Repetition Techniques

It is very important to repeat what you learn many times.. that’s a key to deep learning! In this video, we explain how to make repetition powerful, fun, and interesting. You are going to love it!

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Enjoy the video!!!

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  • Erin Maralutifa

    I was totally understand what Mr. AJ hoge talking about. Actually I have done before with these kind of step by my own thought. but sometimes i’m still got difficult to remember it again and again because of many new words, thanks so very much for reminding us for this useful step. You were absolutely right Mr, i will always try again and again, thanks for always helping us, success to Your teaching and work with your team. May God Bless you all

  • Sergej

    My English is bad and I didn’t understand. What repeat? What fast?
    Please write here somebody about what this says. Maybe I can translate with google-translate

  • Sergej

    My English is bad and I didn’t understand. What repeat? What fast?
    Please write here somebody about what this says. Maybe I can translate with google-translate

  • Sergej

    My English is bad and I didn’t understand. What repeat? What fast?
    Please write here somebody about what this says. Maybe I can translate with google-translate

  • alexander ramirez


  • Vios Predd

    Hi AJ,

    You are so good helping us to speak English. THANKS!!!

    You are not greedy for money and for that you help people with no money or who have a very few…

    You are son of God and your English teaching is the best. The best method of studying another language than your native language….

    Keep up your very good and useful job done for us so nicely and interesting.

    All the best to you and to your good team of teachers.

  • zaki

    Thank you dear Sir
    I have been using your methods for almost a year, it’s really interesting and enjoyable.
    About the new Advanced lesson that A.J mentioned would be amazing, and I can’t wait to have them as my new lessons.
    Hands down your methods is over the top.
    I’m proud to have as my best teacher,
    Your lessons always give me a lot of energy.
    You are all really energetic specially my dearest teacher A.J.

  • Rawda

    Thanks a lot. ..I wish I can listen to all your lessons

    • zaki

      Hello Rawda what’s up?
      Why can’t you listen to effortless English lessons?
      It’s really fun, try it.

  • sohil


  • Narsaiah katla

    Hi I don’t know how to speaking but I need quickly speak English

  • Cecília

    Unfortunately I can’t to buy your english lesson course, but thank you ever so much for many good advice.If would you mind, I will not sign out your newsletter.It’s very good to listening you.Tanks once more.Have much nice days!

  • hosam


  • gentiana

    I want to learn english

  • jorge upalia

    The videos are really interesting because they gave us tips or recomendation to improve our learning English, thanks for your help

  • fatma

    interesting way to learn . I’m looking forward such stories.


    Your site is very helpful. Thank you for your help. I’ll join with you soon.

  • bassam

    hello its very nice but we want moor.and we thans for video

  • sarisali

    Unfortunately I my pc doesn’t load the video but I’m sure it’s awesome as always.thanks for your helps and I should say your rules for studying english are perfect!!!!thanks a million:-D

  • Farida Belkorchia

    Ithink that I’m really very lucky to know about and follow your program Learn Real English conversation. I’s really something exitng to listen to these videos; I foung them very interesting and useful for me to learn more about the best way to speak real English and understand English speakers. Thank you so much DEAR TEACHERS.

  • Jiri

    I’m just at the beginning on the long way to understand the spoken English. I like the videos with AJ a lot, because I understand him quite well. I have listened to the first part of the course titled “Earthquake”. First the conversation was the very difficult to understand to me. Actually I wasn’t able to understand almost nothing:-( But a repetition is a really big weapon. I hope I’ll improve my ability to understand in the future.

  • José Anselmo

    I like your method to teach english. It’s easy to understando. Congratulations!

  • Mohamed Adam

    Hi teacher. I enjoy the video, because really helpful how to study real English, I will say thank you so much,

  • abbas

    i found improvement in myself after joining you.

  • Vera

    Hi,teachers! i am a really happy!Because i can study English language with you, and undertand more. I’m can visualize today myself only. I know, i’ll can to speak English. Best regards.Vera.

  • Sara

    Hi teachers;
    I am really happy of the videos that you keep sending to me; it is truly beneficial to me.i just would like to thank you for your great help; and I will be pleased if you send me more conversations and lessons.
    Best regards,

  • Neghem alnaser

    thank you for your advice I think I agree with the idea of the video.So I hope you send me interesting stories and conversation .

  • Roshana

    Hi best teacher,A.J,
    I was searching about learning english by “repetition”
    I saw this page and i think the way you learn english is amazing ..I hope i can learn by your best method…i lwish i were your student,,bz i think you can make me excellent in english.thanks alot.

  • Habibur rahaman

    I want to be a learning and automatically speaking English

  • Claudia Feriotti

    Hi AJ
    Since I started to use your method of learning english I realize that
    all my english skills improved greatly, particularly my speaking skill.
    I think that the repetition method is a really powerfull way to memorize the vocabulary.
    Thank you very much!

  • rashida

    very helpful in learning spoken English easily

  • ali ahmed

    Thanks so much Hoge for wonderfull video i enjoyed i appreciate great effort so i will engages in your lesonse soon to improve my self. thanks alot again.

  • Yury

    You are a great team . You are very friendly. AJ is very energetic person. He shakes my brain). I always listening you with pleasure. That is reason why I chose your course. I wish you all the best in your life! And thank you for your great work!

  • Bouchra

    Hi Mr.Hoge , Thank you very much for this video, I really appereciate your great work, well I’m an English teacher in Morocco and I wonder if there are some ways to facilitate teaching English as a second language for old people. In fact I’m in need of some communicative tools if possible. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards

  • estell hechter

    I need the english alot becuase am going to an english country. It will really help me if i know what i suppose to know in english and learn it before treveling to US.

  • Amos

    Hello A.J,
    As usual this video was very motivated I really appreciate the way you help us to become better day after day, now I hardly begin to apply your rules to see how I can improve my English.

    Thank you so much A.J for real support


  • Svetlana

    I just had a lucky throw of the dice. It’s lovely listening to your really excellent dialogues. What amazes me is that they are vivid and unforgettable. Thank you.

  • school

    thanks so nice of you my dear teachers
    I am really thankful to you

  • behrooz bajelan

    Thank you so much for this video

  • fati

    hi Mr.Hoge thank you so much for this video. i am now understand ;i will to learn more and more with your helping.i have problem ;i can speak very well but i can’t write it this my problem and thank you again.

  • Stefan

    Great video teacher A.J. Hoge. A good advice to all of us. Repetition, maybe is the key, or one of those keys that will allow us to really speak english. Keep this work, you’ve done well and don’t forget to warn us about the publishing of the Learnrealenglish book ok? Success for all of you teachers!

  • fiona Iradukunda

    Your course are very interesting. They’re very helpful

  • Mohammed Ali Mohammed

    First i want to thank all administration and teachers.
    Really i am not so clever about eng language but i hope to be a clever like you. Really i have started eng in 1984 until now i am learning i am sorry that.

  • Paulina Rubilar

    Thank you for all . I’m Chilean student and l want to speak English good .You are a great teachers and it´s a fantastic idea.

    Paulina Rubilar

  • shorouq

    Thanks for the video

  • Eduardo

    Hi AJ
    I need help.
    This video is very interesting, I’m beginning to study and I have listened several times the conversations of each lesson, but when I’ll listen something I do not know, I never read it, I really do not understand. Will I understand one day, if I keep studying hard? Sometimes I think I would never understand or speak English. I’ll believe that studying hard one day I’ll get.

  • Dale

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  • Mona

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  • Maria

    Nice, it’s really working. Ministories – it’s a great idea. Great system!Great teachers! Thank you

  • Elizabeth

    Hello Mr.Hoge,

    I never, ever going to forget your “sarcastic” textbook’s ‘Hi how are you? Fine, and you?’
    That really sounds ridicolous, really unforgettable
    from you. Want more of those- just kidding….
    Your teaching method very effective, and I think finally I’ll be able to speak, and understand the spoken language. Thank you for being a born educator!

  • Alex

    It is exelent, thanks for all, You doing great work. I hope for your future succsese