Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • CS Cheong

    When I started to listen I start to love it, a totally different form school way of teaching but I feel it is so useful…

  • Gili

    I love the Tull #4 I wish to speak English so good!

  • Shaukat

    I wish i can get more vidioe

  • Malahat pour khosh saadat

    Hello.Thanks alot for your helpful videos,audios and texts.With thanks

  • Firuza

    So, I am just join to your amaizing programme, and it so impressed me, it is that I was looking for it many years. When I heared your introduction video mr A.J, I get the answer to my question that persecute me that years that I was learning English- Why I can write, but can’t speack, thank you so much, I know that I am on the right track and with your help I begin to talk in english at last!

  • Rosa

    Que interesante es este método

  • jose ernando pereira

    You are the best coaches.I say that you are only of its kind. Thanks a lot

  • sophie

    hi AJ!
    i loved your wonderfull web seminars! you speak clearly and interesting1full of energy1 you are good actor as well:) i listen your lessons every single day and really fill that my englis is improving, I also tryed to translate your lessons directly in my lenguage (georgian),thanks all stuff for this amazing program! IM WITH YOU GUYS!

  • Elias Gomes

    Hi AJ , When I started study english , I found this page , your page, and this made me feel so good, because after this, listen your videos, I improved so much my english today, I hear something in english in this is normal to me! thank a lot , and have a great day.
    Elias Gomes

  • Fam

    Million thanks my great teacher. You give me a great hope to speak like you. I thought I can never ever speak well American English . Gay go ahead with your great lessons .

  • Righteous

    Dear A.J. u talk strongly very bright and clear. I like your talking.
    ur talking absorbs ppl.

  • Maha s.

    I’m very thankful for the great help U offer. The lessons are very helpful. You can’t imagine the great value I get from them. All what I can say is God bless you my lovely teachers!

  • aden

    merci for a second time i never forget ur great helping, as well i was in a wrong way of learning, beacuse i was in school learing english gramer, but couldn’t abale to speak well, but now i am sure i could,


  • aden

    really you are great teachers telling us the best way that we could improve our english skills quickly, so i thanks u so much for ur great help, as well as i passed to my dear friend to take this way to learn,

    in east africa

  • zinlintun

    i love English.i want to be a succeful speaker.

  • Elias

    This page change!! for better!!

  • aml ali

    i really loved this one that is what i really gotta do ,i have to feel pain to make change ,ya that one will work will with me

  • orlando jhonataan

    eva’ thing u’re teach to me, so onething so gratefull fo we all..

  • Nha Tran

    Dear teacher,

    Really appreciate for your teaching me, best wishes for you

  • octavianus708

    Mr.A.J You’re the best English Teacher I have ever seen and heard but it will be the most happily chance for me if we can meet and acquainted each other then we can practice real English conversation. We welcome you to our Country Indonesia. Thanks a lot for your free download materials those very helpfully for me.

  • Omar Ali

    I have MA in English with TEFL, I do recommend Aj.

    good work

    Omar Ali

  • kyawthanmin

    Dear teacher,
    Respectfully,i write letter. Now i am very happy to listen your conversation being very important for me who want to improve about English being very useful in the world wide.You are very good teacher.Now i believe that i will improve to listen your pronunciation .Now you are a the best teacher for me.
    Thank you very much

  • Ami

    Thanks you very much teacher, u’re the best..


  • Hi AJ Hoge thanks you very much, for your excellent work.
    I love your video and lesson.
    God bless you.

  • urangcianjur

    you give me spirit to learn english anymore

  • alezozov

    FANTASTIC! I am very thankful it is wonderful!

  • wissal

    hi!! really i was not able to find the words to thank u;im really happy to recieve these videos from u; u’r not helpin me just to improve my english but also to find the right way to think to have a great lif; thank u sooo… much my teachers i lov u :)))

  • sorry I mean not fill but feel..:)

  • AJ you are a superenergetic and superpositive person,,I adore people like you. you are the greatest teacher in the I fill myself much more energegic.,I can do it! I don’t afraid difficulties. thank you very, very much….

  • Vagner Ferreira da Silva

    Hi there teachers,
    I just would like to say, tank you very much, you’re great!!!
    Greetings from Brazil!!

  • Mennat-Allah Helal

    You’re such an amazing teacher, Thanks for everything you’ve done to produce these videos

  • reem

    thank you my best teacher
    you are wondreful

  • It is great Challenger, Proud…
    Thank a lot!

  • khairul alam

    You are excellent teachers.

  • Thanks so much for your help.It’s vitally necessary to hear and receive such interesting methods and ways to improve speaking English language fluently.

  • Thanks for sharing…

  • amooona

    Thank you for these steps , it really help me a lot and now i can speak much better than before

  • jango

    Thank you very much for your webinar,essential steps. It’s just what I wanted. Surely will you send me the rest of the steps?

  • jose geovani argueta

    its amazing the way i have inproved my english speaking thank you gurs yor are great.

  • mayulong

    dear teachers
    Your rules has made much change for me.
    thaks a lot

  • Kleber

    I neeed speak english all the time please can help-me send-me many e-mails.

    thank you.


  • Sergio Ramos

    I am really amazing with your teachings. Thank you for all!

  • Thank you very much for step 4. You are the greatest English teacher in the world. I am proud of being your student. Your method is the best English learning method.

    • Thanks Kevin! We are lucky to have the best students in the world!!

  • Aziz

    You are excellent
    I really appreciate it
    It is very useful videos to improve your confident in English

    Many thanks from Saudi Arabia

  • joanna

    i really enjoyed this lesson

  • shashi

    thank you very much

  • asma

    dear friend,
    Your rules has made much change for me.
    thaks a lot..

  • hellow my teachters i am so gratefull about everyrhings that you have learnt us

  • Iskandar

    Dear A.J. Kristin and Joe, you are fine, Okay ? thanks for free seven days on line course. Your English learning method is fantastic and amazing. Before practicing it I found some difficulties and made me often pulled my hair out when I did not understand what my teacher said. I have been practicing it for six months and Now my listening and speaking are better and better naturally. I can communicate with my English teacher – an England man.

  • Leila Faure

    Hi: Thank you very much for these steps, they are really great!
    It makes me feel self-confident.
    I like your method.It’s really useful.

  • Tutty

    u r awesome teachers i ever had…….God will bless u…..thanks a lot for helping me in learning english n’ i finally found the best method from u…..i can speak confidently now….

    best regard

    2t Indonesia

  • Dora

    Dear Teacher. I very liked webinar lessons and waiting next lessons. Thank you veru much for video lessons which you sent me.I will buy your lessons in future.

  • setare

    i wish i could buy your methods
    i amazingly found out that they are so useful! i downlouded some of your samples & i have lestened to them several times & it is worked wow,,,
    dear aj your are so generous man
    i realy thank you for your all trying! i am sorry becouse i can not bye or some times even downloud your videos just becouse of foolish polotics subjects!!!!any way thanks alot u are so good!!!& maybe in the future i will find a way to buy your lessons,if it is possible for u pls send me a short answer so that i can be shore that u see my letter

  • kyaw min htwe

    Many thanks for sending me step 4 video file. That is a good job. So, i don’t know how can i thank you.
    I really really like your free online training course.

  • inna

    it is wonderful, verry verry exellent, i didn’t find the words to thank… God bless you my teacher

  • shahad

    thank you very much

  • Valdery

    Thanks to you giving me the help

  • ADIL

    Hi, my dear teachers! I’m grateful to you for your grandious lessons. It is really helping me a lot. My speaking skills are improving rapidly. Your learning system is the best I have ever sampled. I wish you to create as more the same course as you can. It is your talant. Thank you very much.


    Hi Learn Real English
    It wonderful experience make others confidence to make them. After apply your method my students to be interested to learn English. My students have confidence to speak in front of the class. Thanks your hard working

  • Tamer Omar

    hi A.J. my name is tamer omar i’m an English instructor from Egypt, way to go guys this is an awesome way to learn English for my self and my students as well they made a tremendous progress in a very short period of time, Hats and Horns looking forward to the rest of the steps. all the best.

  • Emy

    Very moving Teacher AJ…you’re really a pro…Thank you for sharing this vid…

  • Ezatullah Nabeel

    hi let me to say so so thanks for your helpful english lessons if whom wnats to speak without any mistek just follow this lessons

  • I think you my techer help me about the english, I think about thank you for A.J

  • I thank from your these video lessons which helps me more, I have been following your lessons since a long time, I await of your more and new lessons in future… Real English really teaches as natively…
    Mohammad Ibrahim Qani

  • Muhamed Adel Ahmed

    I’m just going to say one thing


  • For A.J.

    I am very thankful to you for sending me the 4 Steps. It really helped me a lot in learning speaking English. Hope you will still send me the rest of the steps. You’re great and excellent in the way you lecture people through your video.
    God bless you always.

  • leandro

    You’re just lovely 🙂

  • tasneem

    i can not thank you>>>i like these lessons so much .thanks very much,,,,,,

  • Andrea

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    … (
    ? /

  • chooi chan

    I like this AJ.Not just this but is all of them .Thanks for doing all this to improve my native language.All the best to all of you.

  • sadeen

    thx alot for these information…i feel so happy when i heard it …hope to continue

  • wilber rojas

    Dear AJ, thanks for giving me the step number 4. And you rule man, you rule on this type of lessons.

  • Ahmed

    Hi Dear
    I very sorry while I make copy and past for my comment from Google translation it seem to be an error in the comment I send you so this is my comment again
    Hi Dear d
    now I become more confident after received your emails specialty the 7 rules and essential steps I hope you send me the rest of it because I received 4 steps even now and I hope to buy Real English lessons as soon as
    Ahmed Alfayomi

  • Anna

    You give me ENERGI! thank you so much for what you do, I love you, you are a great teacher & you are wonderful:)


    I am very please for receiving your interesting e-mail about teaching english so webinars of leadership and change thank you very much.please send me all your excellent and interesting stuff about english learning I is wonderful Vidal Gudiño Venezuela.

  • For A. J. a big salute from Neiva, Colombia.

    I listen carefully to your videos and I find them very interesting and motivating to achieve our goals, I congratulate you for the excellent pronunciation and enthusiasm he brings to record the videos, I like you to listen, but I suggest you to be more precise and specific when the message, does not extend much into the conversation.

  • Hi my teachers.You are really endeavouring to improve my english so i am proud of your hard working and i hope that soon will see excellent result after become a member advanced conversation club.A Great success to your job.

  • I like your video very much and i don’t know you to say,it’s really superb,very helpful and interesting.
    you are a great teacher.

  • Hallo
    thank you
    my teachers I hope if you can send another videos pleas pecause I like English put I am not very good plaes help me thank you

  • hi this is Amel i am from algeria

  • i am totally happy with you teaching,now i cant believe can speak language easily now….thanks a lot…

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    Hi I am mostafa from egypt.
    Thanks very much for helping me to study english easy. I would like moedern lessons for the life and the culther in the world

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  • Salome – of Philippines

    Thank you for giving us great motivations. I wanna reiterate this to you my dear teachers,.. “I wish that I should have known you from the very first time I kind of able to utter words from my mouth”..I love you guys!!!!

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  • Mehdi

    this is the same thing as saying I have to fight my self until I get what I want. I think that this is in essentiel step for any one to do some thing in his life. I’m not talking about job but one step of progress for humain being.
    think you for your webenar.

  • sara

    ur great thanks for the viedo it is very helpfull

  • Mohammed Bahidrah

    I was imaging myself that If I don’t upgrade my English skills what I am gonna be
    but with the lesson I’ll solve the problem , thanks a lot my great teacher

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    hi teachers; what’s up i’m so sorry because i don’t use your advice in learning english .
    i was learning my lessons by hard to get a good marks and i forgott to learn english .
    but from this munite i will be read english realy good ; and tha’s my promise to you.
    have you a great day .

  • Ahmed

    hi I am Ahmed from Egypt
    now I became more confident and I feel I put my feet on the road to success after my contact with Real English the very important thing I benefited from it is the 7 rules and Essential steps I received even now 4 steps and I hope to receive the rest of steps
    thank you very much

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    hi ! A J
    thanks of ur ur lesson to me .its step 4 is the most useful lesson for are amazing waitting for your step 5.
    have agreat day

  • Thank you very much the received video lessons are very good.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in teaching Real English with so many people around the world who are not a native speaker of the English language, like me… for free! I appreciate all those emails you’ve been sending and the webinars as well. Your all-important techniques in learning real english has given me a whole new level in improving my spoken english. I am always delighted to receive emails from you. I think what you do is just great and brilliant. Helping and giving inspiration to other people is awesome! More power to you Joe, Kristin and AJ!

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    Thank you for your help to improve my english language .

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    Mr. Thet

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  • PLEASE, I NEED SMBD’S ADVICE! I’m a subscriber. What should I upgrade to have a possibility to watch video on this web-site?

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  • Dear Mr. A.J. Hoge

    You told the truth of English learning.
    I’m going to follow your way.

    Thank a lot my teachers

  • Hello teacher, now I’m downloading more video on step 4. thank you so much for these video because I want to improve my English throw your method.
    Good bye!….

  • Hello, AJ I have been downloading your video, but many of them can’t play smooly. Canyou tell me about these problem. Thanks for you that lat me know these web, your reccord sound. Be bless from your God…

    • Samnang, the problem is with the speed of your internet connection. There is nothing we can do about this,… unfortunately.

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    Ihave receive all your extraordinary stuff to learn english and how to teach in a better and easy way.I coud not buy your course but I thank you if you follow sending me your powerfull method to learn I is great congratulations Vidal Gudiño VENEZUELA.

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    thank you again for much effort you pay to spread the message of English learning worldwide I knew.

    Ibrahim Towair
    Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

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    i also wanna inform you that i have difficulties to download the video,i really wanna have it…what kind of possibilities if I wanna have it……….thank you so much

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    So, is it possible to let us to download the essential step1&2 like the step3 of which I’ve recently gotten mp3 through your email’s link.
    [PeterJungs 23 February 2011]

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    I was wondering if I would utilize them on my portable mp3 player.

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    • Hugo, I’m not sure why you are having trouble watching the videos. You might try downloading Quicktime- a free program for watching videos:

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