English Exercises and Courses

This is a real spontaneous conversation recorded by Joe and Kristin.

You get a new conversation like this every month when you join our Advanced Conversation Club.

That's not all though... because we also give you lessons to help you understand, learn, and totally master each conversation.  You get text for the conversation, a Commentary & Vocabulary lesson to teach you the idioms and slang, a Listen and Answer Mini-Story lesson to teach you to think in English, Grammar Point of View Stories to teach you spoken grammar automatically, and a powerful Coaching lesson to help you succeed in life.

Enjoy this conversation.  If it is difficult for you- don't worry!   When you join our Advanced Conversation Club, you'll get all of those other lessons (Vocabulary & Commentary, Text, Listen and Answer, Mini-Story, Point of View, Coaching) so that you totally understand every conversation and totally learn and master them all.


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  • Gabi Awwad Says:

    Hi team. Thanks a lot to help me to understand quickly the conversation and the vocabulary . I understand this story first time but i repeat it again and i understand it great .i thing i know everything for all the stories but i have problem for the some meanings .

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