English Idiom: Keep Your Chin Up | English Speaking Lesson

If you are learning English conversation then you know that English language speakers use a lot of idioms.

So in this video Kristin is going to teach you a popular English idiom: Keep Your Chin Up.

If someone tells you to “keep your chin up” that person is telling you to be positive or joyful during a difficult situation.

When you learn English idioms you learn real English. This is a powerful way improve your English speaking.


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  • kevin0705


  • Angel

    Good explanation and you are a very good teacher… thanks for this new idiom really new to me and I enjoyed it…

  • Liễu Nguyễn

    your speaking way makes me so easy to understand the new idom. Thank you!

  • Wow, such an awesome vid Joe! I really enjoyed it! This is a pretty straightforward expression. By the way, what is the most awkward idiom that is used by English people?

  • Mohammed Mouhoumed

    this idiom is new to me thanks for your efforts
    and keep it as long as you can

  • Svetlana Novikova

    Thank you for very nice idiom!

  • taha alakhras

    I’ love learning more and more from official language, because i want use them everywhere

  • supartono

    I love learning more and more idioms,because when I use them I feel like a native speaker.and I feel better and more confident.

  • mahmoud fouda

    thanks a lot it is usful

  • Mansour Sy Ndiaye

    How precious the tips you give in your courses! Thanks a bunch!