Speaking Speed In Casual English Conversation

Casual English can be very fast!  When native speakers have a conversation, they can get excited and talk to each other very quickly.  Of course, this makes it much more difficult for you to understand.

You must learn to understand more quickly.  That's one purpose of our Mini-Story lessons and it's also why we gave you a recorded real conversation.

Today we add the Point of View Lesson, because you must learn grammar without thinking.  There is no time to think about English grammar in a real conversation!

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40 Responses to “Speaking Speed In Casual English Conversation”

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  • Minh Tam Says:

    Only one thing, i really like to say: Thank you so much.

  • QuangLe Says:

    Hi AJ,
    This material is very helpful for me and other people as well to understand and practice casual EL in reality. Actually, it seems like as the secrets for us to improve our EL in non-native EL enviroment. Also, it helps to narrow down the gap between textbook EL and real conversations.
    With all my honor and respect, thanks so much for what you’ve created and given us for past time. Always follow up and wait for your new values.

  • Anil kumar Says:

    U r very good teacher as well as motivator…. I hv listen ur audio..I am improving my self ..

  • NGOC HOANG Says:

    thank you very much for your lesson!

  • mohammed saad Says:

    I would like to thank you mr. Hoge because i feel Better today in speaking and really your lessons useful gad bless you

  • stolen spirit Says:

    It’s very good site for english learners .

  • nawal mousa Says:

    Thank you again, really it wonderful lessons. your lesson today offered precious and important fact about improving speaking the thing that we need please give more thank thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank alot

  • nawal mousa Says:


  • Krystyna Says:

    Dear Mr Hoge,
    Thank you very much for your lessons.
    I teach English in Poland and your lessons help me in my work with students. Thanks to you I became a better teacher of English and I try to organise my lessons in different more interesting way.
    I am grateful.
    Yours sincerelly

  • sayed mohammad rahmani Says:

    Hello A.J Hoge.
    thank you so much for your useful emails that you send to me.they are really good,and your mini story was excellent…
    thank you very very very very much…

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