Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Narayan

    I won’t too learn video

  • ghani says

    you are realy a good teachers

  • Javier Daniel Aguilera Villaseñor

    Hi,A:J.,not too far ago, maybe two months or so I wrote a comment to you .I am your student but you dont know this because I bougth your effortless english lessons with a credit card that one of my son´s borrowed me. So, I want to tell you this because I´m sure you don´t have me listed as your student, and I´m very grateful with you, I´ve really learned a lot from your course, and right now, I´ve received the first one of the seven Learn Real English rules in my e-mail. I will certanly buy this second course in the next days.Tanks a lot A.J.!

  • indra magar

    dear sir/madam
    i miss you,still i riding 7 rules now i can speak english.thanks

  • ANNA

    thank you very much

  • khurram

    Hi, it is very useful for me. I found it very easy for learning English. thanks for all your efforts.

  • aung kyaw

    Thank you so much for your gratitude.I am interested in studying english. I am waiting for so long like the chance. I am sure this is the true and correct lessons. I belive so that. I am going to try hard help me.I think that I am very bad myself.May I discuss with them because I can’t speak english very well although I learn english. Have a great time. Good bye . Sincerely yours…Aung

  • Ahmed

    Hi my name is Ahmed from Saudi Arabia and I am a college student I want to learn English I know a few words of English Language PS I do not know the structure of sentences and configure Alsoal to Ask and I if I heard Banas Athdthot English understand some speech, etc.
    And I want to learn English and I learned very well and I want to help you and thank

  • Victoria Kim

    A J, thanks a lot, you’re excellent motivator!
    I love your English lessons so, so much!
    I’m sure that your lessons are the best!

  • Lamie Nasser Dawood

    Dear teachers
    Thank you very much for your kind letter and I also hope you a good NEW YEAR . I am very glad to be one of your students . Please help me because I really need to learn the good English from you and to speak it easily . I repeat my thanks to you . Solong .

  • Avelino Marcal

    It is very useful to improve my English I think not only my English but also change my life. so thanks a lot.

  • Miki lee

    This lesson is very helpful to I will learn rightnow!

  • maro

    your lessons are very easy to understand but only for people who was learning english in past .. i thing so !

  • papiniang

    You dont only teach english, you teach life ! thanks for this great video

  • toofan55

    m depend on a number of factors, including: study time per day, current English level, and the motivation of the learner.

  • Takashi

    Thank you for your video.

    I bought Learn Real English in January.
    I studied lesson 1.But for me it is very
    difficult.So I did not continue to study.
    But today I watch your video.So I want to
    study one more time.
    I do my best.

  • shawky

    Iwant to start to learn real english

  • shawky

    Iwant to start to learn real english
    from today through E-mails

  • ileana

    I’ll be in England ,Leicester for work,I thing I now speek english,but becaouse I did’t spook with nobody…is not so easy but I did understand everything you say in the video…By By

  • Ahmed

    hi , i need the lessons but ihave no monay to buy
    so i need hilb from evry one bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
    dont for get me

  • nihad

    I find it difficult to English to talk with a professor at the department and I do not understand anything about what you are saying to the wish to learn something from you Thanks

  • ali from algeria

    however hard i try to speak more fast i cannot do it without you .thank you so much.

  • shakeel akbar

    i am an English teacher at Govt.comprehensive school,sialkot city,pakistan.I have been teaching for many years but i always feel problems in speaking good english. Now by using your 7 rules of speaking english ,language learning is becoming quite easy for me
    Thanks a lot A.J.Hoge

  • norj

    to change draws opportunity, and energy represents positive outlook and lastly healthy lifestyle makes every learning fun and lighter. That’s the essential key in learning english steadfastly. Thanks A.J 🙂

  • Sally Ahmed Abd Elkader khalil

    Thanks a lot for your attention and your helps.

  • gena

    I love learning english but it is difficult for me to speak faster.I saw your web and im very happy to learn here.I hope you will help me to improve my english,You are amazing…,thanks a lot.

  • Shaymaa

    Thank you all for every things

  • alice paurnia

    great!!! it makes me inspired to learn more about speaking real english, real conversation that i wasn’t know when i was studying in college…thanks a lot making me highly inspired…

    I’m Alice from philippine

  • Jincy nellissery ouseph

    When I watched your introduction video u know I got much inspiratiOn from u sa well as energy thank u very much . Plz could u send mOre video 4 me?

  • Nevine

    I regret now all the English language courses which I studied by the academic education…. where are you from a long time to know how learn a real English ??
    Thank you so much for your effort.

    I’m Nevine from Egypt.

  • Jamal

    yeah that’s what I was looking for since my first year at college..your lessons are fantastic and I liked them all..I influenced very much by MG..jamal aidani from Morocc:)

  • fauziah

    Hallo,I’m Fauziah.For your information my english very week,I shy to spek english at my friends.I cant follow your rule to improve my english.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Nocky

    Greeting from Russia! I’ve been learning English almost a year by myself without any teachers. I join you now. I’m attracted by your energy!

  • alaa hatem

    i am glad to join

  • Madlen

    The idea to develop personal power and health is great! Congratulations!
    It remains to find a way to increase personal power, or perhaps to redirect available energy until we can find an appropriate way to increase energy.
    Thanks for the wonderful lessons you share! Now I understand that they are so attractive because they are loaded with lots of personal energy.
    I like them very much and again thank you!

  • Ray Taboada

    I want learn Realy English my conversation is poor and I need more skills thank

  • shirin

    hey that realy works! Thanks a million.

  • Dina

    dear my favorite teacher ,,i really liked your first rule for delevoping ourselves..yes we really need to focuse on developing our energy i think this is the core of development ,,,and at the same time any tool for improvment will be useless if will not be supported with our very positive enrgy ..for the time being ..i’m gonna focuce on eating more vegteables as i seldom eat vegatables ..and will see if this works or not :)…thanks my teacher for your always support

  • Mohamed Mahmoud

    6 😀 that’s a very simple equation 😀

  • ameerat2

    Thank you very much
    it was Frankly excellent work and great effort and great thank you

  • Anthony Gil (Dominican republic)

    Hi , distinguished teachers . specially to A.J hoge . I have to tell you that I have many years studying english in order to know much more about american grammar and its accents , But.. I realized that I don’t know as much as i thought I did . then a friend of mine told me about ur english effortless program 🙂 I started to figure out all about you and ur english program on youtube what more can I say ? it’s amazing how many ppl from differents countries say the same of u “you’re an excelent teacher ” go on teaching just that way I’ll always be a follower more of you. greeting from Dominican republic

  • arlene

    hi teachers I’m so glad that we found you and we teach us REAL ENGLISH CONVERSATION. thanks for teaching us for free. but the problem is i want to learn more for free because. i can afford that. can u please teach me more about REAL ENGLISH.

  • mosaab

    Hello …. Now I Filling English languge very easy , Thank you so much

  • bashir

    Hallo! iam a new person and this is my first time i visit this page so i tell the theachers that i want more helps .
    best regards

  • Tsigie

    Dear Teachers,
    I was interested in with ur Real English Conversation
    but now u asked me to pay money b/c I Am asyudent I can’t aford it sory miss You.

  • Giuditta Benini

    Today I have watched this video and I have downloaded the text.
    The article is very interesting because the topic is very important in all our life and reading it I can improve my English and all my person (brain and body). I think however that the energy given by the video lessons (and not the text alone) is enormous: I am able to understand everything just looking at the teacher . I’d like to listen this webinar as a lesson many times with my iPod , but I haven’t found the audio file . I think that the day I have met Learnrealenglish on internet has been one of the luckiest of my life. Torino(italy) 13-3 12 Giuditta

  • Fidaa

    Hi AJ,
    I think your energy is more than amazing, i like your character so much.
    i would love to follow your step to improve my english…. so go a head!

    Many thanks for your effort.

  • Anwar

    Dear sir,
    It is to inform you that my English so week.
    if you will teach learn English conversation ,I can better speak English, and I shall be very well Establish life,
    sir, therefor, please kindly tech me that I hope
    I shall success in life, but you will refuse me.
    my life will be finished.

    I shall will be thanking for you.

    Best Regards


  • emin

    I am so happy about that..

  • Salah

    hi everyone and my thatchers
    I’m so happy to join you in this perfect web-site, i just don’t know how to get energy, but i’ll try to have it.
    by the way thank you so much

  • khaled

    Iam so happe to found thes Video.AJ take me an big Energy.Thank you so much

  • cynil

    hi iam one of your followers, i saw this video its great to know, now iknow how to speak english just alittle beat! tnx alot and keep up the good work

  • ciacia

    Hi.. I was amazed when i read everything in your advertisement and encouraging people like me. Im not good in english, obviusly. But i am very very willing how to learn english grammar. As A having a College degree, most of them they are good english. The tuth is everytime I speak in english, im a little bit confused and shy. Maybe because im thinking that they will laugh with me.

    Thank you. I hope u will give me a chance to shares what u have.

  • mazen

    thankyou for this lessons.

  • Tuya

    This is the great video I have ever seen. Energy is an utmost important thing than anything else. I have watched tons of English video lessons online and they just start to talk about what is English or grammar something like expected things. Conversely, this video is amazing, interesting. You are on the ball, AJ! This is what I am looking for, The Energy. I want to be just like a go-getter. You made me realize the important thing that I was missing. I am glad I found this video. Thank and wish you tons of energies to your life.

  • semanur

    like everyone l want to improve my english and so l want to speak different people than different countries. but l can’t find friends. l think if l practise with other friends, my english will improve. l am shy so l can’t speak real people out.

  • Dara

    Hello Mr. Kristin Dodds, Joe Weiss, & A.J. Hoge

    I am Dara from Cambodia. I would like to say thanks you very much for your very wonderful programs that help me to know the effective learning real English.

  • Tsvetko Yovev

    I am really appreciate of yours first step. It seems very logistic and powerfull. You are right: Everywhere energy is the fist step to reach the top.

  • nony

    Hi i am njood from ksa thank you very mutch for AJ i hope learn real english

  • janviere

    Thank you for lesson. I started speaking easly in one week following these7rules. you are good teacher.

  • alsokoot

    hi, friends

    I’m very happy when I listened to you said about fast way to learn english. really I’m exited for began step 1

    thank’s alot

  • GÜL

    hii thank for free videos they are wonderfull

  • mohsen

    Hello! I love speak English but i can’t very good speak English .I want to learn English by Learn Real English! Thanks a lot dear teacher A.J and dear other teachers..

  • rania

    you are one of the greatest teachers i have listened to them , really I’m so happy to listen to you and hope from myself to do what you say which is ” Increase my energy ” I’ll work on it 🙂 thank you very very much 🙂

  • Hasan

    Salam !! thanks a lot for these lessons, i really liked’em from the first vid, i usually don’t like staring at somebody while he’s talking for more than 2 minutes but you “succeded” to attract my attention and keep me watching the whole video,i really really enjoyed this first step, ENERGY that is ! i’m gonna start downloading the rest of the vids right now ! thanks a bunch !

  • Justin

    Don’t know what to comment, just want to say Thanks you very much…..Learn Real English

  • Swifty An

    hi everybody, my full name is Nguyen Thi An and i’m from Viet Nam. i just speak a little E and i fell very hard to lean english well , ezpecially listening and speaking. i hate grammar because it’s teriible. how can i do improve my E

  • Yuri

    Hello everybody.
    Especially my regards for AJ.
    I have worked through all seven rules and up to now I’ve completed all seven essential step for change and leadership. It’s great! I listened and repeated every video so many time that it could seem to me that It’s just I am saying that stuff, not AJ. All videos helped me a lot in understanding certain aspects of English speech, mainly when me hear orally.
    But I have a favour to ask you about one thing.
    In the Seven Essential Step, at the end of your speech, you told that you would send one more video to sum up all 7 steps. Unfortunately I haven’t got it.
    Could you please send me a link to that one. It’s essential for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards, your student from Russia, Yuri.

  • Jolanta


    I am Jolanta from Lithuania.This moment I live with my son in Uk. I have two specialties, nurse and health psychologist, but I can not go this time to work, because of the insufficient knowledge of English speaking, although I taught at the University to come here but my English skills are equal to zero.
    would love to learn to speak English at communicating with people.

  • Santos Jaimes

    Les pido sub titular todas las conversaciones.
    Nos ayudaría mucho el leer la palabra, simultaneo con escucharlo

  • Joanna

    What an energetic teacher you are!
    I really love the way you teach us, thank you very much!!
    Your video has motivated me to become more energetic!
    Now I’m going to do more exercise to be healthier.
    God bless you all the time! Thanks (:

  • Eva

    I can’t believe this wonderful information is for free. Your rules and lessons are great! Kepp on!

  • Sharon

    thanks to share you “secret” with everybody. yes you’re so right that every aspect in our life demands energy–especially when it comes to make it success.
    I very much like your speech on this topic. I live in Taiwan(R.O.C.)and have never been to a western country. Listening to your program, I really hope to have a good command of English. Maybe I should start with taking care of health, I mean, why not!

  • kim

    i have just studied your lessons for 2 days. i realize that it is very interesting and very very useful. thank you so much!!!

  • Adriano Lemos

    Hi everyone,
    I started my set of lessons just there’s 4 months ago and now I can compreenhed and speak so easy with my friends on which are from other country. If you want to increase or boost your english you shall try this method called Effortless because it the best and you’ll achieve your dreams and positive thoughts.

  • Norma Beatriz

    Hi teachers, thank you so much for your lessons and all the materials you share with your on line students.It’s an excellent tool of learning more about the language.I’m argentinian and this site is the best option I’ve ever found in my life.

  • Alexandru Stoica

    My dear teachers(friends with your permission),
    I’m Alex from Romania,living and working in London,UK.I just want to thank you very much for your 7 rulles to learn real english.It is amazing how these rulles enlightened me. I can say without exaggeration it was a revelation for me.So thanks again,all three teachers in equal measure you are the best I seen ever.God bless you.
    Best regards from England from an romanian admirer.

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    thank you so much

  • Elena


  • Doina

    My name is Doina. I am from Romania.My level english ia A1.I need to speak English at work.I am happy becouse I can study English with teacher like you.
    I am looking foward to purchase your lessons as soon . Thanks!
    Best regards

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    Many Thank for your lesson, I’m able to use that way and practicing I love to talk and hate grammar.
    …And love this program…

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    Hi all,

    I am busura,from afghinstan,I just started recently with you, I hope you guys help me in my english Im very weak while speaking with expats.
    looking forward to your replys.

  • Bushra

    I just joined this website,its seem a very uesfull website!!

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    Hi lecturer
    Thank you so much for teaching me
    by online so I will be try listening for learnrealenglish continue.
    Best regards

    Savon Chhit

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    WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! I have no words. I’ve just watched your video about 1st step and I’m so impressed! I’m sitting now in shock)) you’re really the most ENERGETIC TEACHER I’ve ever seen!!!)) I feel how your energy goes though my computer screen) I can’t even predict what the 2nd step will be! I’m going to watch all of them) thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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    AMAZING,,,,,,KEEP UPLOAD..!!!!!

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    Hello, Teacher and all friends
    I want to study English and practice it . I want to speak like teacher however I would like to thank you so so so much for your lesson and I will try all my best to study this

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    vivo en bello colombia y quiero el video de muestra, que hago???

  • hi all friends and all teacher in Real Englih .Im so glad that i join with all of you in Real Englih .i hope i can improve my English as well as that i can try hard. if i have the enough ability i gonna find the scholarship to study abroad .
    Thanks .Good luck!@!!!

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    Hi all

    I started resently with you, still i don’t know it is work for me or no but i am happy to listen and read some thing. when i am here some thing, i fill am alife and other people also alife. So, i want to continue with you and injoy my time with you, also i want to learn more from you, because my first goal is learning english online with out any real teacher and sitting in one small classroom.
    Yes, i will try to learn and will take your help…..

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    thank you very much for information
    theching speak englis and I am hope you give me sand your video speaking english more

  • Thanks you for sharing this article with us. I wish to see you one day im mirsayinama. Then we like to talk a little bit longer about that. Thanks Mohamed

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    Before i started the 1st lesson, i drink a beer.
    I dont know this is good or not (energy), but this lesson was enjoyable!
    I wait concerned the next course!


  • Angga Renaldo

    Hi friends, I’m Angga from Central Borneo, Indonesia.
    I learned lots of grammar rule when I was a college student four years ago.
    I’ve learned most of the theories and most of them are traditional methods and I’m still learning today, but so far I feel there’s something less when I just learn the theories, I need more. So when I found this site and I joined, I read the email and I watched your first video sent to my email, wow… I feel that this is what I’ve been searching for. Your method is totally fresh out my concept in learning English. Thank you so much, and I’m so lucky to find this site, and I’m waiting for your next success keys….. GBU… God bless this site 🙂 forgive my structures.

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    Thank you very much for your English lessons, until now i’ve found them really easy, so I’m gonna make some extra effort cuz I can understand 99% but my speaking is not so easy 🙂 God bless u, keep helping and thank you for all.

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    but i want more real.

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    I’am a new sunbscriber at learnRealEnglish, i found your courses very useful and it helping me to be a goog english speaker

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    Thank you
    my teacher when my started learning english Iam bought some books but un happy because dont useful him self but now happy because your teching english for away nice

  • happy to something new again, thank you.

  • Dear A.J.,

    You are really big enthusiast for learning! This is what I need now. (Anyway, my wife is a teacher too in the Czech Republic). I started my English in Australia since 2007. That I mean absolutely from zero :o)

    I wish you a lot of students…

    Have a nice day and take care

    Robert Prokes

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    Very very exciting! I was very happy to join to Real English program. My listening skill specially my listening skill has been very improved in short time since i followed the 7 Rules which are sent to my email address. So, these new 7 steps for Improvement is very interesting and useful for me. I really hope i will have English skill native speakers have. Good luck you GREAT job 🙂

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    This is my first time here, I like your concept of teaching english.I think I know quiete well english, but the problem is I can’t talk spontaneous english with content.I mean, I am not used to give opinion , I am always passive.I am positive your website wil help me fix my problems.Furthermore, my pronounciation, sucks!

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    It’s just a great point. I always make a good plan for myself. I want to do a lot of things a day, but I never make it. I feel tired all the time. Now I know the reason. Thank you so much!

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    Thank you so much for ladies and gentlemen at Lear Real English.

  • wow its important lesson iam very intersite because when I lisen the losson I understand more

    thank u AJ and other teachers

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    I am glad I joint into your community.


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    really,this is the great programm of learning english in website
    but please can you make vidio-lessen for tring the true conversation

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    Thanks a lot for helping us to improve our english speaking skill.Really,arong 2 years back i was unable to understand and speak my colleages english,they are americans.But now i am confident that i can talk with them easily.
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    Wow…it’s fantastic way that you have given me. It’s amazing. I promise myself that I would not change my way in learning English. Just in here….

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    Thank you so much Aj,joe and kristin I got really benefited from your lessons I finished them all but I didn’t really get the chance to speak with people in English for along duration of time Really I feel hungry to speak I’m sick of speaking to my self in English but I’m also happy cuz now I can say i can apply for a job in which i can use my English thanks again guys

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    The Effortless English Club is an online forum where our member/students may network and discuss their English learning. When you purchase Real Conversations you are eligible to join the forums.

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