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Use New Methods: The Time Is Now!

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  • salim

    i have been followed your rules and i am quit good in english

  • Tin Tin

    Hi teachers from LearnRealEnglish,
    First of all, thank you so much for all of these free lessons.
    They really help me in my English, especially in speaking.
    Among the clip, I love ‘Learn with your ears’ the most.
    And now, I start learning Thai and I’ll apply it in my learning process.
    Thank you and God Bless you all.


  • English Conversation Classes

    hey, really helpful video..thanks for sharing

  • luis fernandez


  • luis fernandez

    les estoy muy agradecido y si estaba cruelmente equivocado
    estoy apendiendo pues no puedo hablarlo y puedo entender a quienes hablan pero tengo ese problema que no suelto al momento que debo

    gracias de nuevo

  • aziza

    actually…i can understand what people say but i can’t answer or speak totally like them .. that’s my problem!!
    so i really want to thank you because you’ve shown me the way to learn and speak english very easily and quickly.
    thanks again for helping me :,) !!! muuch loooove,,,

  • Ahmed Hamza

    I had tried so many different kind of English courses and finally , over the course of two years I have figured out that learn real English & effortless English club , are the best thing you can ever get for real learning !
    in this year I used to recommend so many people to this magnificent learning system and as a result their English has improved tremendously .
    thanks in advance Mr Aj hoge & Joe and Mrs Kristin ! and please dont stop ,, keep it up :) ..
    you have just saved my life !!!

  • mohd

    thanks for all lessons

  • Mary

    I have enjoyed. Thank you. I have identified the level of my knowledge. I have problem with understanding of native speakers.

  • reda

    thank you for this method actualy it more powerful realy i hope to speak quicly and automaticly

  • Molie Alek

    Hai l want to learn english so much, this program is very nice, so can’t you improve my english

  • Joe

    I want to say thanks to you guy’s.
    your method was really helpful .
    but i just have problem and it’s that when i want to speak English, first i imagine the word’s that i want to say and then i began to speak . this make me slowly at the speaking. I don’t to be like that so do you have a notice about this problem .
    my name is Javad , live in Iran , my first language is Arabic and the second is Persian and i would like to learn English .
    Actually our goverment don’t need us to learn EN so the quality of leaning in my country is very useless and in fact almost 98% of the people here don’t understand English ( awful ). but i decided to learn it.
    So plz help me .

  • Rizwan from Pakistan

    i can speak little bit English but very difficult to understand fast casual english. so now i will try to use regularly. plzz guide me further

  • haloof35

    you….are the beat at all

  • Hani

    I want to speak real English naturally.. sometimes I have a lot of ideas but really upset when I can’t deliver naturally…. :(

  • Lilian

    this is amazing!!! i finished wacthing this 7 rules really great.

  • Lumi

    I want to imrove my English skills
    And I’ll work so hard for that
    May God bless you

  • basem

    I’m a teacher of English in Egypt and I believe in your methods of teaching English. I tried to do so to help my students improve their English. I tried to teach them The american accent.But unfortunatey we are stick to a certain Curriculum and text books which are not useful. here in Egypt we are stick to British English. As for me, I prefer The American English.I didnt care about the prevaled attitude and I taught my students the American dialect.

  • Dilafruz

    I’m very suprised of these teacher’s speaking ways. They are able to teach everybody who wants to learn english! And I’m very happy that I also became their new student. I hope that I can also improve my speaking with the help of these skilled teachers!!! Thanks alot!

  • lucy john

    i liked that lesson listen and answer,started thinking in english

  • Ramsis

    Thanks for your site, it has helped me improve so much! Ramsis

  • Rezhen

    first of all I’m so happy to be one of students who learn english by these teachers & thank you so much to help me to learning english

  • juancho tamayo

    before i start id like to thanks god to have you as a teacher .through these your essential steps of teaching will make to us a confidence to speak easily,quickly and fluently.i believe to your ideas and powerful ways of teaching,i really appreciate that all you taught us were very useful to reach our dreams come true.thanks a lot

  • Nour

    Thank you so muh may god bless you for this great work

  • Salma El-Nahas

    Thank you so much
    your methods is working with me ,it’s fantastic

  • Lien Duong

    It’s very good!

  • sisimoe

    Thank our teachers,,,, I understand clearly your speaking,,I’m proud of myself to be a pupil of yours..Now i’m Learning with my Ear .I”m getting improve in my listing skill….Thank u so much

  • hassan

    very nice web site learn real english

  • Salma El-Nahas

    usually I don’t understand English but these videos it’s clear for me .I’m happy I will improve. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Divanil chagas

    Wonderful, I liked the proposal and the method. I intend to make the proposed course and hopefully already have thrown away all my old and unsuitable habit to live this experience and takes it in the highest intensity possible.
    You had other students in Brazil?

  • Ana

    thank you so much, i’m already excited about learning with your method, it’s just so natural that it seems i’ll learn faster. can’t wait for the next rule.

  • ANNA

    wow….thank you very very much…these are very useful lessons

  • Rosie

    I’m so happy now after watching your videos! it’s fun and useful. Thanks so much!!

  • hinda

    thank u so much I am really very happy for your method of teaching

  • saeed jama

    i want you to learn an English coversation

  • Tram Nguyen

    Thank you very much for your all information about learning real English. I’m excited and interested in trying to learn Conversation Real English. Thanks again.

  • Ahmed Yahiya

    Thank you sooooooooo much , i actually cannot express so well how i am glad of these great group of expert teachers of REAL ENGLISH and Turely you are pretty attractive , i feel even more excited to learn more and see the new of your versions soon Insha’ Allah ๐Ÿ˜€ :) ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank You = ????? ??? = Danke = grazie ๐Ÿ˜€

  • cariocesarcaetano

    learn real english is wonderful I wold like thanks to kindles

  • zaed

    some thing great

  • Orestes Fonseca Pena

    Thank you for this opportunity of using your real English aproach to help the process of learn?ng that language.
    Hopefully we as teachers can, this way, “get the process of teaching English out of the classroom”.

  • javier

    hey, Thas real happen to me! yours videos are a great tools to learn real english.

  • manuel

    i liked so much because it was exactly was happen to me. now i need yuor help, i want to improve my english.thank a lot

  • hadeel

    wooooooooooooowwwwww I love you guys thank you sooooo much

  • Miguel

    I enjoy very much repeating every lessons
    week by week, my Dears.

  • jow

    sorry to say that but , you are completely wrong !
    grammar is essential , and talking about to speak as like you do , i don’t need to , in addition , as i don’t like to speak your messy English all the world will never take to Moroccan Arabic or other language !
    So Mr i don’t know who you are , we learn real English to talk and deal with British people and all other kind of english speakers not to talk to your people XD think of it

  • Malahat pour khosh saadat

    I’m grateful to you A.J.Hoge.It’s so bad that I can’t download your useful videos.Thanks a lot for your helps again

  • Malahat pour khosh saadat

    I wanted to thank you for all your help.Thank you very much. yours respectfully