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  • Narayan

    I won’t too learn video

  • ghani says

    you are realy a good teachers

  • Javier Daniel Aguilera Villaseñor

    Hi,A:J.,not too far ago, maybe two months or so I wrote a comment to you .I am your student but you dont know this because I bougth your effortless english lessons with a credit card that one of my son´s borrowed me. So, I want to tell you this because I´m sure you don´t have me listed as your student, and I´m very grateful with you, I´ve really learned a lot from your course, and right now, I´ve received the first one of the seven Learn Real English rules in my e-mail. I will certanly buy this second course in the next days.Tanks a lot A.J.!

  • indra magar

    dear sir/madam
    i miss you,still i riding 7 rules now i can speak english.thanks

  • ANNA

    thank you very much

  • khurram

    Hi, it is very useful for me. I found it very easy for learning English. thanks for all your efforts.

  • aung kyaw

    Thank you so much for your gratitude.I am interested in studying english. I am waiting for so long like the chance. I am sure this is the true and correct lessons. I belive so that. I am going to try hard help me.I think that I am very bad myself.May I discuss with them because I can’t speak english very well although I learn english. Have a great time. Good bye . Sincerely yours…Aung

  • Ahmed

    Hi my name is Ahmed from Saudi Arabia and I am a college student I want to learn English I know a few words of English Language PS I do not know the structure of sentences and configure Alsoal to Ask and I if I heard Banas Athdthot English understand some speech, etc.
    And I want to learn English and I learned very well and I want to help you and thank

  • Victoria Kim

    A J, thanks a lot, you’re excellent motivator!
    I love your English lessons so, so much!
    I’m sure that your lessons are the best!

  • Lamie Nasser Dawood

    Dear teachers
    Thank you very much for your kind letter and I also hope you a good NEW YEAR . I am very glad to be one of your students . Please help me because I really need to learn the good English from you and to speak it easily . I repeat my thanks to you . Solong .

  • Avelino Marcal

    It is very useful to improve my English I think not only my English but also change my life. so thanks a lot.

  • Miki lee

    This lesson is very helpful to I will learn rightnow!

  • maro

    your lessons are very easy to understand but only for people who was learning english in past .. i thing so !

  • papiniang

    You dont only teach english, you teach life ! thanks for this great video

  • toofan55

    m depend on a number of factors, including: study time per day, current English level, and the motivation of the learner.

  • Takashi

    Thank you for your video.

    I bought Learn Real English in January.
    I studied lesson 1.But for me it is very
    difficult.So I did not continue to study.
    But today I watch your video.So I want to
    study one more time.
    I do my best.

  • shawky

    Iwant to start to learn real english

  • shawky

    Iwant to start to learn real english
    from today through E-mails

  • ileana

    I’ll be in England ,Leicester for work,I thing I now speek english,but becaouse I did’t spook with nobody…is not so easy but I did understand everything you say in the video…By By

  • Ahmed

    hi , i need the lessons but ihave no monay to buy
    so i need hilb from evry one bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
    dont for get me

  • nihad

    I find it difficult to English to talk with a professor at the department and I do not understand anything about what you are saying to the wish to learn something from you Thanks

  • ali from algeria

    however hard i try to speak more fast i cannot do it without you .thank you so much.

  • shakeel akbar

    i am an English teacher at Govt.comprehensive school,sialkot city,pakistan.I have been teaching for many years but i always feel problems in speaking good english. Now by using your 7 rules of speaking english ,language learning is becoming quite easy for me
    Thanks a lot A.J.Hoge

  • norj

    to change draws opportunity, and energy represents positive outlook and lastly healthy lifestyle makes every learning fun and lighter. That’s the essential key in learning english steadfastly. Thanks A.J :)

  • Sally Ahmed Abd Elkader khalil

    Thanks a lot for your attention and your helps.

  • gena

    I love learning english but it is difficult for me to speak faster.I saw your web and im very happy to learn here.I hope you will help me to improve my english,You are amazing…,thanks a lot.

  • Shaymaa

    Thank you all for every things

  • alice paurnia

    great!!! it makes me inspired to learn more about speaking real english, real conversation that i wasn’t know when i was studying in college…thanks a lot making me highly inspired…

    I’m Alice from philippine

  • Jincy nellissery ouseph

    When I watched your introduction video u know I got much inspiratiOn from u sa well as energy thank u very much . Plz could u send mOre video 4 me?

  • Nevine

    I regret now all the English language courses which I studied by the academic education…. where are you from a long time to know how learn a real English ??
    Thank you so much for your effort.

    I’m Nevine from Egypt.

  • Jamal

    yeah that’s what I was looking for since my first year at college..your lessons are fantastic and I liked them all..I influenced very much by MG..jamal aidani from Morocc:)

  • fauziah

    Hallo,I’m Fauziah.For your information my english very week,I shy to spek english at my friends.I cant follow your rule to improve my english.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Nocky

    Greeting from Russia! I’ve been learning English almost a year by myself without any teachers. I join you now. I’m attracted by your energy!

  • alaa hatem

    i am glad to join

  • Madlen

    The idea to develop personal power and health is great! Congratulations!
    It remains to find a way to increase personal power, or perhaps to redirect available energy until we can find an appropriate way to increase energy.
    Thanks for the wonderful lessons you share! Now I understand that they are so attractive because they are loaded with lots of personal energy.
    I like them very much and again thank you!

  • Ray Taboada

    I want learn Realy English my conversation is poor and I need more skills thank

  • shirin

    hey that realy works! Thanks a million.

  • Dina

    dear my favorite teacher ,,i really liked your first rule for delevoping ourselves..yes we really need to focuse on developing our energy i think this is the core of development ,,,and at the same time any tool for improvment will be useless if will not be supported with our very positive enrgy ..for the time being ..i’m gonna focuce on eating more vegteables as i seldom eat vegatables ..and will see if this works or not :)…thanks my teacher for your always support

  • Mohamed Mahmoud

    6 😀 that’s a very simple equation 😀

  • ameerat2

    Thank you very much
    it was Frankly excellent work and great effort and great thank you

  • Anthony Gil (Dominican republic)

    Hi , distinguished teachers . specially to A.J hoge . I have to tell you that I have many years studying english in order to know much more about american grammar and its accents , But.. I realized that I don’t know as much as i thought I did . then a friend of mine told me about ur english effortless program :) I started to figure out all about you and ur english program on youtube what more can I say ? it’s amazing how many ppl from differents countries say the same of u “you’re an excelent teacher ” go on teaching just that way I’ll always be a follower more of you. greeting from Dominican republic