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This is a real spontaneous conversation recorded by Joe and Kristin. We want you to listen to it to test your Real English level.

This is a good example of a REAL English conversation– no actors, no reading. This conversation is also a good test for you. Listen to it now, one time, and determine your real English level.

You get a new conversation like this every month when you join our Advanced Conversation Club.

That’s not all though… because we also give you lessons to help you understand, learn, and totally master each conversation. You get text for the conversation, a Vocabulary lesson to teach you the idioms and slang, a Listen and Answer Mini-Story lesson to teach you to think in English, Grammar Point of View Stories to teach you spoken grammar automatically, a Commentary lesson in which you learn more about the conversation topic and a powerful Coaching lesson to help you succeed in life.

Enjoy this conversation. If it is difficult for you- don’t worry! When you join our Advanced Conversation Club, you’ll get all of those other lessons (Vocabulary & Commentary, Text, Listen and Answer, Mini-Story, Point of View, Coaching) so that you totally understand every conversation and totally learn and master them all.



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)



Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • Aafrin Asad

    I understood100%

  • Zaidi

    Hi , I understood this conversation very clearly. I missed one or two , so my level should be 98%. What do you suggest that I’m able to join your high level sort of advanced conversation club . Thanks

  • Tamara

    I understand less than 50%, but I’m not worried, because i just like English.
    Dear Great Teiacheis ! I have no urgent need to speak English like an american. I’m from Russia. I’m a pensioner for a long time. But I know English has entered our lives and I would like to read, listen to the Internet in English, I would like to improve my memory.
    I admire your lessonsI, They give me energy. I like your 7 rulls and new metods very much. Your videos give me energy
    I thank you for the great opportunity and hope that I will realize it.
    In any case, I admire you.

  • Aye Sandar Htoon

    I think I understand about 70% of this conversation. It
    is really great. It is nothing like conversations that I heard at school. School conversations are very boring. But this is so real and interesting.

  • isabelle

    I didn’t understand some words. Could I have the text about this dialog?

  • Tahani

    Am I at advanced level or high intermediate level or at non of them??

  • Tahani

    I got these info. from the conversation:
    1. It is a call phone 2. The man and the woman were talking about organic food 2. At the bigening they talked about the place farmer’s market (location and prices) 3. The man talked about some new organic products 4. The woman mentioned a place where she bought organic juice but she commented negatively about its price. The man did too. 5. The woman talked how much she likes the events that are related to farmers ( products’ show and how families enjoyed these events) 6. Then someone knocked the man’s door 7.the woman insisted to tell him about a man who was selling blueberry but he wasnt there for some reasons ( maybe it isnt the season)…..anyway that was what I understood generally. There were some words I didnt understand which are either related to products’ names or even some food

  • Laurian Colcer

    Tank you for the short video! It is not a dialog

  • Maher

    I really liked it, I think I understood more than 85%, So, my level is High-Intermediate.

  • Luiz

    I love it, because i understood 100% of this conversation! But I’m not sure if i can speak successfully.

  • Trang Hà

    i only understand less 50%

  • javad miri

    Good conversation, my understanding 65% thanks for sending me this topic

  • Dieu Ly

    Thank you so much for this topic. Now I am learning a Set disc of A. J Hoge teacher. That is very good program !

  • Calin Scutareanu


  • Aziz Alkhatib

    good morning and thanks for sending this conversation.i understand more than 80% of it .i believe i should work hard to improve my English language .

  • Quel Ernesto

    i totally understand this conversation about farmer market and the organic products, a nice conversation ’cause prices are cheaper than traditional

  • Omnia Mohamed

    thanks i understand every word my level >90%

  • MH Perio

    my level less < 50% …..i understand some word mention from that farmer market but not fully understand

  • MH Perio

    hi ..my english very week when other people speak ….i cant undertand …..my grammar broken…help me..im from malaysia

  • QuangChau Tran

    Thank you very much I’m very happy ,when I was receive this lesson. i’ll try again and again.again thanks MR Aj .and happy teachers Day.

  • Helia Catine

    this lesson are very good for me because i understand so i need a time to speak really English because i am beginner

  • Sonia Santiago

    Good conversation

  • Jasmine Ng

    farmer’s market is really cool. although i understand it about 60 percent in the first time i listened but the second, third time it’s better because my listening skill not well. but i’ll try. thanks for your essential real english conversation. i really like it !

  • s K nagesh

    Very easy lesson…. I got everything… And speaking this langg. is really easy as compared to my langg. i.e. HINDI

  • Julio

    The conversation was really great. But I think I need much more practice. I need to improve my listening a lot. Now I’m very worried because I thought that I’d understand more. Although, I understood but I had to repeat and repeat. See you!!!

  • ibrahim

    great ideai really. I am an advanced English learner i think by working and enjoing just 4 month. I belive the more u enjoy from listining the more u ipmrove! I knew all the aj video at least 90 percent very esally and without pausing. But remain big problem to me yet! speaking is so slow yet but i will be successful, cause my teacher as u is aj. aj hoge is awesome really. i really like him. have fun

  • Bertrand

    at first I didn’t understand anything and I thougth I was a total beginner, then I turned up the volume and my progress in English skyrocketed. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the sound more loud and my English stayed at a low level. I need to get an amplifier.

  • Zaher

    Yes I am an advanced English learner I knew all the video very esally and without pausing. But my problem is speaking I mean I can’t speak easlly and quickly

  • alasmranie

    Thanks a lot I really got a lot of benefits from these lessons …

  • Joel burce

    Hello have pleasant days all of you”..”i have a problem of my speak english when i am speak english im nervous im scared.. my mouth not realese the word i can say my brain is running to know what i can say.this is my big problem..i need to your help what i am doing?? Thank so much..

  • Tamar

    very fluent for understanding.
    nice for training

  • Hafsa Tlm

    I love English but I don’t speak fastly

  • Fira

    I am beginning level. I listen conversation some times. I hope to improving:) Thanks

  • Bágya Cecília

    I would like to understand your audio conversation what I got of you, but unfortunately I’m very beginner and I have to impruve much!Thank you very much!

  • sweet hafoos

    I want to be professional in english

  • Victor

    Woohoo I am a Advanced English Learner!!!! I love this course!

  • Anna

    Dear teachers! Thank you for worry about me. Unfortunately I am a very beginning level Real English learner. The conversations are too fast for me. But I could not lose hope as yet. Sincerely, Anna

  • falah

    Thanx every body. Its wonderfull conversation, and i really wont to join to your advanced club, but i don’t know how. If you would help me i am from Iraq. Thanx

  • Ievgenii

    Intermediate level

  • annie loyola

    I want to know about casual english.because im very poor to speak english

  • Hamed Al darai

    Hi Good morning

  • saraa

    Intermediate level

  • duaa

    Intermediate level<3


    i am at intermediate level.

  • Nadya

    Hi from Bulgaria, I’m Intermediate level too.

  • shailoobek

    Intermediate level



  • Gabi Awwad

    Hi team. Thanks a lot to help me to understand quickly the conversation and the vocabulary . I understand this story first time but i repeat it again and i understand it great .i thing i know everything for all the stories but i have problem for the some meanings .

  • Mariana

    Thank you very much for that effort
    I think I understood 80% , I hope you to send many conversation to practice listening English

  • Itshak kama

    I am grateful for this real conversation. It was a good test for me. I understand almost 50%-80% and I feel a little bit of improvement in my English. I appreciate your effort helping me to learn English and I am waiting for more real conversation.
    Itshak kama

  • Nelly

    I am so excited to find this program which is something similar to my idea of how to master English. I have long been looking for such type of teaching materials and I finally got it! Honestly speaking I learn English for years but still can’t speak well and my listening skill is totally zero.

    Hey ! Wait… I will work hard for a few months and I want to speak to you three to say thank you, My best teacher in the world. God Bless You.

  • wisner


    Thank you for sending me this conversation it’s really amusing.I underdtand 80% of this lesson without any pause .

  • rayan

    Hi Team ,

    I have understood & comprehentened the Conversation from the first time
    without any pause , I am really glad & thankful to you
    for this enjoying Lessons & Real Conversations.

    Best Regards,


  • school

    thanks teachers God bless you

  • Ms.Chaw

    Thank you so much for sending this conversion. I could not understand this.When I listen 3 times I understand 50%. Sometimes I feel depress my English 4 Skills.I think I am beginning level.Whatever I enjoy English.

  • Asi Momo


    thank you all for sending this excrsise, i undrstood 100% of the conversation.
    I am injoying the programm so much.

  • Shyamali Priyadarshani

    This is good program. thanks

  • luisa sang


    I’ve been listening to this audio and it was such a nice conversation glad to hear though, I’m so much thankful to the 3 of you. I guess I’m improving my english skills, would you be so kind to please send me more real english conversations? thank you soomuch! more power to LEARN REAL ENGLISH!

  • khadar mohamed

    I really understand 40%. I can read but I can’t speak well

  • Vasko Vasilev

    Hi!Thanks for the free conversation you send me.It gives me one more chance to find out how my English is progresing. In general,I am progresing well,and I am happy to understand up to 90-95% of the conversation.I like very much the unconventional approach to the English language you are offering. Whish the school sistem is not so rigit.Thank you ones more.

  • abdirashiidjama@gmail.com

    Ireally understsnd 30% only

  • Silvia Castro

    Entiendo el discurso, salvo una que otra palabra, y para hablar no necesito traducir del español al inglés, ya que aprendí desde niña watching movies, because I have problems con la visión. I can’t pay for the course because I am a teacher retirada. Thank you!

  • sinny cheung

    Hi! thanks for you for this free conversation talk. I think I understand 100% of it. Many words and phrases are very easy to understand the meaning. In general i understand that the talk is about new farmer’s market where they sell good organic produces. Also you can see products from them (jellies, pies, dried fruit), also brochures about what is growing in the farm, what will be selling soon, also recipes, how to preserve produces. The market is family oriented and there are many events and etc.
    I think i’m a good level learner.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • PHILIBERT Jose Peterson

    I have always tried to find a better way to really improve my English and hadn’t found until I got a chance to have acquaintance with u guys and that really helps me improving my English skills, thanks ever so much Guys!

  • José Roberto Lisboa

    Dear teachers, Learn Real English.
    I´ve been listening the video Farmers Market and I let you know I understand in general, what people say after three times. But I don´t understand the details of speech.
    I believe my problem is trying translating everything to the same time that I hear the words. This way I spend much time and so I loose the rest of speech.
    I look instructions to continue the next step of Learn Real English lessons.
    God bless you.

    José Roberto

  • Molka

    I want to be a perfect student in english ! so I participate at this club ! thnk you ..

  • alseed

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  • silvia Jeannette

    I really understand only 50%. Good to know it beacause I have a lot for learning. Thanks for facing me to real English.

  • Elenak

    Hi! thanks for you for this free conversation talk. I think I understand not more than 50% of it. Many words and phrases are very familiar but i can’t recall the meaning. In general i understand that the talk is about new farmer’s market where they sell good organic produces. Also you can see products from them (jellies, pies, dried fruit), also brochures about what is growing in the farm, what will be selling soon, also recipes, how to preserve produces. The market is family oriented and there are many events and etc.
    I think i’m a biginning level learner. But i read better.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Ram

    really thanks a lot for your special site…all your lessons are perfect and useful..i think i understand less than 50%..so there is a lot for me to do to learn
    thanks anyway. i have no credit card to enjoy your courses…hope there r another way to enjoy

  • Dana


    I have listened Farmer’s Market conversation and I understood around 50%. I need to improve my English and I hope that your help, I will manage this thing.
    I’m glade because I found you.


  • Ivan Chopchyts

    Hi,AJ, Kristin and Joe!I have listened Farmer’s market conversation text and understood only some words.I am very sorry that it will be 10%.Your speech was very nice,but for my brain trough the my ears that is hard to understand.My level is pre-intermediate or less.I want it to be pre-intermediate,but realy it less.When I don’t see a text that is very hard for me to understand conversation because I am lerning English by myself and have a small skill to speak.I am very thankful to all of you for your patience and humaneness.I am a seaman and was in USA.I like these Peoples.I see in You kind People which help to others.
    With Regards to You
    Yours Ivan

  • ???????

    I want to lean English language

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  • Eliezer

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    I want improving my English and enjoy all things that this language can give me.
    I hope speak English fluently in 6 months.
    I want, I need and I can to do this. I believe!

  • Joy Vadakkan

    I think I have understood 95% of this conversation.. thank You

  • Urszula

    Hi. This to let you know that I did understand 100% Farmer’s Market conversation. So Im an advanced Real English learner. Regards.

  • Jan Hanzo


    thank you for you perfect program. I think that I unerstood 49,74%. So, there is a lot of work to do.

  • lombeso etebo

    I apershet you.

  • fat

    Im have terrible english..please help me to improve my english conversation skill

  • Marwa Abd Allah

    Thank you very much, my level is a beginning level REAL English learner. I will follow you to improve. .

  • abdellatif chabany

    Thank you bought for this audio conversation good : but if there is any test question about this conversation after listening to it , then we will evaluate our self on which level we are ???? but if I tell 85% but it’s still not enough for me .

  • mariam

    I am grateful for you for this real conversation. This is a good test for me. I think i am a high-intermediate REAL English learner.I understand the most of words in the conversation. So thanks a lot.

  • LinhNguyenTien

    wow i understand 80% thanks AJ

  • hamada

    Hi, sir I would like to thank you a lot for sending me this conversation which is about the farmer’s market, and I’ve found it very interesting, I’ve listened to it more times, really I understand everything, and I illustrate every step that you have thought me before. listening to these kinds of conversations make poeple speak english fluently and pick up vocabularies to expand and enlarge their knowledge. so thanks a lot.

  • Alessandro Kardozzo

    Thank you very much! I think I´m a high-intermediate learner. I´m from Brazil!

  • dalal mohammed

    I’d like to thank you for your wonderful test and I think I’m a high-intermediate REAL English learner. I understand and recognize most of the words in the conversation except the idioms that present in the conversation ,I can’t understand the meaning of them but the general idea of the conversation is clear to me.

  • ricardo Huperegrino


    Thank you for this stuff you make avaiable for those

    who want to know what their level English is. I am

    very suprised because athough I could understand each

    and everyone of you ( Aj, Christine and sorry don´t

    remmemder his name at this moment )I don´t think

    beeing or belonging to the highest level. There´s

    much to be done to reach it. It was a very

    interisting tool however to make me more confident.


  • hamedmagdyhamed

    I like MR a j hoge .. really liked learn english with a j hoge …. thank you

  • Vladimir Finkel

    Hi dear friends.My name is Vladimir.I am from Russia.
    I live in Moscow and I am the owner of the chemical company.
    Today I got an email about Napoleon Hill.
    I have listened to it and I would like to tell you that on one hand it was a fantastic English lesson and on the one hand – a real lesson how to reach your goal.
    I am a scientist and I can tell you that I am 60 years old.I have a lot of wishes,so it was very interesting to get information from this lesson. I understood it because my point of view is absolutly the same.
    I designed radioreflecting material to protect people from electro-magnatic radiation.Everyone has to use it, because this radiation is wvwrywhere: coputers , cell phones, wi-fi,and other electronics equipment are in the hospitals, subways, homes,and so on.Really it is very difficult to penetrate on the markets but I feall I have to do it . It is my goal to arrange manufacture of different protecters for kids, pilots, engineers and etc

    All the best,
    Vladimir Finkel

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    Hello: my name is Hamdy and I am from Libya, but now I am in Malaysia to study English, and I want to thank all of to made these videos and really your videos helped me a lot in speaking.

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  • Helen Rhudash

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    Thank you for this video. I am afraid I was just in begginer level but absolutely happy and enjoying watching all of your webinars. Thanks again to your Team and More Power!

  • Rezhen

    for first time i listened to that i could only understand 40% of what they say but after some weeks till now l can understand every thing that they say and they were really really useful

  • Ahmed

    Thank you for your helping learning english easily.

  • Luiz Ruffo

    Hi A.J., How is it going ?
    I’ve been studying hardly, but effortless, every day.
    Following your advices, and concentrating myself in your smart and powerfull system.
    Learn real english is not only an English School, but also a directon in our lives.
    Thanks so much for all.
    Luiz Ruffo.

  • lenda

    I didn’t understand the conversation
    but I think if I read it I well understsnd
    I am very very bad in english

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  • jesus vasquez

    Hi ,
    I’m member since last week and I felt confortable with these lessons, actually this conversation I can understand around 90% , still I missing some phrases but I guess with consistency and perseverance ,I can make it , thanks for all your support.


    Jesus Vasquez.

  • Galina Sharkova

    Hi team,

    It was really pleasure to listen to the conversation- i got the point of the story, no difficults to understand what is about. I’m impressed of your accent- Im working for an international company and English is the offical one -in the beggining when I started working I wasn’t sure if I’m going to survive. Today I’m absolutely confident in my knowledges but STILL sometime miss the meaning of some phrasal verbs:(((


  • raya

    Hi.I”m leasned,but I only in beggening Level.what I must study in your course?I now only read is good,but I very want study English in good level.

  • nadia

    HI AJ!i listened to this Audio but actually i can not specify my level…when i listened to it for the first time i understand the general idea and also i could understand their speaking well , but the problem is that i just could not understand some of their words…just some words!!! can you tell me my level?!
    Thank you so much!

  • Mohamad Amin Chami

    The conversation is really interesting especially that it tal;s about something real, the market . The voices are clear and the spontaneity is rather available .
    I enjoyed it .
    Thanks a lot

  • Sheng Fei

    The conversation was interesting. Fresh topic. However, when listening, I can feel that Joe and Christine are like reading dialog at some point.

  • Naseer Yama

    Hey A.J. how are doin? I really don’t know how to be thankful to you and from your team member and I admire totally your hard working to bring me up such a these kinds of useful audios. I was persuading up through this method to how to know and approach real casual English speakers, any way, the main idea of this short story was about Joe and Christine; Joe was recently got back from a new farmer market which was started in past two weeks and its produce organic staff even dry fruit even though it was inexpensive than any other nearest markets and also Market was having a brochure as recipe to show what was growing and what is goin vendor in next few days, and then Christine was also explained about a family oriented family market which was located on 20 street and was expensive because of its real organic staffs and lots of families buying their house required materials…finally someones was ringing on Joe’s door and he went to answer him then they buy with each other…

    Thanks again to you Mr. A.J.

  • Hamza

    Hi there, I really appreciated your lesson sets, I’ve just used the first set, and now, I’m even studying and teaching English language using your Method. I always mention you Before starting to teach a group of my friends. You method is the best one in order to speak fluently, easily and automatically! no other way would help English learners to appreciate the learning process for a long time! Thanks a lot Aj, Christin & Joe!

  • Lihatchi Ady

    Thank you for your lessons and for your work and for your patience.I listened the exercice and the result is that I understood about 60 percent. My ears have no practice in listening english and the discution speed of persons who discuss was a little quicker for me. Also I did not undestand some words because i do not know them. It’s my fault because i don’t grant time to me for practice. But , as you stressed, if I will practice the things will be improved. Thank you.

  • Galina Sviridova

    Thanks a lot for the conversation lessons. I listen them every day and find them very useful. I like some idioms and try to use them in my speech. I’ve just listen “Farmers market” and understood 80% or a bit more.
    Best regards,

  • Tuba

    hi!! That’s agreat method!!actually i understood nearly about 60 percent
    thank you!!

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    beginning level, understand about50%

  • sky

    Thankyou! I will continue to practice your lessons.

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    Hi. i would like to thank you for creating such a valuable method of learning an English, because this is very easy and accurate way to learn any language. before i was learning english from text books it is really hard to learn all praises by heart so that i was having difficulties of learning english you people have done great job and this way is most convenient way to learn english.

    Thank you teachers with my gratitude

  • hi! My name is Luzia

    hi! My name is Luzia . Thank you so much for sending this e-mail , I really appreciate. It was interesting conversarion about healthy food and the nice way to help our local farmers

  • Akmal

    My name is Akmal thank for your halping us i appriciate a lot when i learning your lessons it gave me more motive and improved my skills. now i am learning TOEFL please could you help me i need to improve my outlook and speaking skill.


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    I listened carefully to the conversation between Joe and Christine without any pause and I understood almost everyhing. There were several words/ idioms that Christine told I didn’t understand as she speaks more quickly than Joe.
    But it was OK. Organic food is the most important thing.
    It is a good topic.
    I thing my level would be high intermediate.
    Thank you!

  • Eunildo Souza

    I’m a English student for many years, but I don’t master English language, I’d like to test your lesoss of real Englisg conversation but I’m going to travel, when I go back I’ll to start it.

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    I, m so thankful you as my kind teachers , because you showed me the best way for learning english.unfortunatly I can, t buy your lessons because I, m from Iran and can, t pay the money .we are on sancshens, I wish one day can buy your lessons. with best regard

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    Thanks to you

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    i’m really disopoitement !

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    Thanks to you all…. you greats

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  • daniel

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    meaning you aways kind to me.

  • Filipe

    Hello. I enjoyed the conversation about markets and organic products. Very nice, but there were some words and expressions that didn’t really understood the meaning but got all the context. I coukd say that I am between 80% and 90%.

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