Linked Sounds

When you start learning English, it is difficult to understand spoken English. Native English speakers often combine two or more words into what sounds like a single word.

English speakers link together words.

In the video below, AJ talks about these linked sounds in spoken English. Learning English is easier when you know about these linked sounds and contractions.

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79 Responses to “Linked Sounds”

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  • azzah Says:

    Hi, how are you?
    very nice lesson thanks alot

  • Mounir Says:

    Hello There,
    I’m enjoying your courses, your training skills is very interesting and your advices are welkoming,linking words in english i think isn’t very easy it demands exercises and relationship with a native speaker english and once again isn’t easy.

  • Mirvat Says:

    You are a great teacher I need more and more lessons if you can

  • Hany Says:

    thanks guys really i’ve learned so much from you i wish success for all
    thanks again

  • omar awad Says:

    stady english

  • Sheikh Mehdi Hassan Barkat Says:

    Assalamualaikum! This is Sheikh Mehdi Hassan Barkat from Bangladesh. I am very happy to learn in your good short course. I would like to always stay with you your innovative short course in present and in future. Please send me more interesting lesson which that I can judge properly myself. Your cooperation in this connection will be highly appreciated. Thanks and regards.

    Sheikh Barkat

  • Jose Says:

    Ok, It’s real, we have improved listening skills, one of your tips, listen to native speakers, we’ve checked being closer on street or internet people, the languages improve, but sometimes I disappoint a little bit when can’t speak fluently, my tongue keeping tie at time and I’ve felt embarrassment.

  • Fidel LUTO Says:

    hi, i just want to thank you for every lessons that you sent, and say that is very interesting because now i can understand the speech in english. that is very important to me. therefore i want also to say the video that yu sent is too shot. thanks

  • Mohamed29 Says:

    hi very interesting lesson thanks.
    but why in spoken english native speaker like to push words together?I was just wondering because i tought it would be better to say every word indivudualy like writen english .

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