English Exercises and Courses

This is a real spontaneous conversation recorded by Joe and Kristin.

You get a new conversation like this every month when you join our Advanced Conversation Club.

That's not all though... because we also give you lessons to help you understand, learn, and totally master each conversation.  You get text for the conversation, a Commentary & Vocabulary lesson to teach you the idioms and slang, a Listen and Answer Mini-Story lesson to teach you to think in English, Grammar Point of View Stories to teach you spoken grammar automatically, and a powerful Coaching lesson to help you succeed in life.

Enjoy this conversation.  If it is difficult for you- don't worry!   When you join our Advanced Conversation Club, you'll get all of those other lessons (Vocabulary & Commentary, Text, Listen and Answer, Mini-Story, Point of View, Coaching) so that you totally understand every conversation and totally learn and master them all.


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  • Vladimir Finkel Says:

    Hi dear friends.My name is Vladimir.I am from Russia.
    I live in Moscow and I am the owner of the chemical company.
    Today I got an email about Napoleon Hill.
    I have listened to it and I would like to tell you that on one hand it was a fantastic English lesson and on the one hand – a real lesson how to reach your goal.
    I am a scientist and I can tell you that I am 60 years old.I have a lot of wishes,so it was very interesting to get information from this lesson. I understood it because my point of view is absolutly the same.
    I designed radioreflecting material to protect people from electro-magnatic radiation.Everyone has to use it, because this radiation is wvwrywhere: coputers , cell phones, wi-fi,and other electronics equipment are in the hospitals, subways, homes,and so on.Really it is very difficult to penetrate on the markets but I feall I have to do it . It is my goal to arrange manufacture of different protecters for kids, pilots, engineers and etc

    All the best,
    Vladimir Finkel

  • hamdi Says:

    Hello: my name is Hamdy and I am from Libya, but now I am in Malaysia to study English, and I want to thank all of to made these videos and really your videos helped me a lot in speaking.

  • adriana Says:

    I really enjoyed it,and undertood it easily

  • Helen Rhudash Says:

    Thanks for”What level are you in”.It could have been high intermediate if you have been speaking a bit slower,but as it is-only intermediate.With you success.

  • Valdir Carvalho Ribeiro Says:

    Hello! My name is Valdir. I’m a international studant who came from Brazil to Australia. I’m studing English here,and I’m very proud of Learn Real English because it had helped me a lot.

  • Raihan Lngco Says:

    Thank you for this video. I am afraid I was just in begginer level but absolutely happy and enjoying watching all of your webinars. Thanks again to your Team and More Power!

  • Rezhen Says:

    for first time i listened to that i could only understand 40% of what they say but after some weeks till now l can understand every thing that they say and they were really really useful

  • Ahmed Says:

    Thank you for your helping learning english easily.

  • Luiz Ruffo Says:

    Hi A.J., How is it going ?
    I’ve been studying hardly, but effortless, every day.
    Following your advices, and concentrating myself in your smart and powerfull system.
    Learn real english is not only an English School, but also a directon in our lives.
    Thanks so much for all.
    Luiz Ruffo.

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