Your Real English Level

What is your real English level.  Real English is quite different than “School English”?

Real English is the English that is used with friends, family and co-workers. It is also used commonly in movies, TV shows and songs. Most people don’t know their real English level.

Watch the video first. Then download the real English conversation (zip file) and find your real English level.

To download The Conversation, CLICK HERE

If you did not already download the real English conversation (zip file) then CLICK BELOW to download the real English audio conversation:

Download The Conversation, CLICK HERE



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  • Kim

    I need friends to speak english

  • Linda Gilberti

    I understood almost 70/ 80 % of vocabulary and the entire sense of conversation but I feeling a little frustrated because i am quite sure I couldn’t speak like them so quickly and with difficult words ciao Linda

  • Dawd Ibrahim

    Less than than 50%

  • Hedi Agrebi Jaouadi

    I understood less than 30%

  • salma

    i ve understood about 80 % yeah

  • Quest

    I understood 80%

  • Somi

    I undrestood 80%