Rule 1 For Excellent English

Always Study and Review Phrases

To speak English better you must study English phrases, not individual words. Americans speak English in chunks or phrases; they do not speak word by word.

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  • Meda Nani


  • Meda Nani

    I really like this way to develope speaking communicating skills it sound very helpfull thank u so much

  • Joe Saad

    rule number 1 is very helpfull . it is very simple to memorize.and I am excited for the next rule :-)

  • MarieToni Burgos

    thanks i like this website hope I will learn a lot ..

  • MarieToni Burgos

    thanks for these . I will be always remember rule number 1 .. I want to learn of speaking in english confidently for me to communicate people as well and I want to be more fluent hope you guys help me . I’ll wait for the rule #2 :)

  • hiba brik

    thank you so much for this amazing lesson you encourage me to start studying …that was so excited…. i honestly like the way you teach , the way you talk and again thanks a lot

  • Tusimsahau Olotu

    Thanks a lot for these incredible teachings, I’m done for today’s phrases lesson, I can’t wait to watch rule No.2 by tomorrow

  • Rathana Kadigawa

    thank you.i;m enjoying your lesson first rule.

  • Renely Quijada

    thank you :)

  • Elias Amancio

    Thank you so much Sir. This amazing video has the power to free our minds of the oldest fears and the slavering school textbooks approach, I can’t say thanks enough to A.J hoge to be this incredible guy with this fearless courage to pop up here and show up us this amazing treasure that is your rule 1. Congratulations Sir! You rock!

  • Areej Al Hwaidy

    I am excited and I will start right now.

    • kacem

      Mrahba :)

  • CHÂU

    i think i learned a useful thing for my speaking skills .Berfore that,i speak english not good , but when i hear this video i feel i more confident and speak english more more and more better.thanks and hope your website more success😁

  • amer aldery

    Thank you, sir, about the very exciting and useful rule which is rule 1. I’ll start to do it from this day and try to keep phrases with an all sentence. Thank you a lot and I’m exciting for Rule 2 Tomorrow.

  • Akram

    Thank you very much AJ
    you learned me best way to speak English easily and quickly
    Thanks from Deep my heart

  • Julia

    Well, I knew it for sure but sometimes forget about it. Thank you for paying my attention to it