Situation Dependent English

I this video you get to learn more about situation dependent English.

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Enjoy the video and please leave us a comment.

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  • Tulay Sahin Says:

    Hello A.J thank you very much for all these They are all
    being very helpful. It is just I wish you could speak
    English in its normal pace you give long pauses
    while speaking that makes the speech a bit unnatural
    Thank you
    Tulay Sahin

  • suhair Says:

    Please I need to learn English please helpe me

  • Donia Alamal Says:

    What such a fantastic work !!?
    After I watched the videos of the 7 rules, I discovered that no one can speak English as easily accept who is thinking in it.
    Depending on grammars is not a helpful way.
    Today, my English is better than the previous days.
    Thanks Learn Real English.

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