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  • CS Cheong

    When I started to listen I start to love it, a totally different form school way of teaching but I feel it is so useful…

  • Gili

    I love the Tull #4 I wish to speak English so good!

  • Shaukat

    I wish i can get more vidioe

  • Malahat pour khosh saadat

    Hello.Thanks alot for your helpful videos,audios and texts.With thanks

  • Firuza

    So, I am just join to your amaizing programme, and it so impressed me, it is that I was looking for it many years. When I heared your introduction video mr A.J, I get the answer to my question that persecute me that years that I was learning English- Why I can write, but can’t speack, thank you so much, I know that I am on the right track and with your help I begin to talk in english at last!

  • Rosa

    Que interesante es este método

  • jose ernando pereira

    You are the best coaches.I say that you are only of its kind. Thanks a lot

  • sophie

    hi AJ!
    i loved your wonderfull web seminars! you speak clearly and interesting1full of energy1 you are good actor as well:) i listen your lessons every single day and really fill that my englis is improving, I also tryed to translate your lessons directly in my lenguage (georgian),thanks all stuff for this amazing program! IM WITH YOU GUYS!

  • Elias Gomes

    Hi AJ , When I started study english , I found this page , your page, and this made me feel so good, because after this, listen your videos, I improved so much my english today, I hear something in english in this is normal to me! thank a lot , and have a great day.
    Elias Gomes

  • Fam

    Million thanks my great teacher. You give me a great hope to speak like you. I thought I can never ever speak well American English . Gay go ahead with your great lessons .

  • Righteous

    Dear A.J. u talk strongly very bright and clear. I like your talking.
    ur talking absorbs ppl.

  • Maha s.

    I’m very thankful for the great help U offer. The lessons are very helpful. You can’t imagine the great value I get from them. All what I can say is God bless you my lovely teachers!

  • aden

    merci for a second time i never forget ur great helping, as well i was in a wrong way of learning, beacuse i was in school learing english gramer, but couldn’t abale to speak well, but now i am sure i could,


  • aden

    really you are great teachers telling us the best way that we could improve our english skills quickly, so i thanks u so much for ur great help, as well as i passed to my dear friend to take this way to learn,

    in east africa

  • zinlintun

    i love English.i want to be a succeful speaker.

  • Elias

    This page change!! for better!!

  • aml ali

    i really loved this one that is what i really gotta do ,i have to feel pain to make change ,ya that one will work will with me

  • orlando jhonataan

    eva’ thing u’re teach to me, so onething so gratefull fo we all..

  • Nha Tran

    Dear teacher,

    Really appreciate for your teaching me, best wishes for you