Repetition Techniques

It is very important to repeat what you learn many times.. that's a key to deep learning! In this video, we explain how to make repetition powerful, fun, and interesting. You are going to love it!

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Enjoy the video!!!

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  • otniel Says:

    thanks u very much,i will study harder again ..

  • attaullah Says:

    thank you sir it is good way for learning english

  • lina Says:

    Thank You, A.J: Your lesson are wonderful and interesting

  • ahmad Says:

    thank you very much your …i really agree with you
    reetion has basic roles in learning..
    my teacher ..i am geatful to you..thank you

  • titi Says:

    Your programme is good. i like it Keep its up thanks for the video.

  • fábio d' campos Says:

    Hi,what up! Is everything ok? I hope so..
    This video is very useful and nice to improve my english. Months ago I couldn’t understand you but now I’m able to understand perfectly. every day I see on TV the national geographic program in english and I anderstand more than 60% of all.Is marvellous!
    God bless you.

  • Mohee Says:

    Thanks so much for the video

  • Kholoud Mahmoud Says:

    I love you my beloved teachers.Thank you so much for everything.

  • Gerd Says:

    The lessons are really great ,fantastisch!!!

  • arturo castro m. Says:

    Thanks you all for everything. You guys are so good, so great.Stronger hugs.

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