Linked Sounds

When you start learning English, it is difficult to understand spoken English. Native English speakers often combine two or more words into what sounds like a single word.

English speakers link together words.

In the video below, AJ talks about these linked sounds in spoken English. Learning English is easier when you know about these linked sounds and contractions.

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  • le kim anh Says:

    I’m really interested to listen your teaching in video.
    Thank you a lot.

  • Mahmoud Says:

    The method you used is a premium and pioneer for teaching English with the easiest way and without real thinking.

  • shirin Says:

    dearAJ Hog I’m so happy to find you when I was in Australia. At the moment I llve in Iran and unfortunatly I can’ recieve the videos you send for me. I’ll be in Aust 2 month later . I don’t know if I can buy your book when I live in Iran.My sister is also intrested in your club and she wants your book . My childrern have been in Aust for 10 years . I’d like to speak english fluently without thinking. You are the best teacher I have ever seen .In Iran we have filtering for some sites so I can’t open the videos easily. Thank you so much

  • mehmet arkin gurbuz Says:

    I like to listen your english videos… I m going to pay something for you soon…(I may earn money)


    thanks so muth

  • Artemii Goldobin Says:

    Thank you a lot .I feel it is a right method!

  • Irina Says:

    I really enjoy your lessons. Thank you so much

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