The English Learning Engine

Learning English can be challenging. You need powerful tools to learn how to speak English fluently.

So in this video video you will learn about The English Learning Engine.

English speaking and understanding English conversation is easy when you have the right tools to learn English. Use this English Learning Engine study English and you will succeed!


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Cabdicasiis Hasan

    Hi Cabdicasiis how we can’t learn english

  • Nasri

    Thank you sir. spectacular rules, I really liked.

  • igor

    I’ve been following the Lessons for 1 year now. Everything said here is completely true. If you didn’t download “7 Rules” pls do it now, I use this Idea also for my French, and it works 100%! My one and only problem is that I’m 60 … AJ where were you when I was 14? 🙂

  • nagim

    thank you

  • Vladimir

    Hi my Teachers ! I`m listening Your lessons and watching Your lessons in your nessage and it all very good for me and my English . Thank you a lot for this .
    I wish you good job in this way .
    Thank you !

  • Somaie

    Hi, your email emotions me to continue. Thanks

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    Thanks. Your method is really the best

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    I am so thanks for sharing these videos with us . You are an excellent English teacher . I have been in Abu Dhabi Etihad airways in Maintenance facilities supervisor one years ago to improve my English , I stayed there for one year. I had good experience of life. Where I could have Real English experience , Irish Accent is very difficult to understand ,after Going to Ireland I could realize that was a great challenge to improve my English,difficult to understand other accent. can you please guide me?

  • elynn foong

    Thanks for your video 🙂

  • eliver

    Hi, teacher thank you very much for all the example you giving to us it is very helpful for me.specially the video…time to time I’m always follow your advice even I’m very bz to my work.but before I go to sleep I’m listening the English conversation.until now my English is not good. but, i am happy bcoz I know all you is there to guide not only me all of your follower…thank you very bcoz of this program…specially all the teacher.more power God bless you all.

  • sawsan

    thanks for all team working in the learn real english program … realy now i wont learning real english a slang and genral english without boring cause is not complex just need a time and correct app or porgrams … realy thank you so much .. always i´m waiting the new emails


  • Amira Mostafa

    Hello my teacher A.J.Hoge,thanks alot for this video and all is very helpfull and practical. It guide us how to do.and for myself ,i need more of your advices , instructions and lessons because i want to be more better in english specially to be able to make a speed conversations without stoppage.

  • Gilmar

    Hello Prof. A.J. Hoge,

    I am so thanks for sharing these videos with us . You are an excellent english teacher . I have been in Dublin six years ago to improve my english , I stayed there for one year. I had good experience of life. Where I could have Real english experience , Irish Accent is very difficult to understand ,after Going to Ireland I could realize that was a great challenge to improve my english , because in my country (brazil) we use to learn american accent and after being in Ireland so I felt in my skin how is difficult to understand other accent.

    Best Regards ,

    Mr. Gilmar

    São Paulo City

  • Alois

    I fell like a superocket now!!

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    thank you your video is great and useful

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    Thank you so much it is very useful, But we need more videos to be sent to us.

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    thank you sir you tech for us English.but sir we are need most more video for learning English.
    we are hope you send any other nice video for us.

  • Mustafe good

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  • Apolinar

    I´m motivated. I´ve always been motivated since I was ten years old, I´m now 63 years old and I can´t speak english fluently. I have always been a good english student even when I was at high school I was the first in the english class. What can I do?. Greetings to all of you

  • Luiz Ruffo

    Dear teachers, I’m improving my knowlege learning your mini story lessons and experiences.
    Your methods are really powerfull and easy.
    I’m an admirer of you three.
    You are not only teachers, but also friends.
    Thanks a lot.
    Luiz Ruffo / Santos / Brazil

  • Nauman Malik

    AJ, Joe & Kristin, you are the rock stars of English teaching

  • romeo

    English is the way method to communicate the person, in other nationality, its better idea to talk, its person speaking english languge, some people
    He did not fluent speaking english, but some words, speaking, always understand using the common words and action, rigth,

  • Arpad Kriston

    Hi, My Dear English Teachers,

    I am yet over the 2eme lessons of your LRE program. Also I can manifest that your method is very powerfull and entertaining as well. And theses buth together are really motivates.

    Thank you very, very, much…

  • ramil emborong

    thank you sir & more power, i will enrole soon

  • tomas ronny siambaton

    Hi… All Teacher English Lerning Engine,
    My Name : Tomas Ronny,I’m from and live in Indonesian. I’m very need and antuasias to know how to powerfull speak with English fluently. And I think this the way i can learn with native English.

    thanks very much

  • Vishwareena Vanoo

    Thank you
    Yes I agree
    I need more energy.
    This video is very useful to me and it motivates me

  • aim

    Hello.peace be upon you..
    I am from ksa..
    Right now I am studing english because I love this language
    Your lessons with your powerful methods are the motivation that always makes me never give up learning english
    I admier your excellent pronounsation the most..
    Best wishes

  • zaydee virla

    Me gusta vuestra forma de hecho, tengo anos estudiando ingles, y aun no puedo tener una conversacion fluida, siempre pense que los chicos, hablan ingles sin aprender reglas, gracias

  • Hisham Abid Aldabagh

    Dear teaching group,
    Dear my friends and colleagues throughout the world

    I wish a happy new year for all of you, with your families, friends, and relatives.

    My great teacher, really , I find something new with you in every new lesson or video, I feel that your words perforate my mind deeply and touch the actual site of learning real English.I wish I get the optimal benefits from your lessons and videos to be able to speak English fluently.


    It is really, so influence, capable, with complexity and humble. To learn good practice of native English.
    It is nice experience and knowledge and proud to be learn good lesson. Now it is pertaining to enjoyable and good.

  • hamada1997

    Hello I understand useful with this videoes that I may speak English well but my parents say that I must study grammar rules and the single words. What can I do to not study it?

  • José Malafaia

    Estou mesmo com vontade de aprender English, mas, no momento não tenho condição de pagar. Se puderem ajudar-me ficarei muito grato.

    José Malafaia

  • ina

    Thanks to your powerful method, my English now is so much better than before. I’m feeling more confident and relaxed when speaking to my colleagues and English native speakers. It really helped me a lot. Keep it doing with the same energy and enthusiasm. THANK YOU

  • Henri

    thanks for the video, that is a great idea and real make me get high motivation to study English.

  • jomzzz

    hello aj, christine, joe.most of all i would like to thank you very very much. because actually its more powerfull about i studying this lesson learn real english its ambelievable. i can speak fluenty easyly for the basic common language.actually im not perfect to undertanding, and i need more practicing how to speach infront of the people.bacause you know,i just starting to lesten about one monht ago.i have more succeed.just like my interview last day of 19thursday..i am so really proud to myself.because that time of interview.realy i did not feel nervous im not scared.because i am ready to be a manager.i’m so excited how to speach infront of the big you know what happen.all of them well be luagh about me and we thank pass already..god blesss

  • Peter Ang

    Good as a dad I am really into English as I want to pursue my goals to become an English teacher in China so that I can make a living in China—what you think? a good idea?

  • Peter Ang

    Well what can I say it is superb english
    This man speak very slowly that is good for my 2 sons
    whereby they can understand all words that has come out from his mouth

    bravo —kudos good –awesome

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    thank you so mutch

  • Piero

    Thank you for your tips and videos which I consider very effective.
    The “engine” is likely the 8th rule for a powerful learning.
    I’m looking forward for other revelations from you!

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    All of video and you real english calsse i am so happy thank´s for agan

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    thank you for this video
    but i am very sad

  • Shamsi Javankar

    I believe your method is best and very useful & you are expert, but I have 2 problems:
    1- I have internet connection problem in my country.
    2- I can’t use credit card to pay for lessons, because I live in Iran.
    So I like & hope you can help me my English gets better. If everything go well, I will be in U.S after about 3 months.
    Dr. Sh. Javankar

  • tesfa

    thankful for teach me by on lane everyday i really improve my english you taought me a lot so thank you so much

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    thank you sir. your method is very fantastic .really i appreciate you efforts and i hope to obten mote thank you again.

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    You are surely very talented teacher!Your lessons are exciting!

  • Paulo Gusmão

    Hello AJ.
    I’m so glad with your method.I have improved a lot each lesson.
    When I found out your site on the Internet that was the first time I really understood what a native speaker said in english. Because you know to teach. You know exactly what is necessary to learn a language.
    Many thanks for all!!!!

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    thank you very much. I like it so much.

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    hi i have fallowed your so much time but i couldn’t learn English and spelling so can you help please .
    many thanks

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    thank you for this advaices & I will goon step by step to learn more and more with full of energy
    thanks alot for helping and go ahead
    all the best

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    Thank you very much. You gave me a lot of enthusiasm
    Mona Ramzi

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    Ok, I am really enjoy English from your method, thanks.


    I am very impress the way how to learn English that is explained in the video, I try to follow your method step by step,…Now I am getting improve, no more hesitate, thanks very much…I Hope you can send me more videos.

  • Sandro Lemos

    Thanks a bunch for all videos u have sent to me. They’re all helpfull.
    Looking forward to receving more and more…
    I’m from Brazil and as you know it is not easy to improve my English here. The only place I can see the language is in the class, and of course in your site as well.
    Thx very much again, and hope to see u again soon.

  • Mahmood

    your website and lesson is very good and useful. but i live in iran and all of video that exist in internet filtered by goverment so we cant access to your video so if possible please put link download of Educational videos. thank you a lot.

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    dear AJ I have some lesson of your method(effortless)and I think it is the best method and I`d like to know more but I live in Iran and my country is boycott.I haven`t any credit card to pay you.if it is possible send t my email your lessons.thanks a lot

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    Hello all,

    Thank you very much AJ, you are really great master in English teaching. I am very ecstatic to be your student and interested in your Effortless lessons sets. I have been studying this program for six months, fortunately, I can speak very good English now. I can write and read well too. AJ you have become an angel for me. Thank you for your colleagues too.
    Thank you once again

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    how are u ? Aj hoge. thank you very much for this importing video which i was realy need . now i’m realy excited for the next . hope u nice day.

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    Hello..AJ I’m very interested to learn with you.someday I can speak like you.I want learn how to speak english.bcoz untill now I fell terrible and very hard to speak.I don’t know how I can start to talk that iwant to speak in english.I’m very shy..thank you I found your website I incourrage my self to learn speak in english…
    Ps..please don’t published my name…..thank you very much…

  • farzad

    Hey. I am an English teacher in Iran, the land of beauty and peace. I took advantage of your lessons at the outset, but I pursue my major in MA and I had to leave them. Nowadays I am challenging with the thesis. Would you please give me some academic hints about Reading Comprehension and its relevance to Syntax?

  • barin

    thanks a lot.and I need your help to handle it if the time comes. Sincerelly yours

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    vi ringrazio per questo video che anche se breve mi da` l’opportunita` di capire il vostro programma e metodo d’insegnamento. quello che penso di aver bisogno per imparare bene la lingua inglese. magda

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    thank you very much for sending me those videos which i consider very useful and very instructional, i look forward for more,im from dominican republic the land of baseball in the caribean. have all the staff of learning english a beautiful day and night and the longest stay on earthm god bless you all.

  • hadi nugraha

    hello A.J..Hook, I want to say really thanks alots for your english lesson that make my english improve faster, and now i need more tools to complete my skill more powerfully, unfortunatelly, i,ve never repeatly your past lesson again so that my english slower again, I,m really happy when i,ve got this video, my enthusiasm rise again and i really want to master my english completely, and because in he next month I have to go to spain to work. it,s the first time for me to go overseas, and ,m really scare if i can,t understand that what they are talking to because never speak english with the other person, no native english person in my place.,and I need your help to handle it if the time comes. Sincerelly yours, Hadi

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