Situation Dependent English

In this video you get to learn more about situation dependent English.

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Enjoy the video and please leave us a comment.


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  • rusul khaled

    thank you A.J your video very good you are realy great. your guids very useful.god bless your efforts.

  • Wei Chan

    hello AJ,
    Thanks for your suggestions and these videos, they are really helpful and always encourage me:) I also have learned English for many many years and indeed I thought that maybe I was not good at language learning. I’m very lucky to receive these advices, thank you again !

  • gamar

    I really enjoy listening to this video, it is very great and a wonderful video because it is full of knowledge about learning speaking skill. Surely, learning through real situation is the best method of learning speaking skill.

  • jose luis picaso

    hello, interesting comment the teacher.

  • Cecília

    Note: I didn’t use the google transleter

  • Cecília

    Hi! Dear AJ, Kristin, Joe!
    Let me give some information from my study.
    I never learn english at school, but began it many many years ago, by myself, and only of books of dictionaries, without listenable materials and without any help.
    I didn’t learn regulary, but always started and stoped it. Maybe wasn’t important me, because it was too difficoult me and I had a little bit result only.
    In this year in May I discovered Yours EE page. IT WAS UNBELIVABLE FOR ME because: only 1 or 2 times I watched the 7 rules video with text, than already listened to them only. AND YOU’LL DON’T BELIVE, BUT I COULD UNDERSTAND THEM!
    In August I get a mp3 device and download some materials from yours page ( L.E Grammar, Your First Lesson, Fundamentals Cool Stuff, New Real Conversation, The Race Ms, Hitch Ms, Validation) and I LISTEN TO THEM EVERY DAY, ALMOST ALL DAY! ( many times I’ve earsache). I havn’t text for them. IMAGINE! I’m able understand them. Many times I can to solve the word’s mean from text’s surrounding. THAT’S FANTASTIC ME! I enjoy it very much! And want to know more and more!
    Unfurtunately I still couldn’t to buy yours conversation lesson, but I want to do it.
    Many times I think about yours work. On my mind you are missionarys and You’ll to change The World. ?Perhaps? the World will to return to before Babilon status, when the humanity spoken same language. That will be perhaps R.E. from E.E.
    I’m very glad to met you, and accept my biggest congratulation – with all my heart.
    Best wishes.
    Cecília- from Hungary

  • Yariela

    Hi I want to give you thanks for your advice, all the things tha you have mentioned are true. I went to the USA last year an the situation was totally different for me, it was very difficult to understand native Engligh speaker at the beggining but when the days passed I could understand them clearly. I feel that I improved a lot in one month but we need the real situation to improve the English language and also to see movies In English where they people speak the real language thanks.

  • Anh chau

    Dear Mr Hoge! Thank you for your new way to learn English , you are the best English teacher I has ever Learn. One again thank you very much,

  • Nasrat Ahmad Sadiqi

    Hi there!
    First of all I’m going to special tanks from you and all your staffs, I’d would like to mention here that I learned all the story in different ways I memorized all slangs and idioms but when I’m using it no body can follow me that what I’m saying, because we are not only a native speakers here we are here international students and they can speak fluently and using standard english and vocabulary, therefore everybody can understand them, when I’m speaking, using slangs is a little difficult, although I’m using it, but everybody telling me what what and what for many times, they disappointed me too much, I’m thinking with myself that my speaking is not correct. anyway, I have a suggestion if you don’t mind, that it is better to add some standard words in the conversation because Im memorizing many many words well from textbooks, newspaper and etc…but I cannot using them in my speaking.
    Best Regards,
    Nasrat Ahmad Sadiqi

  • Pavel

    The real English is carefulliy hidden in textbooks written for schoolchildren. And I am sure, it is here, in your lessons.

  • Carlito Sena

    Hello A.J.

    I am improving much my English, following your metod, especially because I understood hundred percent that spoke on this vídeo.

    four years ago, I was working in an american company, where I passed by lot of complicated situation when necessary to talk something in English language.

    but now I am sure that level that I am right now, the situation would be totally diferente.

    thanks by your help.

    happy new year to everybody.


  • Shahid

    Yes, your are right, same problem with me. But I am using your method. Thanks

  • wahab

    im realy happy with your cours and i advenced with you thank you very very much

  • jedoo

    it’s working good. thankful teachers

  • Zannah

    I really enjoyed watching all vedeos of teacher a.j ,, i have learned a lot . Please keep sending me more vedeos! It really helped me to enhance my english ability. Thank you

  • Trinh Minh Nguyet

    Thans all teachers,
    As a teacher of Enflish for children,I’m on the same page wih you on your approach to teaching languge.I’m glad to meet you.
    All my best,
    Ms.Trinh Minh Nguyet-a Vietnamese Buddhist vegan.

  • thajudheen

    Many thanks to you , because this course given me a great experience thanks alot

  • wer

    pleas teach me more real english i wont to know and improve my skils

  • Ivan

    You are help me understand English , I’m to feel safe learn every day with you.

  • tako

    I love English language. I want study

  • Salma Ahmed

    Thank you so much that’s so powerful :)

  • Catarina

    Aj, thanks so much! You really helped me, and now I think that I will learn real english! I’ve already a progress! Now I can understand movies! I still need legend, but it’s all in english. My listening is better, my comprehension is better, my spoken english is better. All it because of you and your team. One more time, thanks!!

  • fatime

    thank u so much i read every day but not good result try understand movie give me nervious

  • Mo

    That’s awesome!! I hop to do that, Aj you are very helpful, thank you SO much

  • sallau saidu

    This is what I need to improve my English and boost my confidence.Thank you real English for your pragmatic and unique ways of teaching.

  • Tulay Sahin

    Hello A.J thank you very much for all these They are all
    being very helpful. It is just I wish you could speak
    English in its normal pace you give long pauses
    while speaking that makes the speech a bit unnatural
    Thank you
    Tulay Sahin

  • suhair

    Please I need to learn English please helpe me

  • Donia Alamal

    What such a fantastic work !!?
    After I watched the videos of the 7 rules, I discovered that no one can speak English as easily accept who is thinking in it.
    Depending on grammars is not a helpful way.
    Today, my English is better than the previous days.
    Thanks Learn Real English.

  • Luis Alexandroni

    The content in this video is absolutely true. I agree totaly with AJ. In my opinion, the great challenge in learn English process to a person non-native English speaker, is obtain the real conversation.
    Congratulations to yours method!

  • sdemo

    thanks a lot for a great tips that yuo give me to improve my english, but i have a big problem i read english but automatically my brain doesn’t translate the context in english i have to think in my language for understand everything, it’s the same when i watch a movies or news.

    for example i read in italian,spanish,french, and i understand the topic, but i read in english i must read twice again,sometimes i try to give up ,or break down . i feel put it down when i can’t get my goal, i study english every day but i don’t know what happen give me a good advice for resolve this problem i’m stuck for ideas. with big love sdemo GOD BLEES YOU.

  • Alfonso

    I am really impressed, your method is really good, I just finished my ESL program, and I stop my basic study because many of the conversations or even many of the words I don’t understand, I hope this method be helpful for me, thanks.

  • Gervasio Keleketa

    I am so glad really glad because you know all my problem
    and also the solution.I would like to say i faced all this problem and i am still facing this even though it is not like in past because i have you as my teaches and
    medicals.I remember at school my English teacher used to say if you want to speak English fluently you need to know the verb to be very well in the past tense future and so on but most i study that most my English studying were difficult until i give up.thanks thanks thanks a lot i saw myself in this video…thanks thanks you are really helpful for me.

  • saber

    thanks for your helping

  • Henrique Andreotti

    Hi AJ:
    So , I understood that in september next, you will give us a more dificult classes than we have had now ??

  • Noam

    Thanks , the vedio is very good and usefull.

  • denise

    Thanks for the encourage!!! :)


    Very interesting tips indeed.Thanks once more.

  • Harry

    This Vedio is very help full
    Thanks god bless u

  • Rose

    thanks your video.
    iam reaaaally happy to know this site and know you^^
    very helpful to me. thank you so mucn.
    god bless yours.

  • Léa

    Fantastic video!

  • yks

    Man, you opened my mind…:)

  • zoi


    this video was really helpful.
    except that, i feel more confidense because i understood the 100% of the meaning kai almost the 100% of the words…

    excuse me if my writting isn’ t so good, but i didn’ t use a text book neither a vocabulary!

    thank you very much!

  • João Pedro

    I´m sure your method is the best way for learnig English. Thanks a lot!

  • Matheus Duarte

    Dear Friend!!!

    Thanks a lot by you have posted these amazing videos It has help me so much.
    Each day that I get listen your comment about how learning english I have a hope that a day I will be able of put english inside my mind.

    I will stay to waiting your next video.

    See ya

    Matheus Duarte

  • sima

    that was a useful video ,but unfortunately I can not get all of your lessons because I live in Iran and I found your lessons are very useful please help me…Thank you

  • bernard

    I understand you all !, but the other people I don’t know what happens, this is so difficult for me catch the
    main idea.sorry, but I will!!!!!!!

  • Alberto Quintal

    Fantastic!! Your lessons help a lot, I got them.
    Thanks guys

  • khalid

    I’VE BEEN APPRECIATED YOUR LESSONS SO MUCH.thanks very very much .