English Exercises and Courses

This is a real spontaneous conversation recorded by Joe and Kristin.

You get a new conversation like this every month when you join our Advanced Conversation Club.

That's not all though... because we also give you lessons to help you understand, learn, and totally master each conversation.  You get text for the conversation, a Commentary & Vocabulary lesson to teach you the idioms and slang, a Listen and Answer Mini-Story lesson to teach you to think in English, Grammar Point of View Stories to teach you spoken grammar automatically, and a powerful Coaching lesson to help you succeed in life.

Enjoy this conversation.  If it is difficult for you- don't worry!   When you join our Advanced Conversation Club, you'll get all of those other lessons (Vocabulary & Commentary, Text, Listen and Answer, Mini-Story, Point of View, Coaching) so that you totally understand every conversation and totally learn and master them all.


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1,689 Responses to “English Exercises and Courses”

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  • Vasko Vasilev Says:

    Hi!Thanks for the free conversation you send me.It gives me one more chance to find out how my English is progresing. In general,I am progresing well,and I am happy to understand up to 90-95% of the conversation.I like very much the unconventional approach to the English language you are offering. Whish the school sistem is not so rigit.Thank you ones more.

  • abdirashiidjama@gmail.com Says:

    Ireally understsnd 30% only

  • Silvia Castro Says:

    Entiendo el discurso, salvo una que otra palabra, y para hablar no necesito traducir del español al inglés, ya que aprendí desde niña watching movies, because I have problems con la visión. I can’t pay for the course because I am a teacher retirada. Thank you!

  • sinny cheung Says:

    Hi! thanks for you for this free conversation talk. I think I understand 100% of it. Many words and phrases are very easy to understand the meaning. In general i understand that the talk is about new farmer’s market where they sell good organic produces. Also you can see products from them (jellies, pies, dried fruit), also brochures about what is growing in the farm, what will be selling soon, also recipes, how to preserve produces. The market is family oriented and there are many events and etc.
    I think i’m a good level learner.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • PHILIBERT Jose Peterson Says:

    I have always tried to find a better way to really improve my English and hadn’t found until I got a chance to have acquaintance with u guys and that really helps me improving my English skills, thanks ever so much Guys!

  • José Roberto Lisboa Says:

    Dear teachers, Learn Real English.
    I´ve been listening the video Farmers Market and I let you know I understand in general, what people say after three times. But I don´t understand the details of speech.
    I believe my problem is trying translating everything to the same time that I hear the words. This way I spend much time and so I loose the rest of speech.
    I look instructions to continue the next step of Learn Real English lessons.
    God bless you.

    José Roberto

  • Molka Says:

    I want to be a perfect student in english ! so I participate at this club ! thnk you ..

  • alseed Says:

    I want to learn English

  • silvia Jeannette Says:

    I really understand only 50%. Good to know it beacause I have a lot for learning. Thanks for facing me to real English.

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