Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • arta

    I highly thanks for this site.I hope with your cooperation i solve my problem.

    best wishes

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    hi the first rule was fantastic and i will be appreciative of you sending me the others . i have experienced plenty different kinds of methods but yours is different . it is really powerful . i hope to speak fluently by following you . please do not leave me alone .bye

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    Just great, thank you so much.

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    This Guy is my role model .
    amazing English teacher .
    you are Great influence sir.

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    Hello, Mr.Christni, thank for advices to me in learning english .

  • christni

    My biggest problem in english is I barely can’t open my mouth to speak in english because too worried of making grammer mistakes.

  • rebaz

    hi.actually your webinar is very powerful when you talk about that we have to have a purpose.thank you very much.but your purpose…grow and learn,grow and learn,and then what?helping people!and then what and why?

  • Nocky

    You are my hero! =) thanks, dude!

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    please tell me how to learn English without boredom

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    hi,,i want to thank you for hard job you done i really appreciated it,,with my best wishes for you for more progress..

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    Hi .i like it . I agree it’s very essential step . I wonder how can I keep reminding my self with these steps. . Awesome video

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    This is an excellent webinar. All the series. Thanks a lot.

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    Thank for your advantages

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    Hello Teachers,

    You really are a great help to the people who really wanted to improve their English. As well as the speaking pattern of phrases that you teach us.Because i am one of them.. More power to your intentions.

    Thank you,


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    Thank you so much my dear teachers your lessons are good and very much useful


    hello thank you so much ,i am very happy your English web

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    really u r amazing , u have astonished me

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    Hi AJ,
    I will think seriously about my personnel mission, it’s so important to has a clear goals in my life to follow them.

    thanks for the advices,

  • vu vu

    thank you very much,I want to get acquainted with you, I come from Vietnam, I was born in 1989, -, want to become familiar with all of you on all countries

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    Yeah that is it. You teach us more than english, that is great. Thank U

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    hi sir,againg…..thanks all of you,i want to lessin ant devolpe my english so culde send me some audio please.

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    You are a incredible discovery for me.

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    Thanks for your effort i can’t found any word to describe your effort really thanks

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    Hi AJ,
    I watched all the videos of Seven Essencial Steps series. It’s fantastic…congratulations!
    Thank you for share your knowledge with us.

  • fateme alaei

    Hi.I’m glad to join to you .
    I hope to improve in speaking and writing and conversation .
    Thanks a lot for helping.

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    thank you very much to all of you! I’m really enjoying these lessons and the feeling of great confidence that your style is delivering to me. You’ve done a great work!

  • tony phuong

    your great lesson can help me to get my energy back when i dont know how to do something right in my life!

    Thanks alot teacher!

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    thank you very much!

  • Em

    Hi AJ,

    I’m hooked up with your lessons! Not only will I improve my English but you also teach me to define my goals, pursue them with passion and vigor. I feel your energy! I was actually sleepy when I opened your webinar but now I’m ready to go! See you later, I’m going to the gym now. 🙂

    Thanks much for your unselfish desire to help people like who struggle with English.

    God bless.

  • Jerwin

    You’re the best teacher! Great lesson it helps me a lot!!! thank you!!! God bless!!!

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    Really I am so lucky to find like these lessons , You make me feeling that i put myself on first step of correct way to learn English . Go a head Go a head and please keep touch with me.

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    I have been following your lessons….and it did helped me a lot with my English. Keep on teaching, sir.

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    You make me feeling that i had spent a lot of time in the wrong way to study english language , but i am lucky to find your way .
    great thanks

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    Two days passed after I’ve got received your lessons and wanna say that it works great. Many thanks to all of you….

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    Hi AJ! You speak so confidently. You are spontaneous and full of life. I wish I could be like you. Thank you for sharing this video. Please continue to inspire many people with your webinar.

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    thnk you you made kind of course, im happy and excited to learned more.godbllss these website


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    hi,AJ your amazing and you’re great speaker now i learned from you and i hope it’s help me to improve my english conversations from defferents people anywhere.thank you a lots.god will bless u……

  • Ashymaa

    You ARE great ,AJ..You sound like a heavenly minster or so I think …Wahtever you say really works with me ..I feel grown up now in the way I think ,in the way I conduct whatever thing..It helps me arrange my ideas and set my feet inthe right direction instead of being all of dither or distarcted all the time ..May ALLAH bless you for ur sheer sincerety …

  • ilovehim2

    im realy thankful that thay made this video…now i can lean more about speaking english

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    i really like this essential steps that is axactly the kye!!

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    thank you to be with us

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    THANK YOU A LOT FOR every thing
    i am very proud of you

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    Hi, I’d like to thank you guys once more, you don’t just teach English, but you motivate people to succeed in life, that’s amazing!! Once again, thanks a lot!!
    Vagner, from Brazil.

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    Hi AJ, Kristin and Joe, u guys are amazing… I really2 like ur lesson..Thank u so much 🙂

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    I like your lesson so much. thanks so much.
    have a great day A.J.

  • what can i say aj.. your great, you r amazing your infectious.. actually every-time i listen to you.. i start speaking english..its like, i dont know how to explain it.. thank you so much for these webenars.. more power..and i wish i can be as passionate as you..

  • Naglaa Abd El-Wahab

    Dear Teachers,
    Thanks a lot for remembering me . I like your lessons very much .I’m a teacher of English and your good lessons and dialogues improved my English so much . I hope I’ll be better with you .
    Have a nice day .

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    thank so much for ur mail, ur lesson and video clip
    wish u and all friend in this comment good luck all time

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    thank you sending me this essential steps of learning english and developing leadership.
    these steps are really toughing mind.

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    If somebody does not know what his purpose, he can not go there or it is same nothing. Yeah, I am agree with your team AJ. Develop the mission of our life and deep understand it then we will go.

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    How fun is to receive your lessons. Tjank you a lot!!!!!!!

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    Thank you so much.Iam very happy because you sent me email about how to speak english well. now I try to learn real english.

    thank you.

  • Hi our teachers.
    I would like to ask you one question can some one who has got sixty years old learning English?
    [PeterJungs 8 February 2011]
    We have many students older and many younger.

  • Hi,Kristin Dodds, Joe Weiss, A.J. Hoge
    Thank you for the consistent e-mails.I really appreciate it! Your teaching methods are very interesting and entertaining. I hope they will be useful for me long-term. With many thanks,

  • kambiz

    I’m very thankful that I’ve join in this program cause it helps me to improve my communication skill and I request if you can sent me more of your lesson and your lecture but you know we can,t send money becase we are in prohibition .

  • Ju

    Thanks a million for all the unselfish sharing. People like you truly make the world a better place!

  • baser

    I’m glad to discover you guys,your club is a great help to us who wish to learn and improve our english speaking. I hope you’ll not get tired in helping the needy rather you instill more & more knowledge and methods on how we can learn quickly. thank’s and more power 2 u.

  • Amal

    I don’t know how i should thank my good teachers u ’re really kindly with us u give all what u have good informations to speak confidently . Although that i always enter lots of websites but i didn’t find a good web like u i’m happy that i know u .SOi wish of u to increase us lots of informations ’re related to ENGLISH SPEAKING .THANX FOR ALL

  • Thank you for the consistent e-mails.I really appreciate it! Your teaching methods are very interesting and entertaining. I hope they will be useful for me long-term. With many thanks, Marianna from Hungary

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    AJ Hoge I LIKE to see ur videos

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  • thank you very much for your advices. All those steps to teach english are easy and practical. you are great!!!
    thank you again.

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    I’m very pleased and helpful.
    I will apply these in my class.
    once again, thanks a lot.

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  • Thank you for the consistent e-mails.I really appreciate it! Your teaching methods are very interesting and entertaining. I hope they will be useful for me long-term. With many thanks, Marianna from Hungary

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    Thank u veeeery much for sending me this videos, they really helped me 🙂
    God bless you all.

  • iam very happe to get many viedo and lesons lwant to say teachers thanks and lhope good luck all of them

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    just to say you are marvellous,fantastic AJ HOW TO BE like you a fantastic speaker with a sweet voice, even children can understand you angel,i’m so glad and proud to take advantage of all this, your free e-mail course, advice and many proposals please dont change AJ because of you; i’m trying my best now it wasn’t impossible really you are GREAT AJ THANGS A LOT may GOD BLESS YOU WITH ALL YOUR TEAM

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    I’m very thankful cause it helps me to improve my communication skill. My daughter(17) and I (45)are learning English with you and we’re loving it Your videos transmit your passion for your you work and we can get energized instantly!!! Congratulations to you and your team!! Thank you so much!!

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    Hello great teacher,

    Really I dont know how I thank you.Your lessons and emails are courage me to learn English faster,but If we wan to learn English we have to speak it with native speakers,but in this country that I live people dont speak English correctly .I mean we want more practice ,for example on skype or any way.
    thanks so much
    [PeterJungs 31 January 2011]
    The Effortless English Club is an online forum where our member/students may network and discuss their English learning. When you purchase Real Conversations you are eligible to join the forums.

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    Thank you so much, you are superb! when I listen to you I can understand everything you say. you are a really excellent teacher who I ‘ve ever seen. thank you again for your help.

  • I am very thankful for the Teachers for their effort to send me an e-mail of Step 2, which really of great help for me to learn real English.

    Thank you very much Teachers. God bless you always.

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    i live in afghanistan ther is internet very sloly .i want sent some text not .

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  • i missing you , because no send me more video. ask do’nt undastend of me more ok. i love study english with you.

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    Hi A.J. , your speech is very inspirational and true. It seems like ” The low of attraction”.
    Thank you all of you hugely for helping us overcoming hesitation and insecurity we feel occasionally. It undoubtedly gives us ” fuel” and satisfaction when we struggle ahead .

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    This step a little bit difficult to me but i will tery and I always like your approach that realy help us to improve our speaking thx might

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    your method is so helpfull.
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    but, now i am not shy for practis english with someone or chating with new friend and i dont care about my english not
    i have improve every day.. thank for’s great..


    Hey AJ, As usual I enjoyed the webinar you sent to me tonight, but… I’d like to ask you a question. It is: “Have you ever been called obsessive?” I am asking you this question, cause I am considered (by family, co-workers, friends) an obsessive person just because everything I do, I do it with passion.

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    I know what you are talking about. And it’s not easy to apply. it’s a big war betwen you and your self . In one word it’s to be passion. Take all time that it needs to catch the purpose: to realise your purpose.

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    i’m sorry this time ican’t undearstand what you want say may be you used more words i undearstand it but i want thank you for all advice
    iwant tall you sam thing i use translation dictionery if i don’t know any words what mean
    thank you my frined

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  • A Big Thank you AJ Horge, your 1st and 2nd Essential Stept/ Learn Real English Conversation are really great and fruitful to our local ChurCh members in Bangkok, Thailand.

    You and your teamwork are richly blessed. “Giving is happier than Receiving.” What you sow today, is what you reap tomorrow! Amen.

    John Yonker.

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    Best Regards A.J

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    Still, I need your piece of advice! I consider myself to be a passionate person, however, my passion never lasts long. If I try my best to achieve smth and after some time realise that all my efforts have been in vain, I simply give up, feel disappointed and never come back to the issue any more. A good example of it is my participation in the TEA Programme. I’ve tried to become a finalist for 6 times! At first, I’ve been simply refused, then I’ve become a semi-finalist (twice). At last I’ve beeb chosen as an alternative candidate! The funniest thing about it is that the questions of the application form were the same all 6 times!That is the story how I’ve lost my great goal. Of course, I’ve got a lot of other goals, but every time I ca’t achieve smth. I always remember my failure rather than success. What do you think about my problem?


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