Idiom Lesson: To Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

Want to improve your English conversation skills and speak English fluently? Then you must learn real English, like English language idioms.

In this video Kristin talks about the American English idiom “To Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed”.

If someone “gets up on the wrong side of the bed” then that person has started their day in a bad or unhappy mood.


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  • Martino Kien

    i thank for thí video

  • anab omar

    thanks for this video

  • Mona

    Thank you alot .. in arab country says (did you fight with yor bed ?)

  • fall

    Nice to read you all. After this lesson it is amazing to realize how one expression referring to the same meaning may differ from one cultural background to another. This is the very reason why I advice all my friends to subscribe. Kind regards

  • Jose Francisco

    Thanks a lot Kristin for the patience to teach us with useful idioms.
    I think that in Brazil is so : I got up on the left foot !

  • fábio de campos

    Hello! Is everything nice with you? I hope so. Here in Brazil the people say:” to get up with de left foot”.
    see you

  • Marina

    In Ukraine and Russia you would probably hear ‘he got up on the wrong leg ‘

  • Sebastian Santos, jr

    Thanx all you guys for writing and after living up there in America for 5 years I miss a lot talking or simply listening to natives, especially from Cisco City where I used to live for about a year, keep on guys…Idioms that’s amazing…thanx Kristin..

  • Cecília

    Hi! Thank you very much I enjoyed it therefore we also used to say a similar phrase. We say ” I got up with left leg” – in Hungary.

  • Jozef

    In Hungary we say “to get up on the left leg”.


  • Paula Martinez Ventura

    Here in Argentina we say “to get up with the left feet”