Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • zaid

    Thank you very much for this free video

  • amir

    thanks a lot for leaen real enghlish

  • Roaa life

    I need to learn real english, and i hope speak to the active english ,faster ,powerful,and easily.

  • zhuwarara david

    Ican understand english but the problem is to speak fluently & fast help me please.

  • sama

    I am very happy your efforts and your work, I’ll show you my problem
    My problem I am afraid to talk in English but I understand what is being said to me, without translation, but afraid to talk to the lack of embarrassment please help me

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  • krishnaprasad

    thank you so much …for ur simple tricks and tips of teaching english . I like it very much.

    god bless u..

  • bahareh

    I can not describe my happiness for receiving your videos..thank you for your attention to are very kind..I hope my conversation skils improve as soon as successful..
    best regard

  • bahareh

    I can not describe my happiness for receiving your videos.. I hope my conversation skil improve as soon as are very kind..tanks for your attention to me..

  • Chhit Savon

    Dear Lecturer
    How are you today? When I have listened instuctor presentation, I am very interes for explaination about the grammar so I will follow by rule, thanks Lecturer

  • NguyenDucThuong

    They are excellent English teacher. I have been learning English for 12 years. However, I can’t speak English fluently.
    I can’t listen English news or English story, because when I listen a stentence, I will translate it to understand it, so I have’nt enough time to listen another sentences.
    I feel that English is the most difficult subject to study for me.
    In my opion, LRE is the ideal methods to study English. They are suitable for me. I will apply them immidiately. Thank you for all. I love them very much.

  • Elias

    Hi AJ and other people here! I’m so glad cause this method is really powerful, I never understand english with I understand now, and this come to me energy. I’d like to say, that my method: I listen each webnar 30 time every day, and this help me understand much more things, really this is engine.
    Thank you so much!!
    God bless you!!
    Elias from Brazil!!

  • mustafe

    HI my teachers.I Dont know how to thank you .you are the best teachers I’ve ever had and i love your methods they are the best too you know one day i will be a good English speaker and i will tell everyone that u were my teachers
    i wish the best

  • ckgeska

    The essential steps are enlightening and inspiring. They keep me motivated. Thanks!

  • Thank you, Your the best teacher and your the Inspirator for people easy learn spoke Englis.

    God Bless you

  • Dear teachers,
    Many thanks for sending me the excellent lesson I love the video so much, its very very important to my to improve my English, I am watching the video every day, of course the lesson is very good too they are very useful. Congratulation.
    Thank you so much, God bless you
    Gladys from Venezuela

  • karen

    Hi,my good teacher
    I can’t express my thanks to you with any words, I learned a lot from the video, this is not just for studing english, it is a good guide for my life too
    God bless you

  • wow great teachers great lectures, I’m so happy for watching the video. it’s helpful for making good listening

    great, I hope maybe some day I can meet and talk directly with you…

  • hnhininohnmarhtoo

    hi teacher I am so happy to learn your approach. Now I decide to use your way… I must try to become like a native speaker…Thank you so much

  • zineb

    thank you so much teachers

  • These advices help me a lot in improving my English and in my life. Thank you AJ!

  • hassan

    i hope now to improve my English

  • Angélica

    I feel very good when I watch your videos. They are great! I can not stop watching them. They are very useful. Congratulations!

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  • Nelly

    Thank you for your help.It is an
    excellent program.
    God bless you

  • yor program is very intersted and very good methodbut i can”t use it b/c i have no job ican’t pay your price.i hope i found job and i start learn. thak you you send me all mesage.

  • Alain

    Now I am able to understand why my speaking is not developped. I really like your speech and it helps me to fix my big mistake… I was creazy about grammar books and time is coming to change.
    Thank you very much. It was awesome !!

  • sara

    it`s amazing..thank you very ..

  • thanks a lot for AJ ,joe and kristin your teaching method help me a lot…


    It´s just terrible. I have learnt what is not written with your emails. My best regards. HUGS

  • howaida

    Hi A.J
    thank you very much for helping me.
    God bless you.

  • Pedro Carrion

    hi my friends, your methods are very good, has helped me a lot, also are very interesting, many thanks for your time and will. God bless you a lot!!!!

  • You are magic for me and i cann’t thank you in SOME WORDS . Now when i speak English i remember about you ..

    You are great personality for me because you teaches us a POWERFULL and FREE course .

  • good news,tanks

  • Eduardo Leal Zamorano

    Dear AJ: Many many thanks for sharing your wonderful work. Thanks! Receive all my gratitude. Excellent seminar, 7 steps.
    Eduardo Leal Zamorano

  • I’m thankful from Real English conversations I had trouble while speaking English with some English man after following the Real English lessons I fill freely while conversing with English men. these video conversation has cooperated me so much I request you to submit new video and new lessons. once again thanks a lot.

  • James

    Dear respectful Teachers,

    Thank you so much for your lessons that you sent. These are very helpful for my learning English..I practice with these lessons….

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    hi there
    thank you for help me;i love you lessons

  • Emy

    Very informational Teacher AJ! Thanks for sharing….

  • Badmaa

    Thanks again.
    You are doing great. I’m also looking your speed of speech getting faster gradually step by step and you are trying to improve our listening skill by webinars you give us. Essentially it’s working.

  • abdoulaye timane ali

    hi everyone
    i am very glad with your method to help us to understand a real english.i hope now improve my english.

  • Denys

    The same method helped me to learn philosophy. Thanks for making me assured in my own thoughts! I hope your teaching will help me learn deeply because I understand me myself, the situation and you!

  • Thank you all and special thanks to you A.j and I love the way you speak…….

  • Marius Popara

    Hi dear teachers. I agree this method because I had the chance to repeat and listened a lot of words in your language , english. It,s true, if I listen other students or a teachers I can understand what they tell me but when I met people from the street the things are different. I hope to improve my english deeply with your help. Have a nice day and thank you very much!
    Keep in touch, Marius

  • HI my teachers.I Dont know how to thank you .you are the best teachers I’ve ever had and i love your methods they are the best too you know one day i will be a good English speaker and i will tell everyone that u were my teachers

  • muntaha

    Hi, thank you, now I could se that Vdio and it was very good for me.

  • hello my teacher, thank you very much for your help. I like your 7 tips & methods. It’s really give me good effect in speaking English.I would like to subscribe in your club but unfortunately I don’t have a Visa card.sorry.

  • Mohammad

    Cheers a lot mate.

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    Thank you so much for what you have done on me.It is really helpful for me.

  • wilber rojas

    thanks for step 3, it helped me a lot XD.

  • Sumirto Aritonang

    Thank YOu My Teacher, I will try to follow it
    I like it very much!

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    i have no wards to appreciate your help this is very great job really we are greatful to you my dear professors

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    thank’s for you labors

  • thank you so much and god bliss

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    HI my teachers.I Dont know how to thank you .you are the best teachers I’ve ever had and i love your methods they are the best too you know one day i will be a good English speaker and i will tell everyone that u were my teachers

  • benaddoun Elhadj

    Dear Mr Aj hoge.
    I’m glad to see this vedio and other podcasts from helps
    me really because of the good thank you for
    the vedio.
    I would like to subscribe in your clube but unfortunatly I don’t
    have a Visa card.sorry.

  • vekenus panggabean, S.Pd

    thank you very much

  • heri mantan kepsonic

    I believe in my english skil will level up by this way….

    thanks yo…salam buat teman2 d kepsonic dan sanko

  • gurbax cheema

    I love your lessons. They are very effective and helpful to learn real English.
    Than you you all

  • Le Thi Bich Van

    Thank you very much. I really like this video. It helps me a lot.

  • Islam Kamhawy

    Many Many Thanks for your efforts

  • anna luks

    Dear teachers! I thank you so much – your lectures are really helpfull for tuition English. I bless you by my the Lord Jesus. With love -anna l.

  • Hi j I like your liring sysetem I will regester your corse soon !

  • paco

    u’er the greatest teacher that i know

  • tariku

    i like your website b/c i get so many devolopment to learn english i would like to say God bless you and your service please help me more more

  • erdogan aslan

    I’ll wait your next steps. I liked them. They are very fancy and easy to learn English.

  • Daniel – Brazil (Sorocaba SP)

    These Webinars are very great. You really know how to learn easily. After to know your system, my English is improving very well.
    I would like to know you personally, but, unfortunately, I can’t go to the US to do it.

    Thanks a lot AJ, Joe and Kristin.

    I wish all the best for you!!!

    Best regards,

  • I can’t say except: THanks alot ,May God Bless You

  • lara

    Thanks a lot for your words, I like so much your voice, your passion. Your suggestions are so important for me for learn english and for learn one other language: danish.
    I hope you have a good day!
    Mange tak for dit atbejde kære AJ 😉

  • Nurlan

    Thank you for approving my English language, I really need to use it in my work everyday

  • I love these steps. It’s really helpful especially Step 1: Energy.

  • Janaina Calandra

    Hi Dear All
    I just love the webnars , mainly because it is created on a scientific basis and that´s why is so useful to learning process and to improve all aspects of live as well.

    Thank you very much,


    Campinas – Brazil

  • Hi dear teachers
    I really enjoyed learning from your courses ,lately i begin to notice a great and extra positive change in my speaking English,this is an exelent way for improve my engish.

    thanks a lot for AJ ,joe and kristin

  • Dorota

    First of all, thank you for posting this audio 🙂 You gave us some good ideas, so here come my questions. Could you tell us what the guy from Taiwan did? Which method did Jerry use? How did he learn to speak English like a native speaker?
    Thanks in advance

  • Vanessa

    You are the best teachers that I know.

  • Vanessa

    I love them. Thank You for help me. You are the better.

  • quesadillas

    i always miss you all

  • this is an exelent way for improve my engish, in my country we haven´t oportunities for getting a fluency engish.
    thank you so much friends.

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    Im looking for someone to borrow credit card…. I´ll get it I must

  • Julio C. Garcia

    thank you teachers, this videos
    healp me allot, I thing I am improbe my enbglish faster than
    I thing.

    thank you very much.

  • I will tell my friends about your lessons and it will be great if you could send us more videos each weeck to make English more easy.
    I am sure you know there are a lot of students around the world who are not able to buy your lessons so if it is possible try to help them improving their English.
    Best wishes

  • Thanks a lot for all your lessons; it is great to heard about you and receive your advice to improve our English. I feel good in speaking and listening so thanks again.

    with all my best wishes


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    i dont know how to thank you about these effective videos i liked it very much and it helped me alot thank you again and i am waiting for more

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    I understand at 100% the video.

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    I really enjoyed learning from your courses ,lately i begin to notice a great and extra positive change in my speaking English.Now i become able to undestand most of nartive English conversations especially the American ones that i apretiate a lot.I wanna say that im really so glad,thanks teachers you’re the best .the three essential steps lessons were so fantastic and interesting ,espetially the third one.thanks again GOD bless you
    your faithful student ,Sanae,
    Best regards

  • Neilton

    Excitement, this word define what this lessons provide to me, using a clear and simple method AJ “broken the Walls” to english teaching, that´s a REVOLUTIONARY ENGLISH TEACHING METHOD.


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    I congratulate all theachers of LRE !I love them for your work and for your generosity!
    Good bless you!

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    Hi AJ
    Because of you English is part, so enjoyable , of my life!
    Thanks and gratitude!

  • me too so much like!so,i’ll try the best under in yu’s teaching right.

  • Good evening. Indonesia west Sulawesi. thank you for email and send me lesson and videos.i wuld learn it carefuly and i hope it makes my bether than to day.
    …….thank you……

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    Your teaching is perfect.Ilike everything in your teaching.Thank You very much and best wishes to You in future.Thanks AJ ! you’re the greatest teacher.

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    Your advice is very encouraging. Thanks. I will try to go deeply in undertanding why I don’t speak easily.

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    Great step. Thanks our teachers for your hard efforts. God bless you all.

    Maria 🙂

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    Hi, Dear Theachers!
    Sorry if I have writing mistakes!
    I never studied English, but I like this language and I hope to learn it with your help.
    You are , all , perfect Theachers!
    And Mister AJ is so charming Theacher,so devote, so keen, and very good psychologist, who help us get to know better, to improve not only English, but our lives.
    Thanks that you exist!

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    I love this webinar series soooo much, thanks alot.

  • Hi AJ Joe & Kristan

    I’d like to express my profound gratitude to you and your team.With apologies to Charles Dickens we are very hungry `please sir can I have some more ?`Howerver I think you and your team have a great mission in this life and world ,
    Your work is help poor students too much,so my thanks is infinite to you.
    God bless you ,

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    Hi,i want to say thanks to all teacher of Learn Real English.I will keep on follow your step and ask myself whats is my motivation ,what level i want to achive .withou all this conversation ,i might not suceese.Thanks waiting for step 5

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    thanks very much for AJ ,joe and kristin. I very glad getting this essential step 3 and others. I am learn English now. But I’m sorry because I can’t long time to study English lesson but I want to try all your tip and your rule in learn real English at my spare time. I make sure to can speak English well within 6 months. Can I speak English within 6 months ?? I don’t know, Lets prove, together!!….
    I love you all so much. may god bless you all.

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    Thank you very much and best wishes to you in future. I like your videos

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    I thank your team for your wonderful and innovative work to uplift the standard of non-native English speakers.And indeed,your teaching has made a dramatic improvement in my English language proficiency and as a matter of fact I teach my fellow villagers using the words which I have learned from your podcast.

  • Thanks very much. u are very helpful teachers.

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    thanks a lot for AJ ,joe and kristin

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    honestly,now I know after Many years how I study english

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    Thanks You for sent me essential step 3 and others.
    I think you motivate me to speak english every day and begin to understand it step by step

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    I realy enjoy your lessons. Your vocabulary and your pronuntation is i would like to have.
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  • Aziz AG, thank you very much for submitting your email It’s a very useful and Alayda fun and easy to learn and I recommend to all who want to learn English

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  • So many metheds have for spokken English, but not tuch actual problem of facing hoever Real English is 100% to devolep and become very attractive so thanks lot for Real English

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    Thanks a ton AJ for your free cool Real English Conversation Step 3. Your pronunciation and accent are loud and clear. “You are the light of the world.”

    May God bless you & teamwork.
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    Thanks you for sent the 7 rules for learn real english, i’m practice, practice English every day.
    I want learn to speak English y know than with LRE the achievament.

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  • very important for my life

  • José Ramírez Carbonel

    Dear Learn Real English Professors:
    Your method of teaching/learning English Language is really fascinating. I have studied English Language for about 50 years and never found a method so efficient like yours. The “step 3” just received is an encouraging message for students. We, the students always need enlivening daily drives so we can go ahead breaking through lots of people who would also like to study this Language as a professional researching tool world wide. Scientific knowledge in Universities can not make any progress without Ennglish Language as a communication tool considering that the most famous authors have written their findings in this language.
    God bless you again
    José Ramírez Carbonel
    University Professor of
    English for Accountants and Auditors

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  • I am very grateful to divine grace to meet your team with Learn Real English. My deep desire had always been to get a support in conversation English and the opportunity to get to know Learn Real English is exactly what I need.I listen to your interesting topics with a great pleasure, repeat them and follow your learning instructions. My vision is to achieve an easy English conversation in a public speaking. I would be very happy to perform my profession in English so well as I can do it in Slovene. With your wonderful method and my great motivation I hope my dream will come true.
    Thank’s all of you and my warmest regards Marija

  • In fact I benefit a lot from your lessons . I need some new lessons to improve my language .