Situation Dependent English

I this video you get to learn more about situation dependent English.

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Enjoy the video and please leave us a comment.

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1,440 Responses to “Situation Dependent English”

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  • Nasrat Ahmad Sadiqi Says:

    Hi there!
    First of all I’m going to special tanks from you and all your staffs, I’d would like to mention here that I learned all the story in different ways I memorized all slangs and idioms but when I’m using it no body can follow me that what I’m saying, because we are not only a native speakers here we are here international students and they can speak fluently and using standard english and vocabulary, therefore everybody can understand them, when I’m speaking, using slangs is a little difficult, although I’m using it, but everybody telling me what what and what for many times, they disappointed me too much, I’m thinking with myself that my speaking is not correct. anyway, I have a suggestion if you don’t mind, that it is better to add some standard words in the conversation because Im memorizing many many words well from textbooks, newspaper and etc…but I cannot using them in my speaking.
    Best Regards,
    Nasrat Ahmad Sadiqi

  • Pavel Says:

    The real English is carefulliy hidden in textbooks written for schoolchildren. And I am sure, it is here, in your lessons.

  • Carlito Sena Says:

    Hello A.J.

    I am improving much my English, following your metod, especially because I understood hundred percent that spoke on this vĂ­deo.

    four years ago, I was working in an american company, where I passed by lot of complicated situation when necessary to talk something in English language.

    but now I am sure that level that I am right now, the situation would be totally diferente.

    thanks by your help.

    happy new year to everybody.


  • Shahid Says:

    Yes, your are right, same problem with me. But I am using your method. Thanks

  • wahab Says:

    im realy happy with your cours and i advenced with you thank you very very much

  • jedoo Says:

    it’s working good. thankful teachers

  • Zannah Says:

    I really enjoyed watching all vedeos of teacher a.j ,, i have learned a lot . Please keep sending me more vedeos! It really helped me to enhance my english ability. Thank you

  • Trinh Minh Nguyet Says:

    Thans all teachers,
    As a teacher of Enflish for children,I’m on the same page wih you on your approach to teaching languge.I’m glad to meet you.
    All my best,
    Ms.Trinh Minh Nguyet-a Vietnamese Buddhist vegan.

  • thajudheen Says:

    Many thanks to you , because this course given me a great experience thanks alot

  • wer Says:

    pleas teach me more real english i wont to know and improve my skils

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