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Hi!  Here it is–  your free Real English Conversation Lesson.

Our Real English Conversations lesson package contains over 35 hours of English lessons. This is just one of the 30 lesson sets that are included with our Real English Conversations lesson package. This English lesson set includes a real English conversation, a Vocabulary lesson, a Listen & Answer Story lesson and a Point of View audio lesson.

Enjoy it!

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  • Chet Raj Joshi

    I am enjoying with my sample lesson. It is really amazing. Thanks to Real English Team members for your wonderful assistance for learners.

  • Chet Raj Joshi

    Hello there. what’s it going?

  • Mohamadwary

    Thanks a lot for the urgent response, I will try This Trial set and if find it meet with my needs, I will start with the hole learning package

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    Wow, thanks a lot guys for this conversation!
    This is really helpful conversation lesson for improve my English!
    Thank u so much!!!!!

  • Gerson Carvalho Santos

    I’m so wondered about the ‘Sample Real English Conversation’! I had no idea how objective, profound and update would be the lessons. The speech is not artificial and there’s English intonation. As soon as I can, I’ll belong to your class.

  • The satr

    really thanks, I don’t know what to say,, it’s really amazing work…
    Hope you can continue your hard work,, thank you alot and i promise you i will do my best to improve.

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    Thank you for the lessons I’m listening everyday.
    you’re an excellent teachers. congratulations.

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    my english is getting better day by day tnx

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    hello , dear friends. how are you doing?I want to thank you for helping mewith my english . I really appreciate alot your giving me the opportunity to improve my english.see you soon. have a great day.

  • David Webb

    Thanks for your wonderful and it helps a lot … for conversation…

  • sangita

    Thanks sir for your sample lesson set. I recently bought your power English lessons and they are really interesting. your method is great. now I am doing effortless English lessons and power English lessons. I want to be fluent in English, It’s my dream. you are a great teacher……my best teacher.

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    My dear friends … what I really realize is that I can read all what you write, but I can’t understand so little what I listen, speaking with other people, or listen movies, TV, etc.
    I think, each one of us have capabilities or strenghts, but too feebles.
    I don’t know if our teachers can explain me this comment.
    Thank you.

  • Elsa Beyene

    Dear Teachers,

    I am really interested by your lesson, now i am in the way of improving my English speaking .i am lucky because i use your lesson. Thank you very much!!

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    thanks so’s really help me to improve my English since Iam university student

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    hey my hounorable sir thanks alot for giving me this lesson set as a gift. i had gone through few lessons yesterday and lessons are amazing they are so clearly understood and now it seems i am going to learn real english very soon and ofcorse i am improving since i have such a great sir and teacher.thanks a lot once again bye take care

  • Amal

    Hi teachers
    l do not know how i thank you very much
    you guid me to the right way for learning and speaking real english

  • Nhem Borey

    Thank you for giving me the best way on how to learn real English.

  • Sean Chiu

    At first, I can’t understand what they talked in lesson 1, when according to the rules, I heard the lesson many, many ,many times.”learn deeply” makes the true. what a amazing that I was able to know. Now I’ll keep learning lesson 2.Thanks a lot, my beloved teachers.

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    Thanks a lot for this special gift that you send me – the first lesson set “Earthquakes”. It’s an additional stimulus for me to ‘deeply’ implement the essential steps you sent me earlier.
    It’s really helps me.

    Thanks for being my teachers! I love you all!

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    I want to thank you for all your lessons that you send to me and also thank you for the free download.
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