Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Conversation Club

How Do I Access The Forum

You can access the forum by clicking on the link we send to your email. Here you can enter our private site and begin exploring and chatting with other members and our own Learn Real English Teachers.

Can I Access the Forum on A Mobile Device?

Yes of course, our social platform is accessible on all types of devices; mobile, tablet and pc.

Can I Immediately Try A Lesson?

Yes!  When you join today you immediately receive a full lesson unit!  You immediately download the lessons and begin improving your English speaking today.

How Do I Listen To The Lessons?

You download the lessons (mp3) and put them on your phone, iPod, or computer.  You listen to the lessons anywhere you like!

How Can I Communicate With The Other Students and Teachers?

Most months, we host live webinars with our ACC members.  This is your chance to talk with AJ, Kristin, or Joe directly.  In addition, many ACC members create Skype groups and chat with each other every week.  As a member, you will contact other members and make new international friends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Real English Conversations

I Don’t Have A Credit Card, How Can I Pay?

You can also pay with Paypal.  In addition we accept debit cards that have the Mastercard or Visa logo on them.

Do I Need an MP3 Player or iPod To Listen To The Lessons?

No you don’t, you can listen on your computer, on your phone, or even print the text.

What Kind of Files Are The Lesson Downloads?

All audio files are .mp3

Video files are .mp4

Text files are .pdf

Who Will Be Giving The Lessons?

All lessons are taught by one of the Learn Real English teachers:  A.J. Hoge, Kristin Dodds, or Joe Weiss.

I Paid But I Didn’t Get An E-mail Link With The Download. What Should I Do?

No problem!  Just send an email to:  We will update your account and send the link to you!