Repetition Techniques

It is very important to repeat what you learn many times.. that's a key to deep learning! In this video, we explain how to make repetition powerful, fun, and interesting. You are going to love it!

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Enjoy the video!!!

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  • Ivan Says:

    Now I’m learning English , I hope that I understand and speak English with you, your English classes are very interesting , thank you

  • Ruba Says:

    So nice and useful theory lesson . I’m really happy about it thank you very much

  • Aneeshjameel Says:

    It’s realy interesting deferent and strenge so A J i inclinated
    To u r way so i like to travel with u…any way thanku so much
    Sir AJ

  • Ionel Says:

    It’s perfect. AJ you are the best.

  • Leonor Says:

    Thank you very much for your video I andstood every thing you mentioned and I knew I have to repet and repet several times the same Word I knew for the first time but the most thing I like it are the lot of stories you have made for us to learn. Now I am studying the ones I have got but in the future I will do the advanced.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Yours sincerely classmate Leonor See you soon.

  • Mohamed Says:

    It’s really afanyastice way to learn english whichs will help us to learn as much possible

  • Camelia Says:

    Dear AJ,
    Your English classes are very pleasant and interesting.
    I enjoy them very much.
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Irene Says:

    Thank you for this video.i’m waiting for the next month video and practicing repetition .

  • Catherine Says:

    The repetition is a very important tool but only when we use a good method, definitly the boring books and clases with this dont help us. Thank you AJ

  • ibrahim Says:

    very well i love this web i am interested in learning English

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