Repetition Techniques

It is very important to repeat what you learn many times.. that’s a key to deep learning! In this video, we explain how to make repetition powerful, fun, and interesting. You are going to love it!

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Enjoy the video!!!

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  • Premjeet Irengbam


  • Raad Omar

    I loved this technic and I will use it in my class because I am a french teacher and that’s so important for me

  • Beti

    Your webinar was interesting, specially the way you explained the meaning of webinar brief and understandable
    Thank you

  • karim

    Thank you so much dr. AJ Hodge i was listening to the video .it was useful ‘amazing and interesting.l got much benefit of it.

  • guest

    Some words I heard only once and I remember them for years. I even remember situations when I`ve learned foreign word. Especially when I’m abroad and I communicate with the natives (real situations)
    On the other hand, sometimes I say words repeatedly, despite of it after a while I forget (learnig at home)

  • Kalid Kalid

    Thanks it is nice and useful more thanks again VERY VERY MUCH

  • Birane Ba

    Hello! how do we have happy voice like you?

  • Irmi Adani

    it seems very useful thanks.these classes interest me and your neu method.

  • Jon Hlodver Askelsson

    I´m very inspired and enthuasistic about your a totally new method for me learning english, and I´m definately sure that your new MS will add more delightness for me to learn your mothertung to become more automating feeling for your language.

  • Julio

    Hi there. When we use vocabulary in a continuous way we have the opportunity to train our brain to remember more rapidly. But, this only happens when we practice every day. see you!!!

  • م. ثائر بدوي

    This is totally different and useful way so thanks for all stuff learn real English

  • Adrian

    thank you for yours metod. it is very good way to learn english.

  • alina

    thanks for your video,I like the methods and way you teach….it’s easy

  • Rezigoma

    Really nice n much easy to understand each single word U says …I don’t know Y?!

  • sfaa

    thank you so much for this video

  • Daniele Alaimo

    the best teacher i never know! I LOVE YOU!

  • Andrianirina

    Yes, It’s the best method to learn vocabulary and grammar. Thank you all !!

  • Marcelo Lopes

    I think that you must have at least a intermediate english level to understand these videos, otherwise you will not comprehend part of them.

  • Hadeel

    Yes teacher the repetition is the best way thank you very much teacher

  • Hichem Ababsa

    THANK YOU SO MUCH… May God Bless you all.

  • sosona nasr

    hi, I am not understand all discussion.

  • sosona nasr

    It’s OK

  • Shejeed

    Thank you so much

    • MERVET


  • Tatyana Sokolova

    Your tips are great and you sound very enthusiastic, indeed… I understand, that it is a perfect advertising of your course and your target is to attract customers and make them pay. However, your tip videos can be educational too.