Essential Step 1 for Improvement

Step 1 for better English conversations and general English improvement- improve your energy!

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490 Responses to “Essential Step 1 for Improvement”

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  • ghani says Says:

    you are realy a good teachers

  • Javier Daniel Aguilera Villaseñor Says:

    Hi,A:J.,not too far ago, maybe two months or so I wrote a comment to you .I am your student but you dont know this because I bougth your effortless english lessons with a credit card that one of my son´s borrowed me. So, I want to tell you this because I´m sure you don´t have me listed as your student, and I´m very grateful with you, I´ve really learned a lot from your course, and right now, I´ve received the first one of the seven Learn Real English rules in my e-mail. I will certanly buy this second course in the next days.Tanks a lot A.J.!

  • indra magar Says:

    dear sir/madam
    i miss you,still i riding 7 rules now i can speak english.thanks

  • ANNA Says:

    thank you very much

  • khurram Says:

    Hi, it is very useful for me. I found it very easy for learning English. thanks for all your efforts.

  • aung kyaw Says:

    Thank you so much for your gratitude.I am interested in studying english. I am waiting for so long like the chance. I am sure this is the true and correct lessons. I belive so that. I am going to try hard help me.I think that I am very bad myself.May I discuss with them because I can’t speak english very well although I learn english. Have a great time. Good bye . Sincerely yours…Aung

  • Ahmed Says:

    Hi my name is Ahmed from Saudi Arabia and I am a college student I want to learn English I know a few words of English Language PS I do not know the structure of sentences and configure Alsoal to Ask and I if I heard Banas Athdthot English understand some speech, etc.
    And I want to learn English and I learned very well and I want to help you and thank

  • Victoria Kim Says:

    A J, thanks a lot, you’re excellent motivator!
    I love your English lessons so, so much!
    I’m sure that your lessons are the best!

  • Lamie Nasser Dawood Says:

    Dear teachers
    Thank you very much for your kind letter and I also hope you a good NEW YEAR . I am very glad to be one of your students . Please help me because I really need to learn the good English from you and to speak it easily . I repeat my thanks to you . Solong .

  • Avelino Marcal Says:

    It is very useful to improve my English I think not only my English but also change my life. so thanks a lot.

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