American English Or British English?

When you learn English is it better to learn American English or British English?

In this English lesson AJ answers this question and he explains what is important for people who wish to speak English fluently.


Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

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Speak real English confidently with our Advanced Conversation Club

NORMAL PRICE - $67/month JUST $1 (for 10 days)


  • deepak
  • Juan felipe Rodriguez

    In my conclusion I prefer American English, because is more easy the most greater movies are in American English and the british English is with all respect more farm that the other language

  • Walter Singer

    I most understand American English than British one, I feel more confident with american accent and pronunciation. On th other hand British English sounds kind of elegant I don’t know why but it does for me. By the way, I enjoy the most American English

  • Totally agree! Students make a big deal about choosing one or the other when there really aren’t that many differences. Keep up the great work AJ

  • Nicky

    British English is the real stuff and it is sooo much prettier. There is beauty in it, it is poetic. ..none of the ‘hot potato ‘ stuff .

  • Nasreldin Edris

    I like American English, iam join with it

  • Ali Liberalman

    i more like to learn american because there’s nothing like NYC and i love it ..

  • fredy

    I definitely agree. You are a great teacher, Never give up please. You can´t imagine how much you have helped us improving our learning. God bless you

  • Helen

    I disagree. I mean, if you are going to States or Australia forgood, it’s only natural to learn their way. But in other cases learning English to me (and I’m not alone with this opinion) is learning classic English, of course. Apart from fact that there are many “englishes” in Britain itself. But there’s a standart.

  • Tamara

    AJ, thank you for the webinar! You’re great! I’m starting to use this technique with my students tomorrow

  • Bushra

    i,m very enjoy video.


    The both are good, I’m trying to learn one to speak other.



  • houria

    Thank you so much.Ilove the video. This is what I usually do.

  • houria

    thank you so much. I love the video

  • Ven. Pannasami

    Coz’ I like AJ,all he creates are so cool!

  • celso martin eusebio ramirez

    your answer about which one is better to learn English American or Brittish was the correct one although we both know that there are differences, for instance take the word favor wich is written as in spanisch and favour in brittish English,so there many difference like in spanish.

  • María Isabel Arévalo

    I enjoy a lot the video because it is very clear and understandable. Thanks. I love that teacher’s accent!

  • Boris

    Hello!Please,for each video please attach the text.If a beginner could so fast to understand English speech,he would not need training.Thank you.

  • Ives Ferrari

    American English seems to be faster !! Talking to an American friend here in Brazil I could feel it!!

  • Gennadi

    Dear sirs,
    thank you for your information concerning British and American English. I prefer British English and I can not understand why should I change my British accent on being in the USA…

    Best regards Gennady Ovsjannikov

  • Regivaldo Santos Carvalho

    I would apreciate British English

  • Mohammedsaeed Osman

    Thank You For All

  • rabia kailani

    Thank you for these useful information.

  • Tihomir Todorov

    AJ, You are a brilliant, buddy!!! I love to listen your voice!!!

  • Saurav Rakshit

    How I increased English Fluency. If you help me.

  • Ahmad.S

    I would like to speak english perfectly.
    Thanks for your attention.

  • walid

    Thanks so much. Before joining, my English speaking was terrible. I was embarrassed. I didn’t think I could ever speak English well. Now I’m learning fast. I feel relaxed when I speak and I love speaking English.”

  • Treazar

    I would like to study with british English.And then very thank you support to me.Sometime missing the lesson.Coz,of I has hard work.For that so sorry to your online teaching.

  • adriana ramirez

    Hello team
    In my experience with learners, I always listen form them.. Miss what kind of English we will learn? American or British? and I always answer teh same, Standard English that evolve both,botha are good and if they want take an MBA in USA, for example then I help with extra vocabulary in that sense, when is remarkable the use of one words in American, then I warn them that but definitively i´ts the same Thanks for all your help you give to the teachers,,,Adriana

  • Dany

    American English

  • vikas singh tanwar

    i think my english is improving with your videos and that is very importent for me and my life also and i am very greatful to all of you ! you are a great teacher aj !

  • Mariam

    thank you so much.I have been very excited about British English and also American that which one is the best

  • Mgr Libuse Kolmasova

    Dear friends many years ago I learned Oxford English. But just now I am watching videos with president Obama/I admire him/so better for me to learn American English. Thank you for your excellent videos.

  • Glen

    G’day AJ, I was rather interested in your comment about which is the better, American or British English? As an Australian and one who has lived in the UK as well as the US there is no better teacher of the “spoken word of English than a person from England. Matter of fact my brother who is a Banking Senior Executive recently returned from Myanmar (Burma) on business and after meeting with Government officials was asked the question, How is that when you speak (English) we understand what you’re saying but when we have Americans, Canadians, Australians, Irish and Scots their English is so hard for us to understand. Of course the explanation was, “their Accents”. The advice given to the Government was, We’ll bring you people without accents to teach you all how to speak and understand Real English.

  • Imre Toth

    Why don’t you give some examples: an american and after
    and english pronounce of the same sentence of your every
    day conversation ?!I’m bumped out untill you show us some such sentences!!

  • fati

    Thanks AJ for you and other teachers

  • Moysser

    I wanna mix them

    So amazing if I can mixing

  • Nick Greece

    Because I live in Europe I would prefer British English. I do not know if this is correct. I am not member of conversation club.

  • ibrhim alhumaini

    Thank You brother

  • Raquel Athayde

    I already believed that!

    I’ve studied the both for years and, it’s not a problem even I prefer the American accent. My first contact for speaking English was with people who came from USA. Maybe, that’s why I prefer AmE. Any way, I love speaking different languages.

    🙂 Enjoy learning English.

    Thank you for your excellent video!

  • Harjinder

    Thank you so much for sending me small and very understandable videos time to time that inspires me learn more and more every time and every day. Thanks to make my english learning the most easiest thing of the world. Thank you joe.