for your lessons, “Guru”.

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    thanks, AJ. that’s exactly what i need. i want to do execise every day but i cant get up early. so i think, i first change my time go to bed. oh, how hard, but i will try. love u much

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    i just have received your essential-step.5 e-mail.
    thank you so much and i going to put it in practice.
    i hope i can destroy the habit to change my every day english study time .

    i will tell you teacher if i could……..
    thank you

  • realy i like this program so for the next time i will learn with you and i need follow your english teaching systam also.

  • Rodolfo


    Hi! AJ

    The best for you and your team. Thanks a lot for being the CURE for my English Trauma, and the powerful reason to stay every day listening to your lessons.

    Greetings from Benidorm, Spain.

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  • danushka wedage

    actually you are good teacher.i followed yor advice and i listen your vidio clips more now i can understand english spekers more than before.but i cant speak fluently.i think your method is very useful me.thank you so much my

  • Many thanks my dear friends! You are doing a very fantastic job and believe it I am enjoying my English because of you. The problem is that I am not living in a country where I can meet people with whom I would practise and improving my English.Your pedagogy is the best but it can be more efficient if one goes to meeting real English people. However, I reckon that by listening to the BBC, I will master and when I come to California I will be good in a few months.

    Keep educating us because a good teach must follow his/her students. I do encourage you to go on no matter how much it costs you in terms of energy. Yes we shall overcome!


  • Denys

    Thanks AJ! You R totally on the ball!

    Surfing on the i-net is my great problem. I feel like one day I won’t have really much of a leg to stand on my main occupation.

    What’s the next step?

  • asem

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    thank you verymu
    thank you verymu
    thank you verymu
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