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Learn English conversation first, because it is the key to the entire language.   In other words, you must focus first on the spoken language and real conversation.  Master English conversation before you worry too much about reading and writing.

By “real English conversation”, I mean English as it is actually spoken by average native speakers in their day to day lives. By this definition, CNN and the BBC are not “real English conversation”.   In fact, an announcer reading a teleprompter isn’t conversation at all!

There is nothing wrong with CNN or the BBC, but that style of English is not the style that is used in homes, in offices, and on the street every day. Announcers, for example, are very careful to speak in complete sentences, to avoid most slang, to speak very clearly, and to avoid using filler words.

Real people constantly speak in sentence fragments, constantly interrupt each other, constantly use idioms and slang, constantly smash words together into strange contractions, constantly speak quickly and constantly use filler words!   That’s why so many students have trouble when they visit the USA, Canada, the UK, etc…The English they hear on the street is nothing like the English they learned in school and nothing like the English they heard on the news shows!

Think about it this way:  casual conversation is the FIRST kind of English that small children learn. Children first learn to chat with their family and friends. They become totally fluent at real conversation before they learn to speak formally and before they focus on reading or learn writing.

Follow this same natural approach.  First, completely master everyday casual speech. After you can speak fluently in real conversations, then and only then focus intensively on reading.   Read, read, and read some more.. but read easy novels… NOT textbooks!

After you have completely mastered easy English novels, and can easily finish a Stephen King novel in a week or two,..then you can learn formal speech. Formal speech is the kind of speech you might use for a business presentation– the kind of English you hear on CNN or the BBC.

And finally, and last of all, focus on writing. The truth is, you will acquire strong writing skills simply by reading a lot of novels.   At this point, after mastering reading and formal speech, you will already be able to write well.  So all you need to do is learn formal or artistic writing (depending on your goals). Take a writing class for NATIVE SPEAKERS and learn the fine points of writing powerfully and skillfully.

Follow this approach and you will master the English language.

Most important of all, remember:  learn English conversation first!



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    I’m happy to find your method finally. I’ve been struggling to improve my speaking skill, but never got confidence.
    At first time, I was shocked to hear what I was doing was not proper way to learn English. Now I understand, and I am excited about following your 7rules. I can’t wait to see my progress!
    Thank you so much for helping us with your great effort.

  • student

    Are the lessons from Effortless English and Learn Real English the same? Or are they different sets of lessons, which mean I will receive 60 different conversational stories when I purchase both of them? Thanks!

    [JoeWeiss 10 June 2010]
    The Learn Real English and the Effortless English lesson packages are different lesson packages. Each one contains 30 lesson sets and each one uses the same teaching techniques. One difference is that the Learn Real English lesson package, Real English Conversations, also contains a conversation lesson in each of the 30 lesson sets.

    Good luck with your English studies!

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  • Hello! Oh, yes! I don’t know who read my e-mails before this. I wrote to The Comments part and by another e-amail. It’s clearer now, because I read in the beginning of this page: LEARN CONVERSATION FIRST BECAUSE IT’S THE KEY TO THE ENTIRE LANGUAGE. THANK YOU!
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    I am very happy to see you . knowing your learing engilsh method , how I can speack and undersanding with ears no with grammer & note. I like to have an aportunity to speak with native american & have conversation I am sure your method is the best way to learn engish .

    thank you very much about your help.

  • hi I am very happy to learn English how to speak and how to write anyway I am very happy to join in your learn real English I am saying thanks a lot to help me too much and am doing my lessons every day and I am going to listening in your video every times


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  • donot know how get all of lesson step help me
    [PeterJungs 8 April 2010]
    Our Real Conversations lesson package may be purchased for the discounted price of $97 at http://LearnRealEnglish.com (the button to purchase the lessons is at the bottom of the page labeled “add to cart”). The total cost is $97. So you pay the $97 just one time. When you click on the button you will be taken to the PayPal website. We use PayPal to process our payments. You can click on the “continue” link that is near the credit card logos to pay with a credit card. If you wish to pay with a bank transfer (eCheck) then you must create an account with PayPal before you purchase at http://www.paypal.com (if you pay by eCheck your payment takes several days to clear); it is free to create this account.

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    I liked your lesson too.I agree with you that people, who want to improve their knowledge on English, must listen to real English conversation a lot and memorize phrases which they met in the conversation and use them when they are in true position,as well. Your lessons are too useful for people desiring to learn real English language.
    Thank you very much!!!
    Good luck!!!

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    I’m very nice to contact with you so much I started learn english befor tow years ago , I reader very well and I can translate , but I unable to speak because I feel my mouth is bound , I have some broblem in listo, so if there are any one give me the slotion please.
    [PeterJungs 16 February 2010]
    We believe our Real Conversations course is the best way to learn conversational English. Real Conversations consists of 30 lessons. Each lesson includes a real conversation between two native speakers, a vocabulary guide, a mini-story, and a point-of-view story. These are audio (.mp3) recordings and each include complete transcriptions in text (.pdf). All materials are downloaded over the Internet at a unique link sent to the student at the time of purchase. Real Conversations is currently available for the discounted price of $97 (US) at http://www.learnrealenglish.com . Thank you for your comments.

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    No doubt why people whose parents are fluently in english can communicate well and good in english too- they started with communication, then follow by reading and learn the technique to be good in formal english!!!!!!!!

    Really amazing. It is just half a day following your 1st rule and few posts. And its fun! as compared the technique that I learn before … grammar grammar grammar …. till forgotten all the rules….

    Thank you very much Teachers…

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  • Please, send us more exercises of all kinds to use in classrooms or individually.
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