Advanced Conversation Club Tele-Seminar

You can listen to our Advanced Conversation Club tele-seminar here. You can learn real English conversations, have fun and speak with more confidence when you join our with our Advanced Conversation Club.

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195 Responses to “Advanced Conversation Club Tele-Seminar”

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  • hadeel Says:

    Thanks for this value rule and am looking forward to the next rules7

  • Malak Says:

    I like english

  • ahmed Says:

    thank yooooooooooooooou

  • Abdelrazig Says:

    leverage … what a great hidden power I own but couldnt able to extract ,, you”v influenced me to use it .. you are great teachers ever i’v met .thanks

  • Righteous Says:

    BUT u do not know from where this epidemic illness come from?
    I mentioned about a HIDDEN POWERFUL HAND that try to seperate ppl of world from each other…to create enmity between ppl…to establish divide among nations…but Why? …coz when ppl unify and interate they will be destroy the “POWERFULL HIDDEN HAND”
    ok…but what is that powerful hidden hand?
    you will know that If you want it dear A.J. bye

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