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Use Real English

Learning Grammar

Listen And Answer

Learn With Your Ears

Deep Learning

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2,140 Responses to “Real English Conversations Video”

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  • mohd Says:

    thanks for all lessons

  • Mary Says:

    I have enjoyed. Thank you. I have identified the level of my knowledge. I have problem with understanding of native speakers.

  • reda Says:

    thank you for this method actualy it more powerful realy i hope to speak quicly and automaticly

  • Molie Alek Says:

    Hai l want to learn english so much, this program is very nice, so can’t you improve my english

  • Joe Says:

    I want to say thanks to you guy’s.
    your method was really helpful .
    but i just have problem and it’s that when i want to speak English, first i imagine the word’s that i want to say and then i began to speak . this make me slowly at the speaking. I don’t to be like that so do you have a notice about this problem .
    my name is Javad , live in Iran , my first language is Arabic and the second is Persian and i would like to learn English .
    Actually our goverment don’t need us to learn EN so the quality of leaning in my country is very useless and in fact almost 98% of the people here don’t understand English ( awful ). but i decided to learn it.
    So plz help me .

  • Rizwan from Pakistan Says:

    i can speak little bit English but very difficult to understand fast casual english. so now i will try to use regularly. plzz guide me further

  • haloof35 Says:

    you….are the beat at all

  • Hani Says:

    I want to speak real English naturally.. sometimes I have a lot of ideas but really upset when I can’t deliver naturally…. :(

  • Lilian Says:

    this is amazing!!! i finished wacthing this 7 rules really great.

  • Lumi Says:

    I want to imrove my English skills
    And I’ll work so hard for that
    May God bless you

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