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  • mohsen gorgandi

    thank you aj

  • pansy

    thanks a lot to let me use new ways to learn English

  • Deyson

    Oh my goodness, I felt your slap on my own face. Just kidding… All of your advise has been going helpful a lot. I’ve been missed upgrade videos… by the way, thanks again

  • tense

    i want to spek fluventely

  • Shaira Samonte

    Hello teachers! Thank you so much for these videos, they really help me improve my listening skills and I know that bby listening through these videos, I am also learning English grammar without having a trouble memorizing the grammar rules. hehehe… I am recommending your website to my Chinese friends. Once again, thank you and stay blessed!


  • Elias Gomes

    Hi AJ!! you so funny!! and crazy the same time! lolol!

    You are great teacher , all of the world!!

    Thank you so good!!

    Elias Gomes

  • eva ehrenkranz

    thanks,i love it.

  • hoping

    Hi thank you for considering me one of your students. Im so lucky that I found this site.

    To my new teachers, I believe they will help me to correct my grammar and they will teach me how to speak correctly using english language..

    More Power..

  • shirin

    Hi dears, many thanks for your great helps. I am motivated and love to speak english.Day after day my speaking is being better. I wish you luck.

    Best Regards,

  • evrim


    thanks for everything,you are really very good teachers :))

  • sheikh mohsen k

    hi every one espessially a.j
    im a very clever student and i started your english course and now i can speak easily and automatically.Thank you so much.i hope happiness and health for all of you guys!!!!

  • Nan

    I think you way is correct,because if we have any aim, we have to do it again and again until we reach that aim.That is why some body says try and try and one day we can can fly.Thanks for teaching speak english.

  • nice step, I like it
    thanks for teaching me

  • tumur

    Thank you so much for english lesson or helping me improve my english please sending me mail regularly.

  • Noorunnisa

    please send me more tips.

  • Hadeer

    thank you my teachers….thank you for helping me and improve my english…best wishes

  • The most important thing evry day i gave time to learn english with you & when you give me a good idea i take it. that why today for any where i can do anything ok my thicher.

  • today spishal day for me because when i follow learn english with you i did get good knowlig about it so today i have agood cofidens about speak english i can talk with anybody.

  • a.j i say farst know what when find this wb befor i have not idea about speak english now aletle bet gat kwonlige about it agen i say thankyou okay.

  • Thank You teacher for your advice in the rule no. 4. You the best teacher in the world.

    irfan hasibuan

  • Dagmar

    Dear teachers,I love your emails. They encourage me and give me more power to fight with my fear to speak English.
    But let me share my experience with you. Now I am in Canada and I cannot help myself, but everytime I want to talk to somebody I feel like my heart starts beating because of fear. It is all about fear that I can be wrong, that I use wrong grammar tens, that I forget the correct word I want to say..And when I am supposed to talk to somebody via phone I would rather run away because It is verly taugh to understand native speakers. I required the person who talked to me via phone to repeat his question, but there was one word I didn’t understand. So this can make me confuse..But I know that is all about the practice. Unfortunately I have a lack of opportunities to talk to somebody in English now, because I haven’t found a job yet where I would be forced to speak. However, I am glad to have your emails and great videos. A.J.,You are very energetic person who can give to anybody a joy to learn English. Thanks sooo much :)

  • reena

    AJ Hoge Thank u v.much for helping me to improve my English.please sending me Regularly mail so it will help to learn New things who help me to improve my English.Hey i don’t have a Confident to Speak English so please sending me mail regularly.

  • sandy

    I think its the best lessons since I learned English?
    thank you?